ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

2006 Annual Conference – New Orleans, Louisiana
Executive Committee & General Membership Meeting


Sunday, June 25, 2006
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Marriott New Orleans at the Convention Center, Fulton Room


Laurel Bliss, Jeanne Brown, Adam Burling, Claudia Covert, Rebecca Friedman, Lori Goetsch, Roland Hansen, Sara Harrington (recorder), William Hemmig, Alex Karass, Beth Kerr, Eric Kidwell, Sandy Mooney, Jane Sloan, Shannon Van Kirk




The meeting was called to order at 10:35 a.m.


Welcome and Introductions

Attendees were welcomed by Chair Jane Sloan and subsequently introduced themselves.  Guests Adam Burling, ACRL, and Lori Goetsch (ACRL Board Liaison, substituting for Rita Jones) were welcomed.


Chair’s Report, Jane Sloan

·        The Chair reported that the Section holds $750 in funds, which may be applied to upcoming programming.  In the past, such funds were used to distribute mailings and brochures.  The Section may explore using a portion of these funds to partially fund a student attendee to the annual conference who is interested in the work of the Arts Section.  The ARCL Board Liaison noted that the action plan due in July from Section Chairs is an opportunity to ask for increased funding.

·        The Arts Discussion Group and All Committees Meetings, held on Saturday, June 24, 2006, were both well attended.  It was suggested that it might prove useful to reverse the scheduling of the discussion group and the all committees meetings, so that new members to ALA might be able to attend the new members orientation as well as the Arts Section discussion group, which generally meet simultaneously.  Jane Sloan indicated that the Section would attempt to act on this suggestion.

·        Beth Kerr has graciously volunteered to assist Tom Caswell with the Arts Section website.

·        The Planning Committee has been working on the Arts Section response to the ACRL 5-10 Year Planning Horizon document.

·        The chair distributed handouts that included the contents of the Arts Section’s online community and the types of information exchanges that can take place therein.  Members can use their ALA member ID and password to log in to the online community.  There was some discussion that the online community might replace the listserv, and the Webmaster may explore this issue.

·        Jane Sloan shared the May 2006 Arts Section Report.  She noted that the idea for a collaborative annotated webliography is still being pursued.  Although ACRL cannot support such a venture at this time, it remains a valid longer-term project.

·        The chair announced the Section’s program, “Preserving New Orleans: The Fate of Media Collections in the Wake of Katrina,” would be held on Sunday, July 25, 2006 at 4:00 p.m.


The Arts Section minutes from ALA Midwinter 2006 conference in San Antonio, Texas were approved. Many thanks to Liza Vick for her outstanding service as Secretary.

Committee Reports

Membership, Claudia Covert, Chair

The section has 880 members, an increase over last year.  We have 131 student members.  The Membership Committee plans to send out an email to library schools with an FAQ for newcomers.  The Committee is discussing the possibility of virtual meetings for the Midwinter 2007 conference.  Membership is also involved in the arts-related brochure for conference venues (see Publications and Research Committee Report, below).

Nominating, Sandy Mooney, Chair

The Nominating Committee met virtually.  A candidate is needed for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.

Planning, Roland Hansen, Chair

The Committee reexamined statements of import to Arts Section members on the ACRL 5-10 year Planning Horizon document.  A call for Planning Committee members will be posted to Arts Section listserv.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group, Beth Kerr

The group may try to organize a field trip during the 2007 Midwinter conference in Seattle.  At the discussion group meeting, Mary Edsall gave an update on the 2nd edition of the Dance bibliography, A Core Collection in Dance, which will appear in paper and online formats, perhaps in January 2007.  It was noted that Hugh Thompson, ACRL’s Publications Liaison, is retiring.

Program Planning 2007, Alex Karass, Chair

The Arts Section program at the 2007 Annual conference, on the subject of Visual Literacy and Information Literacy, will be jointly sponsored by the Instruction Section.  The program will consist of 3 speakers, one of whom is a museum educator.  Recommendations for speakers are currently being accepted.  There will be an interactive component to all presentations.  The program may also include a supplemental website with additional information on subjects such as assessment and teaching faculty/librarian collaboration.

Publications and Research, Eric Kidwell, Chair

Eric Kidwell will develop a message for the listserv on the ARLIS/NA efforts in the area of information literacy standards, (see Jeanne Brown’s report below).  The Committee plans to develop an arts informational website or brochure for future conference host cities.  The idea is to include smaller and perhaps lesser-known arts venues in the allied arts.  At a minimum we will place such information on our website, which perhaps could be linked to from the conference main page, or perhaps a print version could be included in the registration packet.  The arts venues will be categorized by type of venue and/or geographic location, and may include the recommended amount of time needed to visit.  It is believe that this will be a significant service to our membership, ALA, and the arts community as a whole, and may very well entice new members.  Sharon Wasserman has offered to be the D.C. coordinator for this project.  It was noted that such a project might evolve into a submission to College & Research Libraries News. Membership Chair Claudia Covert and Eric Kidwell will collaborate on this project, and Eric Kidwell will also discuss the matter with Webmaster Tom Casswell.

Technology in the Arts, Kathleen Haefliger, Chair

Bill Hemmig reported for the Chair.  The Committee continues to examine the issue of webcasting for future programs.  The Committee also discussed areas for future examination, such as technology literacy as it applies to arts students, multimedia technology, and librarians who offer tech support services.

Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group, Jane Sloan

The Film and Broadcast studies discussion group was well attended.  The group is interested in instruction and outreach in the area of film studies, and ILL policies for media materials.  The group also discussed new bibliographic resources in the field.


Old Business

Ed Teague has applied to be representative to IFLA from the Arts Section for a four-year term.  Information on the length of the term will be added to the Arts Section manual


New Business

Status of Technology and the Arts Committee

Kathleen Haefliger needs to be reappointed to the Committee as Chair.  This Committee has traditionally been difficult to sustain, as its work is both broad and demanding.

Architecture Interest Group

There is interest among the members for an Architecture Discussion Group.  Shannon Van Kirk will send a message to the listserv to see if such a group might be profitably formed.

Other New Business I

It has been suggested that it might prove useful to produce a FAQ on the question, “Why become a member of the Arts Section?”  This might prove particularly helpful in distinguishing the efforts of the Arts Section from the work of other organizations such as the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) or the Music Library Association.  It was further suggested that perhaps an Arts Section officer might attend the ALA new members orientation meeting.  Lisa Blankenship has volunteer to examine the issue and will speak to Eric Kidwell.


The Committee engaged in a discussion of how many Arts Section members are also members of other library organizations and may therefore elect to come only to ALA annual, and are less likely to attend ALA midwinter and the ACRL conference.  This is reflected in our membership survey.  Respondents also indicated that they felt the benefits of membership in the Arts Section include our newsletter and networking opportunities.  This should encourage us to work virtually, in the online community, and through our content-rich newsletter.


Other New Business II

During the meeting the Chair recognized Jeanne Brown, a past president of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).  Ms. Brown wanted to share with the Arts Section that ARLIS/NA has been working on Information Literacy Competencies for Students in Design Disciplines.  Currently, standards have been developed in the following areas: architecture, architectural history, studio art, art history, landscape architecture, planning, and fashion.  ARLIS/NA hopes to develop standards for interior design and industrial design.  The standards should be issued in draft form by December 2006.  The next year will be spent gathering feedback.  The authors have consulted ACRL with regards to how to go about developing information competencies, and will seek LILAC (Library Information Literacy Advisory Council) approval.  The standards may serve as the foundation for a future ARLIS/NA Occasional Paper.  ARLIS/NA seeks volunteers to work on disciplines not yet covered, such as graphic arts, digital media, and theatre design, as well as for librarians who may wish to pilot test the standards in the course of their instructional efforts.


Closing Remarks, Jane Sloan, Outgoing Chair

Jane Sloan thanked Ann Lindell, who began the reorganization of the Arts Section, and Ed Teague, who streamlined the Arts Section manual, and well as Sandy Mooney, who carried on the Section’s reorganization.  Jane Sloan thanked section members, who in turn thanked her for her inspired work as Chair.  In closing, Jane Sloan welcomed Incoming Chair Shannon Van Kirk.


Remarks, Shannon Van Kirk, Incoming Chair

Shannon Van Kirk stated that the Arts Section’s status as a small(ish), agile group allows it to actively and quickly respond to members’ ideas and suggestions, and to implement ideas that emerge from discussion groups and from other forums.  She looks forward to leading the Arts Section efforts during the coming year.


See you in Seattle!


The meeting was adjourned at 12: 15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sara Harrington

Secretary, Arts Section