ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Membership/Executive Committee Meeting
Sunday, January 31, 1999, 9:30 a.m.
Four Seasons Hotel, South Ballroom, Philadelphia, PA
Lorelei Tanji - ARTS Secretary


Announcements from the Chair
Announcements from the incoming Vice-Chair
Additional Announcements
Approval of Minutes
Committee and Discussion Group Reports
ALA Business
Old Business
New Business

   1.  Introductions

Round-robin introductions.
Special guests:
  • Jane Gottlieb - MLA liaison,  Director Juilliard School
  • Susan Brady - Chair of the Theatre Library Association
  • Paul E. Dumont (Dallas County Community College) - ACRL Board Liaison to the ARTS Section. Greetings from the Board - this is his first meeting.

   2.  Announcements from the Chair

a.  ACRL Leadership Group Meeting

-Judy Harvey Sahak (ARTS Chair) & Floyd Zula (ARTS Vice-Chair) attended this ACRL Leadership Meeting.
-They participated in round-table discussions on the ACRL Strategic Plan.
-Some factors discussed: economy, technology, developments in higher education, state of publishing, issues in the year 2005, etc.
-Many good ideas were generated to help the ACRL Executive Board
develop a vision for ACRL Year 2005

-On Monday, there will be a discussion group, as part of ACRL President Maureen Sullivan's "Leadership & Leaders" theme.  Professor of Classical Studies. James O'Donnell will speak on "Beyond Technology, Leadership & Strategy without Distraction," 9-11:30 Convention Center Room 103B.

b. New Program Planning Process   background | discussion | resolution

The Sections Council Meeting met after the Leadership Group Meeting.  The major announcement is the new program planning process.


ALA has grown so large and has so many programs, that ALA is trying out a new system that aims to reduce the number of programs and time conflicts.

There will be 7 thematic tracks with 4 concurrent sessions for each time slot.  An 8th track will be reserved for current topics/issues. All the ACRL programs will probably be considered in one track.

This new system of "tracking programs" will be used beginning with the 2001 ALA Conference in San Francisco.  Judy will forward any news via email on the ARTS-listserv.

When will the tracks be defined?  They will be proposed at Annual Conference and planning will occur in December.  The Program Planning Council will plan the themes.  There will be a representative from each
division, and the ALA Program Committee.

This new process will require an 18 months lead-time.  As mentioned above, ALA will reserve an 8th track for late-breaking issues and updates (e.g. issues in cyberspace, research and project results, legislative issues).

Exempt from the tracks:
-Presidential programs ALA & Divisional
-Discussion groups will be treated as meetings rather than programs.
-Fairs, poster sessions, swap & shops
-Meal events, awards, etc.

-ALA will have a more active interest in ACRL than before; more oversight. We will need to be ready earlier with proposals.  Anyone thinking of programs for New Orleans should start soon.

-Program planners lunch - Convention Center. According to Becky Albitz, Robert Newlen said there would be no reduction of programs, but there will be a brown-bag discussion between noon-2. for those who still have
questions or concerns about this new program-planning system. 


The ALA ARTS Section discussed this new system.  Here are some of the comments:

-Perhaps it is ok to choose between concurrent programs.  MLA is as big as ALA - and attendees have to make choices about attending programs.

-This is an attempt at cost-savings disguised as helping membership have fewer choices.

-Strategic plans try to encourage overlap, but this seems counter-effective.

-This may negatively effect registration - choices reduced.

-One benefit of the tracking system is supposed to be the ability to reserve rooms on particular themes in the same hotel (or nearby location), hence, minimizing travel time between meetings. However, this incorrectly assumes that people are interested in only one theme.  There is a risk of pigeon-holing people and making assumptions about their interest in a wide variety of programs, and so this may not be as important a benefit as some
people think.

-This system will eliminate spontaneity and the exchange of fresh ideas.

-If exhibitors could be arranged in "tracks", it  would save more time.

-ARTS might need to do more preconferences like RBMS.  It would result in more money for members (but also more time spent at the conference).

-Secession is also a possibility - e.g. MLA, ARLIS/NA

-Statistics show that one-half of the attendees attend the entireconference.

-There is very little opportunity for the membership to discuss this issue.  We need to bring it to ACRL, and ask that it be brought to Council.

-There is an open microphone during the first 27 minutes of the ACRL Board Meeting at 2:00pm.

-Susan Brady - There is an ALA Affiliates lunch & she will bring up our concerns there too.


-Stephen Bloom proposed writing a resolution expressing concern. The
lengthy lead time will make it difficult to address cutting edge


The ACRL Arts Section requests ACRL to express concern to ALA about the proposed restructuring of the ALA Conferences according to the plan entitled "Annual Conferences: Options for the Future".  In particular, the Arts section is concerned that, among other disadvantages:

-An additional level of oversight and approval may intrude on the ability of special interest groups to frame their concerns within the academic environment.

-The additional level of approval time required may have the affect of limiting program planners ability to address current conditions or cutting edge responses.

-Removing overlap between program topics may have a "straight-jacketing" effect on programming at the time in our postmodern world when overlap and multiple entry points are advantages in programming.

We further encourage ACRL to ask ALA to allow full discussion within the Association prior to scheduling a final vote on the plan's adoption.

Steve Bloom moved; Henry DuBois seconded.
Motion approved by membership.


c.  New statement on intellectual freedom - companion piece to the "Freedom to Read" statement

Libraries - An American Value

Paul Dumont:   ACRL Board is extremely concerned about the wording.  There is very little that speaks to the aim of academic libraries.

   3.  Announcements from the Floyd Zula, ARTS Vice-Chair

Incoming ACRL Chair, Larry Hardesty's theme, "Celebrating Our Successes,Confronting Our Challenges: ACRL Enters the 21st Century"

   4.  Additional Announcements

Jane Gottlieb:  MLA has developed a strategic Plan 2001.  Its primary initiative is to increase and enhance visibility of MLA.  Their next conference is March 17-20 in LA.  One of their programs will feature: Film
& Television Music, panelist Elmer Bernstein.  Future conferences: Louisville 2000, NYC 2001.

Members of ALA are encouraged to partner with affiliates.

Susan Brady, TLA - She gave her thanks to all the program planners. Program at ALA Annual. Monday 28th 9:30-noon, "Stage-struck Librarian."

   5.  Approval of ARTS Minutes, General Membership Meeting, ALA Annual Conference, June 1998

Mary Edsall moved to approve.
Kim Hale seconded.
Minutes approved by membership.

   6.  Committee and Discussion Group Reports

a.  New Orleans Conference Program, 1999 (Judy Harvey Sahak)
"Mardi Gras Unmasked - How It Happens and How It Is Recorded."
This program will provide insights into how set designers, costume designers, and subsequently librarians and archivists preserve this mobile street opera.
Edwin Hampton, Band Director St. Augustine's High School
Blaine Kern - Chairman of the Board, Blaine Kern Artists, Inc.
Wilbur (Bill) Meneray, Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections, Tulane University
Wayne Philips, Curator of Costumes and Textiles
2:00-4:30pm June 26th, Saturday

Re publicity:

-Theatre Library Association is developing a listserv; an announcement can be distributed via this listserv when it is ready.

-Gary Handman suggested UC Berkeley's server with film clips on Mardi Gras on their website.

-Chris Whittington could publicize it on the Popular Culture listserv.

-On a separate note, Preliminary Program applications need to be submitted today.

-Steve Bloom recommended as a tip that future program planners write the description so that it conforms to the theme of the conference, which will give their proposal a better chance of being approved.

b.  Liaison  (Paula Epstein)

-Paula sent out 30 newsletters to various organizations.
-Ann Lindell has linked to several affiliated organizations' websites.
-Paula has passed along to Peter McCracken (ARTS Newsletter Editor) various newsletters and publications from these organizations.
-March 26-31 Vancouver ARLIS/NA Conference
-She has submitted to their listserv information about the ARTS section.
-She has completed a preliminary exchange of membership lists.
-Floyd and Paula can publicize the ALA ARTS Section at the ARLIS/NA conferences
-The issue of co-sponsorship of programs is a future possibility, but would require some coordination.
-So far, there has been an exchange of membership information and links between our websites.

-Jane Gottlieb (MLA) can link to the ARTS website and information about our programs.

-Re the ARTS website, Ann Lindell said she needs to add links to:  CORD (Congress on Research in Dance), Working Women in Film & Video, Association for Architecture School Librarians.

There are already links to: Society of American Archivists, MLA, TLA, ARLIS/NA, etc.

c.  Planning (Kim Fisher)
Henry DuBois, Fred Gardiner, Betty Bryce, Steve Bloom, and someone else joined.

Membership is down 1-2% in ACRL.

ARTS: 1.12% drop in membership - not as bad as other ACRL sections.

We have 871 members - our goal is to reach 1000 members. There is a membership list in ASCII text.

He hopes to have a report in June.

Copyright - Have more info on our website of new ramifications of law.

Newsletter in PDF form.

List of mentors in the section - comes through Judy as a call for volunteers.

Membership of the committee.  Past chairs or senior members of the section.  There is a feeling that there should be a mixture of senior and relatively new members to help in planning.

d.  Technology in the Arts Committee (Sylvia Curtis)

-Sylvia read the names of the speakers on their program.
-Time for program planning TBA; try not to conflict with other
programs including TLA.
-Floyd shared names of possible speakers for the next program on visual

e.  Dance Librarians Committee (Mary Edsall)

-Membership was clarified
-Beth Kerr is the new Chair of the DLDG
-Core Bibliography - a smaller working group will do one final edit. Working group members are: Monica Moseley,
   Nancy Friedland, Mary Edsall,Pat Rader.
-Eric will investigate that ACRL publication funding is still possible.
-The goal is to finish in Fall 1999 so that it can be distributed in 2000.
-Madeline and Mary gave brief report on the Dance Heritage Coalition.  They have a website with links and some
   finding aids on NEH preservation  and access project. They also received a 1/2 million Mellon Foundation grant for
   further development and projects.
-IIPA - Jane Gottlieb and Mary Edsall on advisory board.
-Mary represents DLC at the Dance 2000 consortium - joint conference of all major dance organization (16) in July in
  Wash DC - panel proposal - Nancy Stokes and Paula Murphy
-ARTS section can simply endorse DLC's participation in this conference.
-Dance Lib Committee will be waived the $500 fee.
-The DLC Strategic plan, developed in 1991 or 1992, needs revising.  DLDG will meet 4:30-5:30pm to review and
  revise the mission statement and goals. Beth Kerr will lead the discussion.

f.  Dance Lib Discussion Group (Beth Kerr)

5-year Plan needs to be revised.

DLDG may do a field trip in New Orleans. Arnaud's costume collection - one of the LSU textile curator might be willing to sponsor a field trip

g.  Film & Broadcast Video Discussion Group (Gary Handman)

-At their meeting, they discuss & demo sources for stock footage & news footage.
-They have prepared a webliography of sources.
-Becky has a draft of an article on film archives and stock footage libraries.
-Video Round Table - interesting program happening in New Orleans. The program will address using film as a source of biography & history -David Grubin producer of "President" series, etc.  History as grist for the film mill.

Video Round Table program:  Saturday - not sure of time.

h.  Membership (Judy Harvey Sahak)

Each section chair was given mailing labels of changes in membership since September, which is the beginning of the fiscal year. Judy has a report on membership statistics.

Due to a change in membership policy, instead of renewing 3 free sections when choosing ACRL - you can only choose 2 sections, there have been some dropped membership, as well as some new members.

Nov 1988 - 878 members

Judy will personally write welcome letters to new members and reinstated members.

Steve membership renewals are still cyclical - we should see a gain in December - so we've done well.

-ANSS 8% drop, Women Studies 7% - so we are doing fine.

-1,000 members - still a good goal.  If we reach 1,000 members, this will double our funding.  Increasing our membership is still a cause for concern.

-Having a website and publications will help in terms of recruiting membership.

i.  Publications (Peter McCracken)

April 19th deadline for Spring newsletter - Peter will need things beforehand; delays are problematic.

Peter has a collection of all the newsletters - Peter encourages feedback. He hopes to increase membership by making the newsletter more relevant. The newsletter can highlight the benefits of ARTS membership.  He is open
to all suggestions for improving the newsletter. One suggestion was to make the newsletter more scholarly, but keep in mind this is just a newsletter.

Judy particularly likes the film resources on the web by Gary Handman. Committee reports are informative. We also need more information about the ARTS section members' activities in the "news" section.

Nancy recommended that there be a blank form that people can fill out and submit to share information about new collections or news on individuals. Peter said we have an 8-page newsletter - a blank sheet wouldn't work, but
he will try to put something that solicits membership news in the newsletter. The newsletter is still the main communication for the section, since only 93 people are on the listserv. The Membership thanked Peter for his active solicitations for news content, his diplomatic reminders re deadlines, and his excellent work in editing and publishing the newsletter.

j.  Website (Ann Lindell)

-She needs committee chair information - Floyd & Judy will supply info.

-Link to Gary's media website
(, and various copyright & legislative news, etc.
-Link to ACRL Conference Detroit
-Ann welcomes suggestions re information that should be mounted on
the website.

The Membership thanked Ann Lindell (and the previous work of Christine Whittington) for creating the first ARTS Section website, which helps to disseminate and publicize information about the ARTS Section and its activities.

k.  Publications (Eric Kidwell)
Without a chair, Eric is filling in as acting chair. Eric will investigate funding for the Dance Core Bibliography book.

This project has been in the works - we should either finish or drop the idea.  There is a good draft.  Descriptions of the various committees can be found in the Manual.

ACRL funds 3 sections a year.  We need to reapply for funds to publish the brochure.  ACRL production guidelines require a desktop version.  The logo also needs to be added.

Ann picked up brochures from other Sections.  Ex:  Women Studies Feb 1999. The ARTS Section could distribute brochures at conferences or to appropriate groups (e.g. New Members Round Table).

Are any brochures in color?  Consider making it with color or in such away that there is some color (e.g. colored paper or colored ink).

l.  Government Relations (Stephen Patrick & Mimi Hernandez)
Mimi will identify government sources for funding.

m.  Nominating (Nancy Stokes)

Send candidate statements to the website.  Here is the slate of candidates:

Secretary:  Ann Lindell, Ted Wygant
VC:  Nancy Friedland, Lorelei Tanji

   7.  ALA Business

a.  Upcoming conferences


1999 Philadelphia
2000 San Antonio
2001 Washington DC
2002 New Orleans
2003 Philadelphia
2004 San Diego
2005 TBA
2006 San Antonio

1999 New Orleans
2000 Chicago
2001 San Francisco
2002 Atlanta
2003 Toronto
2004 Orlando
2005 Chicago

b.  "National Turn-off Your Television Week" - April 22-28

Gary Handman & Becky Albitz mentioned this program, which ALA has publically supported, however it is sponsored by TV-Free America (a right-wing group).

It has ramifications to libraries since, a librarian on PUB-L is thinking of not circulating her videotape collection during that week.

It brings up the issues of freedom of choice, critical thinking and making your own decisions about how you spend your time.  ALA should not support this.

Ironically, ALA has partnered with A&E to sponsor a television series to schools: Adventures of Horatio Hornblower.  It will be screened 4 Sundays in a row - one Sunday during this turn-off-your-tv week.

Becky has drafted 2 letters.  The Video Round Table supports ALA's media literacy - intelligent collection and dissemination of media - but supporting a bias against it is not good.

Is ARTS interested in supporting this letter which will go to Ann Symons & in its place support critical viewing posters, etc.?

According to Ann Symons, ALA sponsorship was never approved by ALA Council.  ALA & the Executive Board approved without a vote from Council. Ann suggests that ALA support was inadvertent.

Procedurally if ACRL could agree with us - this would be the best possible outcome.

Re the correct legislative process, Gary suggested that we write a resolution and propose it to ACRL at 2pm

Judy would be happy to take the resolution to the open mike.


Becky & Gary wrote a brief resolution that Judy can bring to the ACRL meeting.


The ACRL Arts Section requests that the ACRL Board forward the following resolution to Council:

The American Library Association has supported a National TV-Turnoff Week, April 22-28, 1999.

Whereas the ACRL Board views this support as directly in conflict with ALA's strong stand for intellectual freedom; and

Whereas the wholesale denigration of visual resources ignores the enormous impact of these media on 20th century life.

We request that ALA withdraw its support for this Program, and instead invest its energies into promoting intelligent choices in selecting and using information in all formats and of all types.

Motion for ACRL ARTS to support the VRT Letter to ALA.  Mary Edsall moved.
Nancy Stokes seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

   8.  Old Business

a.  Logo

-Adopt the logo on the website as the official logo
-It works in different scales and is lively & well-placed.
-Peter needs to see if it works well in black & white for the newsletter. Ann could provide more contrast in gray-scale.
-Try it on the next Spring newsletter.

b. Membership of Planning Committee

Background:  In the past, the Planning Committee has been made of ARTS Section members, who have been active in the section for a fair length of time.  The proposal is to change this practice and to have a mix of new and experienced members.

-Nancy Stokes:  The concept of membership on committees is based on volunteers.  Limiting the membership to senior members eliminates new ideas; treat it like any other committee; Vice-Chair's job to appoint;

-Steve Bloom: A mix of experienced and new members would be best, some experience with processes is useful to retain in the Planning Committee.

-No one excluded from consideration but Vice-Chair would use best judgment for the make-up of this committee; the term is for 2 years.  On any ARTS Section committee, you can serve up to 2 consecutive terms; except the Nominating Committee which is 1-year.  Recommend rotation of terms.

This is just a procedural matter - no need to vote.

Gary Handman & Becky Albitz.  S. Bloom moved, N. Stokes second. Motion passed.

c.  Scheduling ARTS Section meetings - Avoiding time conflicts

This midwinter conference there was a conflict on Sunday afternoon.

-Mary Edsall: DLDG traditionally met Sundays 2-4pm, we discussed an
outside person to lead a discussion. We had to cancel an esteemed speaker,
who was going to address the utilization of archives and documentary films
related to the choreography of Jose Limon.  This would have been of
interest to both DLDG and FBVDG members.  The DLDG meeting was bumped
Sunday afternoon and now is one-hour; this year there was no communication
of programs as has happened in past

-Film & Broadcast Video Discussion Group historically Monday afternoon.

-Judy Harvey-Sahak contacted both Beth Albitz & Gary Handman before
sending in times to ALA; she didn't realize that this was the traditional
time for DLDG members and that this would cause an inconvenience.

-Rather than times being sacrosanct, the real issues is communication.
There was a suggestion to send information to the Chair earlier to help
negotiate scheduling. Schedule combinations of programs early enough.
Autonomy might help the coordination.  On occasion combining DLDG and
FBVDG could be considered for future meetings if there are overlap issues.

-Summer reservation forms - Judy will receive a preliminary schedule that
can be changed.

DRAFT Schedule
-Saturday morning.  All Committees Meeting
-Saturday afternoon.  ARTS Section program - speakers all arranged
-Sunday morning.  ARTS Executive Board & General Membership Meeting
-Sunday afternoon. Technology & Arts program is willing to reschedule Mon
-FBVDG or DLDG either Sun afternoon or Monday afternoon or DLDG Friday

-There was a suggestion to start a committee on scheduling meetings, which
led to a discussion about enhancing communication.  We could establish a
time schedule for committee chairs to notify the Chair in advance of plans
for meetings or programs. The Chair could contact the committee chairs and
negotiations could take place.  We could set the committee chairs'
deadline a month before the ALA program planning deadline.

-Ann Lindell could add to the website a management calendar with deadlines
for publications, scheduling meetings, etc. She could take the ACRL
calendar, and add any ARTS Section-specific dates/deadlines.

Ex: ALA deadlines for scheduling meetings
Oct 2 - Midwinter Conference
Oct 16 - New Orleans Annual

Motion: To have committee chairs send preferred dates/times re meeting andprogram plans to the Chair one month before the deadline, and for the Secretary to put a management calendar on the website.

Nancy Stokes moved & Stephen Bloom seconded.  Motion approved.

   8.  New Business

-ACRL Initiative Fund

-Nancy Stokes requested support for the establishment of a Performing Arts Discussion Group or Theater Librarians Discussion Group within the ARTS Section.

-This discussion group would facilitate schedule conflicts with Theatre Library Association scheduling and provide a forum for overlap interests.

-Nancy will write up a rationale/proposal and bring it to the Annual Conference. It will require 10 signatures from Section members.  It will include a document of purpose.  When the idea for the DLDG was discussed, the proposal went to the Planning Committee, which brought this proposal forward as a motion.

ACTION:  The above process needs to be added to Manual or Bylaws

Miscellaneous comments:
-This discussion group would not be in lieu of TLA's program, since discussion groups cannot sponsor programs.
-Affirmation for this proposal.
-Revised Manual needs to be put up on the website
-Formation of a TLDG or PADG should be discussed within DLDG - incorporate overlap interests in the 5-year plan DLDG is drafting.

-Memorial resolution for Alice Loranth, long-time member of the ARTS Section. Newsletter article of her death. Judy interested in investigating the process or precedents for memorial resolutions, etc. Steve Bloom made a motion for the chair to authorize this; Henry DuBois seconded. Nancy Stokes proposed a scholarship fund; she is willing to investigate this.

Mimi Hernandez - Announced that her old position at U Arizona will be listed soon.

Nancy Stokes - Announced that she has successfully made 1st step, Full Professor.

Judy mentioned the location for the ARTS Section Dutch Treat lunch: Dock Street Brewery

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm


Becky Albitz, Pennsylvania State University Shenango
Paula Epstein, Columbia College
Kim Hale, Columbia College
Paula Murphy, Chicago Historical Society
Nancy Friedland, Columbia University
Mary Edsall, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
Nancy Stokes, University of Akron
Beth Kerr, University of Texas at Austin
Mary N. Hernandez, Washington D.C. Public Library
Stephen Patrick, East Tennessee State University
Debra Shapiro, Internet Scout Project
Christie Stephenson, NYU Libraries
Elizabeth Stewart-Marshall, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Gary Handman, University of California, Berkeley
Steve Bloom, University Southern Maine
Fred Gardner, California Institute of the Arts
Kim Fisher, Pennsylvania State University
Floyd Zula, California State University, Fullerton
Carrie Bartel, Ball State University
Judy Harvey Sahak, Claremont College
Ann Lindell, University of Florida
Peter McCracken, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Eric A. Kidwell, Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL
Sylvia Curtis, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jane Gottlieb (MLA), Juilliard School
Susan Brady (TLA), Yale University
Paul Dumont, Dallas County Community College District
Lorelei Tanji, University of California, Irvine