ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Minutes of the ACRL Arts Executive Board and General Membership Meeting

American Library Association ALA, Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

Draft Minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2007, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Four Points Sheraton, McPherson Room


Attendees: Heather Ball, Laurel Bliss, Adam Burling, Mary M. Carr, Tom Caswell, Rebecca Cooper, Claudia Covert, Roland Hansen, Sara Harrington (recorder),

Yuki Hibben, Beth Kerr, Eric A. Kidwell, Diana King, Stephen Patrick, Michael Pearce, Jenna Rinalducci, Jane Sloan, Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos, Shannon Van Kirk, Alessia Zanin-Yost


Welcome (Shannon Van Kirk, Chair)

Chair Shannon Van Kirk welcomed attendees and invited everyone to introduce themselves in a round robin.  Shannon also asked attendees to please consider volunteering in the Section.


New Business

Past chair Jane Sloan reported that she was invited to reapply to ACRL for support of the project, “Class and Ethnicity in Motion Pictures,” but has decided not to do so because she believes the project is dated.  As a result, webmaster Tom Caswell will no longer point to the project on the Arts Section website.


Chair Shannon Van Kirk offered the Section’s thanks to Bill Hemmig, Online Learning Librarian, BucksCountyCommunity College, for offering the first presentation as part of the Arts Section Discussion Forum.  His presentation, “The Information-Seeking Behavior of Visual Artists: A Study,” was exceedingly well-received and generated a vibrant question and answer session.


Arts Section newsletter editor Laurel Bliss announced that she will work with a volunteer through one or two issues of the Arts Section newsletter, and then will move on to new responsibilities.  Kristina Keogh has volunteered to become the newsletter editor.  Many thanks to Laurel for her long-term service as newsletter editor, and to Kristina for volunteering to take on this important job. 


The minutes of the Arts Section 2006 Midwinter Executive Board and General Membership meeting were approved as submitted.


Old Business (Shannon Van Kirk, Chair)

The Arts Section continues to consider and build upon its liaison relationship with the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).  In liaising with other organizations, it  may be possible for the Arts Section to broaden the scope of the related association, support the related association’s agendas and/or activities, or perhaps sponsor programs within the related association. It was stated that ACRL must consider all formal relationships entered into by Sections, as there may be associated funding and other issues.  It was also noted that Claudia Covert, Arts Section Membership Committee, is preparing a one-page list describing why it is useful and beneficial to belong to the both the Arts Section and ARLIS/NA.


Eric Kidwell, Vice-chair and Chair-elect, has a roster of committee assignments through this conference as well as committee assignments for next year.  An online volunteer form does exist at < still is an opportunity to serve on Arts Section committees.  Eric then reviewed the list of current number of committee members.


ACRL Board Liaison (Mary M. Carr, SpokaneCommunity College)

Mary Carr expressed the Board’s thanks to the Arts Section for the Section’s ongoing work on the ArtsGuides.  Mary noted that for those Section members involved in the environmental scan, ACRL has released a list of top 10 assumptions for the future of academic libraries and librarians.  See:


Board discussions have indicated that structural changes may result in changes to the bylaws so that every modest future change does not need to be voted on by the full membership.   The proposed structural changes have to do with broadening ‘communities of practice’ in order to give greater flexibility to the organization and to its membership.  One change is the addition of an ‘Interest Group’ designation.  Twenty-five people could petition for the creation of an interest group, go before the Board, operate for three years, then decide if the group should continue.  Additionally, there may also be changes to the composition to the Board.  The Board needs members who can respond to the needs of the organization.  There are six proposed new areas of concentration for Board members, and a new process for the election of Board members, which is the result of a change in the nominating process.  The LRNC (Leadership Recruitment and Nominating Committee) will work annually to solicit nominations for the Board.  The intent is to have a range of areas of expertise on the Board in order to respond to the broad range of organizational needs.


One proposed change to membership in ACRL is that basic membership will include membership in two sections and one interest group.  It is believed that with this change, the Arts Section concern about the potential for ‘siphoned’ membership has been addressed.  Incoming chair Eric Kidwell did note that one may wish to belong to sections even if one cannot be an active member.  However, there is a significant budget implication if one can simply ‘check off’ membership in all sections.  Eric queried if it would be possible to include in basic membership in three ‘units’ rather than two sections and one interest group.


Several Arts Section members noted that there should be an option for an individual to ‘opt out’ of print subscriptions for certain ACRL publications.  Adam Burling noted that ALA member customer service ( does allow the option to opt out of the address list.

Lucie Stylianopoulos asked if ACRL has any restrictions on the Section website content.  Adam Burling responded that Section members should contact Stephanie Orphan (, in general, the website content is ours to build.  Another Section member reiterated concerns about the fact that so many parts of the Arts Section website require login and are for members only.


Adam Burling reported that there is $750 of funding for reimbursement requests.  Adam also noted that he continues work on a new member retention program.


The Arts Section expressed its continued thanks to ACRL liaison Adam Burling and Board liaison Mary Carr.


Committee and Discussion Group Reports

Program 2009 (Roland Hansen)

Roland reported on work on the Program 2009 planning, which coincides with the Arts Section’s fiftieth anniversary.  There are five additional people who are interested in working on the program, and a skeletal plan has been developed. Roland is working on the reception, catering, history of the Section, as well as publicity for the program.  It has not yet been decided whether or not the program will explicitly tie into the Section’s fiftieth anniversary.  Several possibilities exist for program content, including a program about video art, rare books and manuscripts, graphic novels, second life, or the graphic arts in general.  A preliminary budget is due to ACRL in mid-July.  The celebration reception will perhaps be held at ColumbiaCollege.  We want to invite the Section’s early leaders.  It was suggested that it might prove useful to explore potential corporate sponsorship in order to expand the invitee list; if this is done, it must be done in coordination with the ACRL office.

Program 2007  (Alessia Zanin-Yost) 

The program “Eye to I: Visual Literacy meets Information Literacy,” will take place on Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 1:30 p.m.  The Instruction Section and the Arts Section co-sponsored this program.  A table with Arts Section brochures will be set up at the door of the room.  The posters for the session have been posted online (, and will remain up for six months from the date of the program.

It was noted that Arts Section co-sponsorship of this program has been left off many listings (i.e., the pocket guide)

Program 2008 (Eric Kidwell)

The Section could not meet the ACRL deadline for 2008 program proposals.  We may wish to consider proposing a program every other year rather than every year.

Nominating (Jane Sloan)

Jane is preparing a slate of candidates for the coming Section elections.

Membership and Outreach (Claudia Covert)

Claudia reported that the Section has 985 members as of April 2007, up 11% from last year.  28 people dropped their membership in the Section.  Adam Burling underscored that if the Section hits 1000 members by August 2007 the Section will receive $1500 in funding.  Claudia invited those who have ideas for the content of a letter from the Arts Section to new members to contact her via email (

Publications and Research Committee (Beth Kerr)

Beth Kerr will take over the Publications and Research Committee.  The Committee will next prepare ArtsGuides for Philadelphia (Midwinter 2008) and Anaheim (Annual 2008).  If you are interested in working on the ArtsGuides please contact Beth Kerr (

Section Website:

(Tom Caswell)

The website content will be transferred to new content management system, however, this system is not yet live.  Shannon offered the Section’s thanks to Tom for all of his work, past and present, on the site.

Planning (Strategic) Planning (Lucie Stylianopoulos, Vice-Chair, Chair Elect)

Lucie and Yuki Hibben will work on the Section’s environmental scan for next two years.  Look for email queries on the subject and respond to Lucie and Yuki.

Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group (Diana King)

The group discussed the issue of content overlap in film studies databases as well as library services with regards to film studies.  RBMS would like the Arts Section to consider contributing to 2008 program on audiovisual and film preservation.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group (Beth Kerr)

Three guests from Alexander Street Press spoke on dance and video resources.  The group also met with Acting Executive Director of the Dance Heritage Coalition, Barbara Drazin.  (For the Coalition website, see  The Coalition is a group of member institutions with significant dance collections, and the Coalition is currently working on a fair use copyright statement, file sharing network, and a digitization hub. 


Shannon Van Kirk was thanked for her conscientious work as Chair, and she promised to continue her active involvement in the position of Past-chair. 

The gavel was then metaphorically passed to new Chair Eric Kidwell.

Thanks to Shannon and Eric!


The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.  See you in Philly!


Respectfully submitted,

Sara Harrington

Arts Section Secretary