ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Midwinter Meeting San Diego
Executive Committee & General Membership Meeting

Sunday, January 11, 2004

(Approved at Annual Meeting 2004, Orlando)


Chair Ed Teague overcame the Oregon blizzard and was welcomed to San Diego.
The Executive Committee and General Membership Meeting was called to order at 9:50 a.m.

The first orders of business were general introductions and the distribution of the agenda.

Chair Teague then thanked several members for their work: outgoing chair (current Past-Chair) Ann Lindell for her service to the section, Mary Strow for chairing the Nominating Committee, Tom Caswell as the section’s webmaster, Vice-Chair Sandy Mooney for chairing yesterday’s All Committee Meeting, Roland Hanson as chair of the Membership Committee, and Nancy Freidland and the Technology and/in the Arts Committee for programming at Annual in Toronto.

Vice-Chair Mooney thanked all who attended yesterday’s All Committee Meeting and who had submitted committee volunteer forms.

Mooney recognized new member Claudia Covert who was in attendance.

No minutes had been submitted for approval from the previous Mid-winter meeting in Philadelphia.

Since the SARS scare in Toronto last summer resulted in cancellation of the Arts Executive/General Membership and All Committee meetings, due to lack of expected attendance, there were no minutes for approval from Annual 2003.

Chair Teague asked for reports from committees:

Paula Murphy, committee chair, reported on the work of the Standards Committee.

Murphy has been working on several studies including one on the Santa Cruz (Simons/Tansey) Slide Classification system. This method is a broad based subject system for classifying slides in the arts and scientific fields. It is a quite broadly used system and Murphy posted a survey to the listser of the Visual Resources Association. Based upon the responses she received many are in favor of seeing standards formulated in the area of slide and similar visual resources classification. Murphy referred the membership to the last issue of the section newsletter (vol. 18 #2, fall 2003) for fuller details of this study and a list of the questions she posed.

Murphy next reported on the release in Toronto of the preliminary draft of the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education, which is a different set of standards that the already existing and separate sets for college, university, and community college libraries. The effort is to compile standards that are applicable to libraries supporting academic programs at institutions of higher education, and that addresses the current work environment of academic libraries. The draft can be found on the ACRL website under “Standards and Guidelines”. Yesterday, ACRL held a meeting to discuss the draft. Murphy attended the meeting and spoke to issues related to the arts, which she feels aren't being addressed in the draft. Murphy reported that her comments were well received and she was asked to submit her comments in writing to the group. There was also mention of the need to update the Guideline for Media Resources in Academic Libraries.

Lastly, Murphy expressed her support for retaining the Arts Standards Committee. She thinks the committee is viable as it allows us to respond to other standards and have input and a clear means of contributing positively to strengthening standards related to arts libraries.

Tom Caswell report next on plans for the 2004 Annual conference to take place in Orlando. Ann Lindell and Madeline Nicols are assisting on the committee. The topic for the Arts program will be “Drawing on Fantasy: Services and Collections for Animation.” Date and time are Saturday, June 26, from 1:30 – 3:30. The program will include a panel discussion with librarians and educators from the animation industry. Verbal commitments have been received from Carolyn McClendon, animation librarian at Walt Disney World; Barbara Rainey, media center librarian at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park; and Kathleen List, director of library services at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. Caswell and his committee are looking to schedule an animator or a student in animation to complete the panel.

Mooney will be chairing the Chicago 2005 Annual planning committee and asked for committee volunteers. Roland Hansen offered his assistance. Mooney has received two suggestions for program topics and welcomes others.

Nancy Friedland reported on the Technology and/in the Arts Committee. She was unable to be in Toronto, but the program report from the committee is available in the fall section newsletter. Two individuals from the Getty Research Institute – Murtha Baca and Sally Hubbard - were present for yesterday’s committee meeting where discussion focused on digital projects management. Baca spoke on metadata and controlled vocabularies for end-user access, and Hubbard discussed DAM (Digital Asset Management). Friedland brought copies of the handouts to today’s meeting for anyone interested. She also reported that the committee will begin a self-study to determine how well it is meeting its charge and invited new member participation on the committee.

There was a brief break in committee reports to accommodate ACRL vice-president/ president-elect candidate Charles Kratz.

Chair Teague next introduced ACRL Board Arts Liaison Rita Jones who arrived at the meeting.

Committee reports resumed with Roland Hansen reporting as chair of the Membership Committee. As of December 1, 2003, membership rests at 795, which is a 7% increase from 2002. Of this total, 721 are personal memberships, 73 organizational and 1 corporate. In August, membership was at 789 and in June stood at 797, so membership is holding steady. Hansen stated that one of the committee’s main concerns is that the section should contact new members in a timely manner with perhaps the use of a section brochure and letter of welcome.

Mary Stow reported as chair of the Nominating Committee. Only one office is open for election this year, that being the Vice-Chair/ Chair-Elect. Jane Sloan has accepted the nomination and will run unopposed.

Shannon Van Kirk and Tom Caswell reported on Publications. Van Kirk has recruited a new newsletter editor, Laurel Bliss.

Caswell discussed his efforts at loading old issues of the section newsletter onto the web site. He asked that members who might have former issues send them to him. Betty Bryce stated she might have issues from her tenure as editor and former section chair Floyd Zula stated that he thought he had issues back to volume 2. Caswell also called for any archival minutes.

It was announced that Nancy Stokes continues to manage the section listserv.

There was discussion on the disadvantages of moving the Arts web page to ALA. ALA continues to work on its site in an effort to make navigation and maintenance more fluid and efficient. At this time, the consensus is that the section should continue to maintain its own web presence.

As the Planning Committee did not meet in Toronto, chair Eric A. Kidwell had no report to make. Likewise, no reports were given from the Dance Librarians, Government Activities, and Liaison committees.

Jane Sloan reported for the Film and Broadcasting Studies Discussion Group. The discussion group is critiquing its website.

Their meeting at Midwinter also included a presentation of Film Literature Index Online by Kris Brancolini. This resource is a product of the Film and Television Documentation Center at SUNY-Albany and Indiana University’s Digital Library Program. The product is scheduled for release later this year.

Before moving to Old Business, Chair Teague acknowledged ACRL vice-president/ president-elect candidate Camila Alire who spoke briefly.

Under Old Business, Liddell reported on the print brochure for the section. She anticipates it will be completed by the fall as she is waiting on the decision regarding committee restructuring.

The first item of New Business was the issue of committee restructuring. Brian Falato spoke on behalf of retaining the Standards Committee. After general discussion the following motions were presented and voted upon by the Executive Committee:

1 – Revise “Membership Committee” to include liaisons with affiliated organizations. The current committee will develop a new charge. Change of committee name might be unnecessary but could become “Membership and Outreach.” Yes – 5, No - 0.

2 – Revise the “Publications Committee” to be “Publications and Research” with the editors of the newsletter, website and listserv serving as ex-officio members, to coordinate publications, research and communication activities of Arts. The current committee will develop a new charge. Yes – 5, No - 0.

3 – Dissolve the “Liaison Committee.” Rationale: Similar efforts can be invested in the new membership committee. Yes – 5, No - 0.

4 – Dissolve the “Government/Private Sector Activities Committee.”   Rationale: No purposeful activity or interest. Yes – 5, No -0. 

Rationale: The Dance Librarians Discussion Group is sufficient for these interests. The dance librarians support this move. Yes – 5, No - 0. 

6 – Dissolve the “Standards Committee.” Rationale: Ongoing projects can come under the purview of the new Publications and Research Committee. Yes – 4, No – 1. 

7 – Dissolve the “Performing Arts Librarians Discussion Group.” Rationale: No purposeful activity or interest. Yes – 5, No – 0. 

8 – Committee members are appointed based upon recommendation from committee chairs.   Rationale: The Vice-Chair cannot do this efficiently without support from committee chairs. Yes – 5, No – 0. 

There had been an interest expressed in charging a committee, possibly the publications committee, with oversight of collections issues. No action was taken and discussion will continue. 

Chair Teague set the upcoming Annual conference as the deadline for committees to bring drafts regarding committee membership and charges to the Executive Committee. 

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m. 

Present: Laurel Bliss, Betty Bryce, Tom Caswell, Claudia Covert, Brian Falato, Nancy Friedland, Jane Gottlieb, Roland C. Hansen, Charlene Kellsey, Eric A. Kidwell, Ann Lindell, Sandy Mooney, Paula Murphy, Stephen Patrick, Jane Sloan, Mary Strow, Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos, Ed Teague, Shannon Van Kirk, Floyd Zula 

Respectfully submitted, 

Eric A. Kidwell

Secretary, ACRL Arts Section