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Executive Committee

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Conference Program Planning Committees

Charge: To plan the section's program for each year's annual conference: soliciting ideas, identifying a program topic, contacting potential speakers, determining budget, requesting funding, and publicizing the program.

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Membership and Outreach Committee

Charge: To recruit, orient, survey and welcome new members. To provide reports to the Executive Committee identifying membership trends and needs. To enhance communication and networking among members of similar interests, especially for those not attending the annual conference. To attempt to persuade withdrawing and former section members to re-join.

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Nominating Committee

Charge: To identiify and recommend a slate of candidates for annual secton officer elections, providing the Executive Committee with the completed forms and statements required of candidates and officers.

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Strategic Planning Committee

Charge: To develop short and long-term strategies to address the needs of section members identified by survey and other means.

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Publications and Research Committee

Charge: To coordinate all publications associated with the section and to serve as an advisory unit to the Executive Committee. The Committee shall identify publication needs; stimulate research, writing, and discussion by overseeing the development and production of the ArtsGuides, Discussion Forums, and selected projects.  The committee shall seek opportunities to work collaboratively within ACRL and ALA as well as related organizations providing content both virtually and at conferences.

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Updated: January 2016