ALA/ACRL ARTS Section Membership Meeting

Membership/Executive Committee Meeting
Sunday, January 16, 2000,  9:30 a.m.
Radisson Hotel, Alameda Room, San Antonio, TX
Ann Lindell - ARTS Secretary

1.  Introductions

Round-robin introductions.

Special guest:

           Paul E. Dumont - ACRL Board Liaison to the ARTS Section

2. Announcements from the Chair (Floyd Zula)
--ACRL Committee appointment forms need to be filled out and returned.  This is what gets you “officially” on the ALA committee roster.  If committee members or chairs need forms, Lorelei Tanji has them.
--Upcoming national meetings:
--LITA, November 305 in Portland, OR.  “High Tech, High Touch”.  The last
   LITA conference was sold out.
--ACRL Biennial mtg.  March 15-18, 2001, Denver, CO.  Lorelei will be asked by
   ACRL if there is section interest in programming.
--Floyd thanked Becky Albitz and Mary Strowe for agreeing to run for the office of
   ARTS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
--ACRL Strategic Plan: Sections have been asked to respond, adapt, and adopt this

3. Announcements from the Vice-Chair (Lorelei Tanji)

--ACRL Biennial meeting brochures with submission deadlines, etc. are available.
   See Lorelei if interested in these.
--ACRL Sections council:  ACRL will fund section brochures.  We have one in draft.
--Nadine Flores is our NMRT liaison.  She will publicize the section  to new members
--Programming for 2001.  This is the guinea pig year for “tracking of  programs by
   themes”  We get to list our “preferred” date and time for programs and then fit
   meetings around approved times.  Our “standard” meeting times will likely change..
--It will be the ARTS Section’s turn to chair ACRL Sections Council next midwinter.

4. Approval of Minutes, ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans, 1999
There was one correction received before the meeting.   Minutes approved as amended.

5. Committee and Discussion Group Reports

a. Chicago 2000
Floyd Zula reported that the ARTS program in Chicago will be on the topic of visual literacy.  There will be 3 speakers.   There is also a relevant RBMS Preconference: “Beyond Words: Visual Information and Special Collections.  Floyd has been working with Sylvia Curtis who is planning a second program with Technology in the Arts committee. The focus here will be on practitioners (faculty teaching visual literacy, working with students).  Floyd will write something for the newsletter when it is more fleshed out.

b. San Francisco, 2001
Lorelei Tanji  is proposing a joint program with EALS on the Beat Generation.   Speakers will include possibly a Poet, and representatives from dance, music, and the visual arts.  This would be similar to the ARTS/EALS program at the New York conference.   Another idea is to follow the program with a social at City Lights Bookstore. Rick Provine suggested Ken Keasy as a possible speaker. If members have further ideas see Nadine Flores or Lorelei.

c. Dance Librarians Committee
Paula Murphy gave the floor to Nancy Friedland to talk about the progress of the Dance Bibliography.   Last summer a group met to make editorial decisions on the second draft of the bibliography.  The group is nearing the end of the editorial revisions.  Mary Edsall is now at Temple and is going to work on it from there.  ACRL is going to continue to fund,  and would like it  finalized by May 2000.  Beth Kerr will be doing the indexing.    Part of the bibliography will be maintained as a Web site. This is the last renewal for ACRL funding.  May 2000 is the deadline. Jane Gottlieb and Lynn Brooks have agreed to do the external edit.

Eric Kidwell from publications committee needs to know when format editing by his committee fits into the deadline scheme.  Madeline Nichols commented that we need a little management support for this and there needs to be some coordination to meet all the deadlines.

Paula Murphy reported that last summer the Dance Librarians Committee submitted a panel discussion for “Dancing in the Millennium Conference” to be held in Washington DC, July 19-23, 2000.   Out of 500 submissions, the Dance Librarians Committee proposal was  selected.  The program is titled “Marketing Dance to the World Community”.    Nancy Stokes, Mary Edsall, Mary Strowe, and Paula Murphy will be speakers. This will give the ARTS Section a presence in the wider community.

d. Dance Librarians Discussion Group

Paula Murphy reported on program plans for ALA Chicago.  There will be a video focused  “program” during discussion group time in Chicago. .  Paula has asked for dance materials from Chicago Historical Society to be displayed and there will be a possible reception there after program along with a presentation. Topics for the discussion group meeting this summer will  revision of goals and  the 5 year plan.

e. Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group
The Film and Broadcast Studies discussion group meets this afternoon.  There was discussion about creating a web site to be a portal to useful film/broadcast sites.  There could be a link from the Section site.

f. Technology in the Arts
Sylvia Curtis, chair, was unable to attend.  Floyd Zula talked with members at the all-committees meeting.  They are planning a program for Chicago (see Chicago 2000 above.)

g. Liaison Activities
Paula Epstein gave the liaison committee report.
Purpose was originally to find “like” member organizations.  It is difficult to get timely information to publicize things at the Midwinter meeting.  There was no hard copy newsletter to send to organizations this fall. She did publicize ARTS Section Midwinter meetings on ARLIS-L.  Paula stressed that time is essence in liaison with other organizations.    Some organizations such as ARLIS/NA are interested in presenting joint programs.  March 16-22, 2000is this year’s ARLIS/NA conference in Pittsburgh. The Music Library Association would like to be more active in liaison activities.   MLA and Dance Librarians and the Theater Library Association will be holding multidisciplinary programs and interesting tours.   This year’s meeting in Louisville KY.  ARLIS/NA has a new management service.

Paul Dumont is our  liaison with ACRL Board.  He asked for comments on the strategic plan.  Floyd Zula commented that  “visual literacy” could be included as part of the statement on information literacy.  Other comments included a suggesting to include statements about international component.  The statement also needs to be more inclusive of non-academic “research” components of ACRL.

Nadine Flores is the ALA/NMRT Liaison.  She will try to include ARTS info in the NMRT orientation packet this summer.  Another opportunity for publicity is to include information in the library school presentations by NMRT members.

h. Membership
Lorelei Tanji gave the membership report.  Funding is based on membership levels.   We currently have 970 members.  1000 members will double our funding level. Arts Section membership has dropped 3%, which may be due to calendar fluctuations.  Some ACRL sections have suffered from the “free” section limit being cut from 3 to 2.  ARTS section has fared better than some other sections.  Lorelei suggests that active members make personal contacts and that we take advantage of opportunities like NMRT contacts.

i. Newsletter
Floyd Zula reported that Ted Wygant was not able to attend ALA.  Transition during the most recent newsletter made for the delay, and the Web-only version.  Correct title and ISSN, should be incorporated into the Web newsletter.  There was discussion about how to make newsletter construction and editorial easier.   Suggestions included a rotating column by committee chairs, interviews of ARTS Section members.

j. Publications
--Dance Bibliography (see Dance Librarians Committee Report)
--The ARTS Section description in the ACRL general brochure needs

k. Nominating
Becky Albitz and Mary Strowe have been nominated and have agreed to run for the office of Vice-chair/Chair-elect.

l. Planning
Chair of the Planning Committee, Kim Fisher, was recently killed in a car accident.  He was past chair and longtime committed supporter of the Arts Section.  Floyd Zula suggested there be an article written for the  newsletter.   There was an email sent with  information from the Fisher family about memorial contributions.  Madeline Nichols suggested that we pass a resolution honoring Fisher.  Roland Hansen volunteered to draft the resolution and post on ARTS Listserv.

m. Website
Ann Lindell desperately needs committee roster updates!
If committees or discussion groups need things posted, please forward info to Ann.

6.   ALA Business

--Floyd Zula will go to ACRL board meeting and present suggestions from the
   Section on the ACRL strategic plan.
--ALA “Action 2005” brochure was distributed.
--Web-based Continuing Education proposal is very controversial.  It includes
    a skills test for public library administrators.  Is ALA beginning to infringe
    on the library schools? This is just beginning of this particular issue.  We
    need to keep an eye on this.
--Lorelei Tanji attended the leadership board meeting.
--Madeline Nichols reported on ALA Copyright initiatives. There is a  Web Based Copyright
Education Program.  To participate you need to enter your ALA membership number .
Madeline distributed literature from the ALA Washington office and the Office for Information
Technology Policy concerning Copyright Term Extension Act, UCITA (Uniform Computer
Information Transactions Act) and other pending legislation.  There is an ALA initiative “Thank
You Day” to be held during National Library Week.  This is to urge ALA members to thank
elected officials for library funding, etc.  Office for Information Technology Policy is soliciting
responses by January 24 on a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Survey.  Madeline urged
members to take the time to fill this out.    The ALA Web site has a list of legislators.  Using
email it is easy to get in contact and make our views known.

7.  Old Business
a. Update on Annual conference alterations (see  Report from Vice-Chair, above)
b. Brochure (Ann Lindell is working on this.)
c. Dance bibliography (See report Above)
d. Television boycott—Arts Section resolution was instrumental in getting ALA endorsement for “Turn off your TV Week” rescinded.

8. . New Business
a. Performing arts discussion Group
Floyd Zula reports that this group is approved and is a “done deal”.  Nancy Stokes will be the Chair.  There is a meeting time slot for the annual conference in Chicago.  He thinks it is Sunday 8am.

b. Orientation Manual
Judy Harvey-Sahak spoke about the Orientation Manual.  The last revision was 1995.  Judy is working on this to be ready for June, 2000.   It should be posted on the Web.  Judy will send Ann revisions for web version.

c.  Proposals for generating regular newsletter content:  a) committee columns, (b) interview column.

d.  Roland Hansen asked if there was still interest in holding the Annual Conference Membership Meeting at the School of the Art Institute.  This proposal was met with enthusiasm.  Roland will pursue meeting room arrangements for us.

Judy Harvey-Sahak moved for adjournment.  Beth Kerr seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned and members had lunch together at Mi Tierra Bakery and Restaurant.

Lorelei Tanji
Floyd Zula
Judy Harvey Sahak
Paula Murphy
Nancy Friedland
Madeline Nichols
Paula Epstein
Paul Dumont , ACRL Board Liaison
Nadine Flores
Becky Albitz
Stephen Patrick
Roland Hansen
Ann Lindell
Rick Provine
Roberto Ferrari
Eric Kidwell
Beth Kerr
Betty Brice
Chris Whittington
Mary Strowe