ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Membership/Executive Committee Meeting
ALA Annual Conference, San Francisco, California
Sunday, June 17, 2001 9:30 a.m.

Ann Lindell - ARTS Secretary

Round Robin introductions


Lorelei thanked the members of the nominating committee for their work.  She thanked the candidates and acknowledged the new officers.

ACRL Leadership Council
Althea Jenkins is resigning as Executive Director of ACRL to become the Library Director at Florida State University.   Mary Ellen Davis will succeed her.
Larry Hardesty talked about the 2003 ACRL national conference to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 10-13, 2003.  There will call for participation in the fall.

New Candidates for the presidency of ACRL are Tyrone Cannon, Dean of Libraries at the University of San Francisco and John Popco, University Librarian at Seattle University.

There was discussion of the idea of having an ACRL members-only website.  Ideas for content included an updateable membership directory, space for shared documents, survey results, a job bank, and streaming audio/video programs from conferences.

Mary Reichel, President-Elect of ACRL, identified her theme as “learning communities”.

ACRL Sections Council
Extra funding granted to sections can be carried over into the new year.  Additional one-time funding will likely be offered the future as well.  Initiative funds may be restructured to offer support for the strategic plan.  Also, sections can ask for extra funding at any time for a special project.

The College Library Section was approved for virtual committee membership.  We will discuss this under new business.

There was a proposal to shorten the midwinter meeting by one day.

The ACRL membership survey was discussed.  Lorelei has the printed results and will pass along to the planning committee so they can extract ARTS related information and report to the section, perhaps in a newsletter article.

Section leaders website will be changed to have links to information on the ACRL website, such as budget forms.

Mary announced that she had the committee roster and asked everyone on a committee to check their information before leaving the meeting.

Mary also noted that Paula Epstein’s term has expired as chair (and only member) of the liaison committee.  She’s served in this capacity since 1993 and is ready to retire.  A replacement is needed.

The board has pushed hard to get funding for sections.  Emphasis this year will be on communication and to get minutes of meetings to ACRL.

The board reviewed the initiative fund. There was not a lot of controversy on the requests.
 ACRL will be funding a “Best Practices in Instruction” invited conference before the next meeting.   He mentioned the proposal to shorten midwinter meeting.  Minutes of the board will be available online.

Lorelei asked about how to give feedback about tracking system.  He said it would be best to bring concerns directly to ALA.

Jane Gottlieb announced the TLA program, “Documenting the Performing Arts in San Francisco, to be held  9:00-1030 on Monday of the conference.

The minutes of the 2001 Midwinter meeting were approved.



Ed Teague asked if there was a possibility of additional funding over the $1500.  Perhaps we could ask for additional funds.

The money has to be expended by the end of FY2002.

Paula Murphy discussed a proposal from the Dance Librarians Committee.  They are interested in creating a video to train arts librarians to work with community groups.  This would address marketing library services to the arts community.  Another idea is to produce a video as a marketing tool to be viewed by the community arts groups.  They are also interested in doing a workshop with speakers from libraries and from arts groups.  This could be the content for training video.

The membership had questions for Paula about the proposal:  When would the workshop be held?  At an ACRL conference?  At an ALA conference?  A Pre-conference?  Paula said she sees this as joint project with other affiliate arts groups.

Again it was stressed that the money needs to be expended in FY2002.  If we want to do a multi-year project we will have to plan for future years and request other funding.

Mary Strow said she could see the Dance proposal as a pre-conference. Perhaps the Charlotte ACRL conference would be a good venue.

Betty Bryce commented that we would need an ad hoc committee to work on this.

Nancy Stokes noted that for professional quality, costs can run anywhere from $500 to $1000 per finished minute of video.

Paula Murphy suggested we might do some fundraising with library vendors.

Ed Teague commented that local arts organizations have resources that that libraries want.  The organizations need assistance to preserve these resources.  Ultimately the materials can come to the library or they can stay with the organization.  In both cases there is opportunity to participate in directing archival processes.    He commented that the proposal needs focus.

Paula Murphy said she sees this on a broader level.  Perhaps a “clearinghouse” for information that other groups have compiled on this topic would be useful.

Mary Strow suggested taking video production out the mix.  She thinks a workshop approach would be better.  Information could be extracted and placed on a website.

Lorelei Tanji commented that Betty Bryce’s suggestion to form an ad hoc committee to work on this would be good.  If anyone wants to work on this talk to Paula Murphy.

Paula Murphy suggested that the money could be used to facilitate the group meeting outside of conference.  Funds could be put towards travel.

Stephen Patrick, Chair of the Atlanta Program Committee had another proposal.
The program will be “Creating, publishing and collecting artists books: from production to acquisition.  There will be 5 panelists (local book artists, the director of Nexus Press, and other representatives from the public and private sector.)  Included will be a tour of the artists’ book collection at the Atlanta College of Art.  Following this will be a tour of Nexus Press.  ARLIS/Southeast, RBMS, and GLBRT may co-sponsor.  There will be a need for funding for transportation.

Lorelei emphasized that there is interest in collaboration.  She is inclined to recommend that we fund both proposals at a certain level.

Sylvia Curtis proposed delegating decision to a committee to make sure the proposals are possible within the funding period.

Paula Epstein commented that the proposals represent two emphases: one is immediate, and the other is far-reaching.

Lorelei Tanji commented that this is our opportunity to vote.

Nancy Stokes moved that an ad hoc committee be formed to draft action on the ACRL funding and move forward.  Motion was seconded and approved.


San Francisco Conference Planning (Nadine Flores)
Several hundred people attended the program.  The committee is pleased with the turnout.  The program content was very successful, incorporating interesting multimedia.  Nadine thanked her committee and acknowledged the collaboration with LES.  Mary Strow mentioned that she had heard lots of positive feedback about the Program.  The Halprin video was a unique element.

Atlanta Conference Planning (Stephen Patrick)
The program will be “Creating, publishing and collecting artists’ books: from production to acquisition.”  There will be 5 panelists (local book artists, the director of Nexus Press, and other representatives from the public and private sector.)  Included will be a tour of the artists’ book collection at the Atlanta College of Art.  Following this will be a tour of Nexus Press.
(See funding discussion above.)

Planning Committee (Betty Bryce)
Betty passed out a proposal to establish committee on standards. This requires a vote of membership at the annual meeting.  She thanked Paula Murphy for her work in drafting this proposal, which developed out of a Dance Librarians Committee initiative to put together standards for video labels.  Betty called a vote to establish the committee.  This was approved by acclamation.

The Past Chair is in charge of keeping the ARTS Section Orientation Manual up to date.  Lorelei asked if anyone had a copy of the bylaws and if so, would they please forward to her.

Publications Committee (Eric Kidwell reporting for Mary Edsall)
Eric Kidwell:  Mary Edsall was unable to be here.  Eric announced that The Dance Core Collection is now in publication.  He had received the manuscript in May from Mary for editorial review.  The index still needs to be completed.  Mary will be doing promotion with ACRL before the New Orleans meeting.  It should be available for sale before that time.

Lorelei thanked all of the contributors for their efforts toward this project.  She also thanked Helice Koffler for her service as newsletter editor and announced that Nadine Flores is incoming newsletter editor.

Brochure is in process.

Tom Caswell from the University of Florida will become the new Webmaster.  The site can stay on the UF server.

Dance Librarians Committee (Paula Murphy)
DLC wants to send letters of thanks to organizations supporting the preservation of dance materials.  She wants to know if the board needs to see the letter before it gets sent.  Lorelei Tanji said to forward to the board for review.  Paula needs the logo for stationary.

A survey to see what librarians are doing to serve arts community groups is being drafted.  ALA affiliate groups will be asked to send to members.  DLC will send surveys through listservs as not to incur mailing charges.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group
Topics will include NIPAD: National Initiative to Preserve America’s Dance and speaker Anne Ethridge from the Bay Area Video Coalition.

Membership Committee (Beth Kerr)
No Report

Technology in the Arts Committee
No report

Film/Broadcast Librarians Discussion Group
No report

Performing Arts Discussion Group
New member Helen Baer from the University of Texas agreed to chair the group.  There was some discussion about how to develop interest in this group.  Lorelei suggested possibly setting up a separate listserv for interested parties.

Liaison Committee (Paula Epstein)
Paula asked if we should abolish this group in favor of standards committee.  In 1993 most people did not have email.  The Liaison committee was a way to get information out.  In the past we exchanged newsletters with up to 40 organizations.  This reciprocity is down to 5.  This strategy is not very effective.  Timeliness of information is an issue.  This was a way to get info out.  Had a high of 40 newsletters …reciprocal.  She’s now down to 5.   Not that effective.  Issue of timeliness.   Alerts on the Listserv would be helpful when the website is updated.

There were various comments including folding this committee into another, formalizing a standing liaison committee, or expanding the membership committee to include a liaison designate.

Mary Strow commented that in the Friday ACRL meetings there was a discussion about the role of newsletters.  Newsletters do go to places that maybe aren’t as digitally sophisticated as others.  Surveys could go into the newsletter.

Lorelei Tangi suggested we ask Paula to continue for one more year and mentor someone to carry on. Another suggestion was to create an ad hoc public relations and outreach committee.

Proposal:  Create an ad hoc committee on public relations and outreach.

Propose ad hoc committee on public relations and outreach.  Moved and carried.

Who is interested? Paula Epstein agreed to be a member.

Government and Private Sector Activities Committee (Floyd Zula)
The committee is compiling information on corporations with private collections.  They will plan an article on this for the newsletter at some point.


Shorter Midwinter Meetings Proposal
People who have thoughts on the proposal to shorten the Midwinter meeting can respond on the ALA Website.

Virtual Committee Membership
Many people cannot attend all meetings because they are involved in other organizations and the costs add up. Many institutions do not fund travel.  If we do this we need the support of the committee chairs.  We could adopt as a section and it would still be at the discretion of the committee chairs.

Betty Brice made a motion to accept the concept of virtual committee members at the discretion of committee chairs.  Ed Teague seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.  Vice-Chair should contact committee chairs to see who wants virtual members.


The traditional dutch treat lunch will be held at Lulu’s (Folsom Street near Moscone South) from 12:30-1:30.

For Information on UCITA, see the ALA Washington page on the Website.

Meeting Adjourned at 11am.


Helice Koffler, King County Archives
Brian Falato, University of South Florida
Stephen Patrick, East Tennessee State University
Paula Epstein, Columbia College
Judy Harvey Sahak, Claremont Colleges
Jane Gottlieb, The Julliard School
Jim Cassaro, University of Pittsburgh/MLA
Henry DuBois, California State University, Long Beach
Nancy Stokes, University of Akron
Floyd Zula, California State University, Fullerton
Tom Caswell, University of Florida
Ann Lindell, University of Florida
Paula Murphy, Chicago Historical Society
Beth Kerr, University of Texas at Austin
Renee Boensh, Reed-Elsevier
Helen Baer, University of Texas at Austin
Eric A. Kidwell, Huntingdon College
Betty Bryce, University of Alabama
Ed Teague, University of Oregon
Cara List, University of Oregon
Mary Strow, Indiana University
Lorelei Tanji, University of California, Irvine
Paul Dumont, Davis County Community College District