ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Membership/Executive Committee Meeting
Sunday, January 14, 2001  --  9:30am-11:30am
Madison Hotel, Drawing Room 4, Washington, DC

Ann Lindell, ARTS Secretary


Meeting attendees introduced themselves to the group.

Becky Albitz moved that minutes be approved, and Floyd Zula seconded.  Motion was approved.

Details from ACRL Leadership Council
---Betsy Wilson, ACRL president talked about the strategic plan.
---Mary Reichel’s theme will be “learning communities”.
---Environmental Scan will address questions:  What are newest trends in the division?    What are the internal and external trends?  How do these trends affect the ACRL strategic plan?  Documents should be on ACRL Leads.
---The summary of the ACRL membership survey will not on web.  See Lorelei  for a copy if you are interested.  8500 responses were received from over 10,000 members. Among the values identified were networking, professional development opportunities and publications.  There were no negative comments.  Demographic information was also gathered.
---The session included breakout groups to discuss how the survey results might impact work with sections.   Programming was emphasized.  One comment was that programs were rather “stodgy”.  Programs should be more timely, cutting edge.  Problems arise because program proposals have to be in a year in advance.  There are too many hoops to go through for timely program planning.

Details from the ACRL Sections Council
---Nominating committee (Floyd Zula) had to solicit nominations for Member at large.  One of the candidates is Paula Murphy from the ARTS Section’s Paula Murphy.
---Special one time funding, about $1500 is being offered to all sections.  We aren’t the only section who has not decided  on a use for the money.
---Virtual committee membership was discussed.  The Instruction and College Libraries sections have had successful experiences.  The software WebCT has been used.  This allows members to participate without being physically at the conferences.
---Sections council will meet twice at midwinter and once at the annual conference.  One goal is to facilitate collaboration among the sections.
---There will be an ACRL presidential candidates forum today (1/14/01) at 2pm.
---Betsy Wilson will be leading a “Building Communities @ Your Library” discussion group on
   Monday (1/15/01).
---ACRL National Conference will be held in March in Denver.
---ACRL Strategic Plan:  Groups and committees should think about how their activities
   reflect/respond to the strategic plan.
---There will be a new ACRL Sections Brochure w/new section descriptions.

Report of Arts Section Budget
---Basic Services $500.00
---Mailing Labels: 2 sets (at your request in FY 00-01
---Annual Conference Program: TBA
---Newsletter: $1180.00

Mary Strow will be asking people to participate on committees.  She is hoping to invigorate many of the committees by bringing in new people.  She would welcome suggestions for appointments.  She would like to have committee rosters in place in the next 2 weeks so we’ll be ready to go for the annual conference in San Francisco.

ACRL BOARD, Director at Large ANNOUNCEMENTS (Paul Dumont)
Paul Dumont said that board members are trying to reach out to the sections.  He tries to come to at least part of meetings for his sections.  He announce that an “open microphone” is  held at the very first ACRL board meeting (today 2-4) and lasts for 27 minutes.  This only occurs at the first board meeting.  This is the opportunity for section leaders to let the board know concerns.  Dumont also talked about the $1500 special funding initiative to sections for projects endorsing the ACRL Strategic Plan.  Some sections are using this money collaboratively. For example, CLS and ULS are pooling their monies to do a joint project.  He also mentioned other initiatives including new guidelines for distance learning, scholarships for library school students to attend ACRL conferences, and bylaws revisions.   He emphasized that he was at our meeting to listen and hear our concerns.

Lorelei Tanji thanked Paul for attending the ARTS meeting.

Jane Gottlieb made an announcement about the Music Library Association conference.  Members of TLA and Dance Librarians Group are especially invited to join for this meeting.  Program was designed for broad interest to performing arts librarians.  Check the website for the final program.  Deadline for early registration is Jan 21.  There will be an opportunity for discounted membership status for TLA or Dance Librarians Discussion Group members.  MLA is expecting participation of over 600.

Daniel Starr introduced himself as the incoming president of ARLIS/NA.  He wants to know from this group how ARLIS/NA members can be more involved in ALA. His platform as an ARLIS/NA presidential candidate had an emphasis on fostering more collaboration and participation between these groups. He mentioned co-sponsoring programs, or holding ARLIS/NA conferences in conjunction with ALA.  Perhaps programs could be repeated at the different conferences.  There the problem of the rising costs to members of belonging and being active in multiple organizations.  ARLIS/NA has been more traditionally visual arts.   Collaboration with ACRL/ARTS could add a broadened perspective beyond the visual arts to ARLIS/NA members.  Lorelei noted section interest in collaboration with more specialized groups.  Floyd Zula addressed to Paul dumont about how to go about interfacing with the smaller, related organizations.  Will the tracking system help?  Paul Dumont says this board is very interested in partnership.  It is part of the ACRL strategic plan. This could be a way to use the extra funding. This kind of things would be looked on favorably by the  budget committee.  There is a section in the budget for affiliate organization partnerships.

Proposals due March 1st, but spending can be carried over to new fiscal year.

--Producing a Webcast of programs
--Some sort of section publication
 --Produce a Video on copyright issues.
 --Fund a Scholarship to encourage new membership (non-recurring)
--Creating audiotapes of upcoming program in San Francisco on the Beat Generation.

--Professional Development:  Have someone speak on the topic of publication opportunities for our membership.  Lorelei talked with the head of the ACRL Research Committee. They are doing a program in San Francisco on that very topic.  It will consist of four editors giving perspectives on reviewing manuscripts and also comments from two authors.  The Research Committee Chair would also be willing to talk to us during an ARTS meeting.

--Create a training program for community outreach by librarians on arts related matters.  This would involve working with regional arts groups who are often not internet connected.  Issues addressed might be collection development, cataloging , preservation.

 --Create a tool for librarians to bridge the digital divide for regional arts groups.

--Web Publications:  resources for performing arts librarians.  Might outlast this particular grant.  Could be good inroads into collaborations with other organizations.  Could be a joint project.

--Sponsor an IFLA session or reception; or sponsor an ARLIS/N session at the 2002 St. Louis conference.  Hugh Wilburn from Harvard will be coordinating arts events at IFLA.


Conference Program Planning Committee—SF 2001 (Nadine Flores)
Lorelei Tanji will be attending a meeting having to do with conference planning.  This is the guinea pig year for the “tracking system”.  The ARTS conference program for San Francisco is on the Beat Generation. This will be a panel discussion, currently scheduled on the Saturday 2-4pm.  W got approval for $500.  Committee will meet tomorrow.  Mary Strow said we may have attendance up to 400.

Planning (Judy Harvey Sahak for Betty Bryce)
In Chicago the idea was put forth that the ARTS section establish a standards committee.  Between now and the annual meeting, the committee will work on a charge for this committee.  This seems like a wonderful place to collaborate with other organizations to share standards and other initiatives for cataloging and service issues in the arts.

Daniel Starr added that ARLIS/NA has had an active standards committee.  Music Library Association has also done a lot in the area.  They have official reps to various ALA committees.     One responsibility of the ARTS Standards Committee could be to serve as a clearinghouse for these different groups for ALA.  The only other issue before the planning committee is the revision of the orientation manual.  There is nothing to report at this time about this.

Dance Librarians Committee (Paula Murphy)
The Dance Core Collection (DCC) Bibliography was submitted to ACRL this week to begin the publication process.  There are still some questions to be answered and unfortunately Mary Edsall is not at the meeting. (for example: When is the indexing going to be done?)  No one on the publications committee has done an editorial read through.    Lorelei hasn’t talked to Mary, but she  did talk to Hugh Thompson at ACRL Publications.   As long as the final version gets to him by April 1, the publication can be ready for the annual conference. That way Mary could share the manuscript with the publications committee before publication.   Mary is going to give a talk at MLA about the DCC.

In July of last year.  Mary Edsall, Mary Strow, Beth Kerr, and Paula Murphy attended “Dancing in the Millenium. 30 groups were represented.  Mary, Mary, and Paula gave a talk about dance libraries.  It was well attended and well received.   Beth ran the literature table. Items available included a bookmark advertising the Dance Librarians Committee and also information about the Core Collections publication.  Mary Edsall got the exhibitors fee waived so they could have a literature table.

There was discussion by the committee about creating standards for a video label for locally produced videos to help with cataloging, etc.  This discussion was tabled.  This is partially linked to the standards committee issue.

There is a logo in development for the dance librarians committee.

Activities and major initiatives of the Dance Heritage Coalition were discussed.  There is an ongoing survey of dance communities.  Other issues include documentation of standards and best practices, networking for change, documentation & preservation, the “artists’ memory project”, and long term strategies for rights management.  They also want to work with academic and corporate computing departments to find ways to preserve dance using new media.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group  (Beth Kerr)
DLDG will meet this afternoon 430-530pm.  Part of the discussion will be about participation in the upcoming MLA conference.

Nominating Committee
Judy Harvey Sahak announced the slate of candidates for 2001 Candidates for vice-chair chair elect  are Henry Dubois and Ann Lindell.  Candidates for secretary are Sylvia Curtis and Eric Kidwell.

Publications Committee (Mary Edsall)
--Mary Strow has Edsall’s report that details progress on the Dance Core Collection Bibliography.
--There is a draft of the section brochure.
--Lorelei thanked Helice Koffler for serving as newsletter editor.
--Committee rosters are being updated on the website.  If you have info you want posted for your group or committee, contact Ann Lindell.

Membership Committee (Sandy Mooney)
Sandy Mooney has a new email address: . ALA directory has not been updated.  Committee has been operating from the philosophy that contacts should be personal.  Best recruiting efforts are through librarians currently working in the field.  Remember the ARTS Section as a possible organization to suggest to these people.  Library school faculty recruitment has not been as successful.  Two members are committed for next year (current members expire) Roland Hanson and Beth Kerr have signed up.  Roland had a great suggestion that we use a postcard to send to new members. Please keep Sandy Mooney in mind if you have names of possible new members. Reporting is in august for membership stats.   Our goal is to get over 1000 to increase funding.   This august stats indicated a decline.

Technology in the Arts Committee (Zoe Stewart-Mitchell)
NO members present to report.

Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group (Rick Provine)
Becky Albitz announced that the group is scheduled to meet 2-4 in the Madison Hotel.  Topic will be the evolution of video formats to DVDs lead by Rick Provine.

Performing Arts Discussion Group
Nancy Stokes was not able to attend. Group did not meet.

Liaison Committee (Lorelei Tanji for Paula Epstein)
Paula sent out 5 newsletters, down form 40 in the previous year.  Mailings are not timely.  Email messages on listserves better serve our purposes.  Newsletter editors change too much.  Also she feels that people are too busy to read newsletters of other organizations.  She would like to do more personal contact and to maintain links on our website to sister organizations.

Government and Private Sector Activities Committee (Mimi Hernandez)
Committee had a very productive meeting.  Committee has decided to gather information on the 25 top corporate collections and funding entities.


---ARTS Section Brochure
---ARTS Section Orientation Manual Revision
---ACRL  Extra Funding Opportunity ($1500)  Response is needed by March 1.
---Dance Core Bibliography in the works and on schedule.
---Standards Committee Charge

There was a discussion about running meetings differently.  Printed reports could be shared ahead of the membership meeting.  This would allow the use of the meeting time for a speaker or a guest.

Major website updates should be reported on the listserv.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:41 a.m.
Dutch treat lunch to be held at Georgia Browns


Helice Koffler                King County Archives
Daniel Starr                   MOMA
Cara List                       University of Oregon
Jane Gottlieb                The Juillard School
Floyd Zula                    Cal State Fullerton
Sandy Mooney             Louisiana State University
Laurel Bliss                   Yale
Christine Whittington    University of Maine
Stephen Patrick            East Tennessee State Univ.
Kathleen List                Ringling School of Art & Design
Becky Albitz                 Penn State University
Paula Murphy               Chicago Historical Society
Paul Dumont                CSU Long Beach
Judy Harvey Sahak      Claremont Colleges
Kevin Winkler              NYPL for the Performing Arts
Ann Ferguson             Cornell University
Mary Strow                 Indiana University- Bloomington
Mimi Hernandez         DC Public Library
Ann Lindell                 University of Florida