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Chapters Council Chair
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Heather Ward
Linda Kopecky
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ACRL President
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ACRL Executive Director
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December 6, 2002


Message from the Chapters Council Chair


edwards photoDear Chapter members,

Greetings to all Chapters! I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as the 2002-2003 chair of ACRL Chapters Council. As chair, I invite you to contact me with your questions and suggestions about ACRL Chapters Council. This group was created to provide chapters with an active forum for the exchange of information among chapters, to promote and share best practices, to support a network for legislative advocacy, and to further the goals of ACRL.

First, I would like to thank Linda Kopecky for her effective leadership as Chair this past year. Linda was instrumental in creating the "Chapters Council & Chapters Affiliates" brochure, an attractive brochure that defines and promotes Chapters Council. One of the challenges we continue to face as an organization is the frequent turnover in membership. This new brochure is being distributed among chapters and within ACRL to make our roles clearer and assist in the transition of new members. Also, I would like to thank and acknowledge Tim Dodge, Debbie Malone, and Larry Rowan for their hard work and efforts as secretary, editor of Chapter Topics, and ACRL Legislative Network Liaison, respectively. Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new leaders, Locke Morrisey (vice-chair) and Heather Ward (secretary).

Our chapters continue to be busy bringing ACRL to the local level through area conferences, newsletters, and other activities. I encourage you to read though the Chapter reports at the end of this newsletter to find out what others are doing and, hopefully, to learn from others' successes. Also, so that we can be a more effective organization, I encourage each Chapter to fully participate in ACRL by sending a representative to our biannual meetings, writing a Chapter update for each issue of our newsletter, Chapter Topics, and submitting your annual report to the ACRL office. Also, please consider taking advantage of various funding opportunities, such as the ACRL Officers Speakers Bureau, grant opportunities, and ACRL's base funding which supports chapters by allocating from its budget $1.00 for each member of ACRL living within the geographic region served.

I hope you can join us for our Midwinter meeting in Philadelphia. It is time now to begin planning for that meeting in January. If you have any ideas or suggestions for topics you would like the group to explore, please contact me. Also, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding any aspect of our ACRL chapters and or Chapters Council. Please contact me at or 574-631-4034.

Sherri Edwards
University of Notre Dame

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   Chapters Council Meeting - Sunday, June 16, 2002

Three Active Chapters Were Highlighted

new england conference photoNew England Chapter

Helen Rodrigues (Johnson & Wales University) described the chapter's well attended conference at the John F. Kennedy Museum in November 2001. Attendees were also able to view a special exhibit on Jackie Kennedy's wardrobe which was coveniently on display at conference time. Helen briefly described the eight very busy special interest groups which the chapter sponsors: Business Libraries, Collection Development, Infomation Technology, Library Instruction, Preservation/Conservation, Serials Librarians, and Women's Studies.

iowa chapter photoIowa Chapter

John Pollitz (Saint Ambrose University) attributed much of the activity of the Iowa Chapter to the involvement of members from some of the larger university libraries. This involvement is also raising the visibility of the chapter within the Iowa Library Association He said that the chapter has a notable presence on the Internet ( where they provide Information Literacy Best Practices, membership and library directories, conference information and seven years' worth of chapter newsletters.

erin stalberg photoDelaware Valley Chapter

Erin Stalberg (St. Joseph's University) reported on the chapter's fiftieth anniversary celebration activities. The chapter held a day and a half pre-conference in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Library Association which was celebrating its 100th anniversary as a state library organization.

The combined events drew a record number of academic librarians. The Delaware Valley group also established a successful mentoring program for Library and Information Science students in the area.

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Highlight Your Chapter at 2003 Midwinter Chapters Council

Sherri Edwards is looking for Chapter leaders who would like to highlight their group's activities at the Council Meeting at ALA Mid-Winter Meeting in Philadelphia. If you are interested in volunteering, please email her at:

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   Deadline for ACRL Awards Nominations - December 6, 2002


The ACRL office would like to remind members that the deadline for all 2003 ACRL award applications, nominations, and submissions is December 6, 2002. These awards recognize and honor the professional contributions and achievements of your ACRL peers. This special recognition by the Association of College and Research Libraries enhances the sense of personal growth and accomplishment of our members, provides our membership with role models, and strengthens the image of our membership in the eyes of employers, leadership, and the academic community as a whole. We ask you to remember the significant achievements of those we've honored in the past and recognize the contributions of your peers with your nominations for the year 2003 awards. For a description of the various awards see

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   Mark your calendar!
ACRL to offer two workshops in Philadelphia

ACRL will offer two workshops in Philadelphia prior to the ALA Midwinter Meeting on Friday, January 24, 2003.

Creating a Continuous Assessment Environment in Academic Libraries

During this full-day session, work through the Standards for College Libraries (2000 edition) using the instrument "Standards and Assessment for Academic Libraries: A Workbook." Learn about the new concepts of the Standards, discover how the individual sections of the Standards are part of overall institution and library planning, and find out how to use performance indicators and outcomes assessment measures to assess the impact of librarians and libraries on student learning.

The workbook provides practical information throughout with checklists, forms, examples, and library assessment tools and techniques. Speakers: Bob Fernekes, Information Services Librarian, Georgia Southern University; Bill Nelson, Professor and Library Director, Augusta State University

Behaviors that Burden the Workplace

Learn how to identify and change behaviors that can undermine the success of your library (and your personal career goals), as measured by the financial and organizational support the library receives within your institution or greater community.

Written exercises and small discussion will help you see the actions of yourself and your colleagues, your library's strategic plan, and the culture of your library with fresh eyes. These behaviors and policies can feel like the right things to the library staff but drive customers crazy and are not necessary for accurate, efficient and effective service. Speaker: Pat Wagner, Pattern Research

Registration will open in October 2002. Watch, or check the
October issue of American Libraries magazine for more information. Questions? Contact 800-545-2433, ext. 2523;

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   ACRL 1 1th National Conference

charlotte logoYou will have a gooooood time at 11th National ACRL Conference to be held April 10 - 13, 2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina!


With all due apologizes to Garrison Keillor, all the presenters, of course, will be good looking and all the presentations above average. Actually, we're sure you will enjoy the city of Charlotte, and everything and everyone will not just be above average but GREAT!!

Three very different keynote speakers will provoke, entertain, and inspire attendees. Different from each other, they will all sound changes on the conference theme, "Learning to Make a Difference."

Paul Duguid, co-author of "The Social Life of Information" (Harvard Business School Press, 2000) became interested in information when he worked at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Corporation with "extraordinary" scientists. Yet, when the computer scientists talked about information, they thought about "bits on a wire"; the social scientists meant people talking. Information is of course what libraries deal with. Thursday's opening keynote speaker will share his ideas on the library's role as a community, and the necessary interrelationship between librarians and their users and between other users.

The former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Bill Ferris, knows the South. Not only is he a native Mississippian, he's the co-editor of the "Encyclopedia of the South", and newly affiliated with the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina. He'll share his views with attendees at Saturday's lunch. A student also of Southern music, he's promised to bring his guitar with him to demonstrate the South's role in blues, country music, and rock and roll.

Belle Wheelan grew up in a time and in a family in which knowledge was power. Her parents reminded her--and she has never forgotten--that other African-Americans lost their lives because they could read. Her reverence for reading carried over to her ten years as a college president, when she presided over a moment of silence when the card catalog was closed.

Formerly the president of Northern Virginia Community College, the second-largest community college in the country, Dr. Wheelan is now the Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Virginia. On Sunday, she'll share her look at the past with her view of challenges for the future.

Check out the links below for more information:

 Social life of Information:

 Center for the Study of the American South: "Dedicated to what makes the South the South," this site allows the viewer to experience their two exhibits

 Belle Wheelan Biography:

Mignon Adams
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

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Poster session presenters sought for the ACRL National Conferenceoster session presenters sought
   Poster session presenters sought for ACRL National Conference

Share your expertise in a national forum! Present a poster session at the ACRL 11th National Conference in Charlotte, April 10-13, 2003.Poster sessions are informal presentations featuring innovative projects or solutions to problems. These presentations provide a forum for developing contacts among librarians interested in similar issues and are an easy way to get involved at the national level. Poster sessions also provide an opportunity to creatively develop your ideas and get name recognition without the stress of peer review.

Applications are available at The deadline for submission is November 4, 2002. Completed applications should be sent to: Lynn Scott (Scottie) Cochrane, Director of Libraries, Denison University, Box L, Granville, OH 43023; Phone: (740) 587?6215; Fax: (740) 587?6285; email:

More information about ACRL's National Conference can be found at Registration will begin in the fall. Questions? Contact 800?545-2433, ext. 2523; email:

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   Earn More Funding For Your Chapter !

If your chapter regularly conducts or is planning to conduct a promotion for ACRL national membership, you can earn additional funding for your chapter. Beginning in the 1999-2000 year, the ACRL Board of Directors approved additional funding in the amount of $10 for each new national member of ACRL in the Chapter's geographic region if the Chapter conducts recruitment activities to promote membership in national ACRL. To be considered for the additional funding, summarize any membership promotion in your Chapter Annual Report and attach any supporting documents, such as samples of letters or flyers from the promotion. For further information, contact the ACRL office at

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   Publicize your Chapter's Events in C&RL News

2002-2003 Chapter Annual Conferences and Events will be published in the November issue of C&RL News. Please send information about your upcoming year to Stephanie Sherrod, ACRL Program Coordinator,, by October 9, 2002 for publication.

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   National Issues Forum Pre-Conferenece

Libraries and Community: Convening and Moderating a Public Issues Forum
Thursday-Friday, January 23-24, 2003, A Pre-Midwinter Institute, 2003 ALA Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia

Internet Content, Education, Immigration, Health Care, International Relations, National Security, Racial and Ethnic Tensions,… these are just a few of the issues on which members of any community may hold different opinions - based on different values. Civil discourse is vital to the health of a democratic society. Libraries - and librarians - are ideally positioned to play a vital role in nourishing civil discourse - within communities, on campuses, in schools and in a broad array of organizations.

A New Way to Talk and Listen in Your Community

ALA will conduct an intensive, two-day workshop to train librarians how deliberative forums can help communities find common ground for addressing complex issues. The workshop will introduce participants to the tools, methods and theory of deliberative forums developed by the National Issues Forums Institute and used in communities across the country. Participants will experience a deliberative forum, discuss how issues are framed for deliberative discourse, and learn how to convene and moderate deliberative forums in their communities. In addition, participants will think together about the role of libraries in building community by promoting and sustaining civil discourse in a contentious world.

Cost: $190. -- including lunch (1/23 and 1/24), refreshment breaks and materials
Registration deadline: January 3, 2003. Registration limited to 40.

For additional information contact: Mary Ghikas ( or Danielle Alderson (
ALA Member Programs & Services 1-800-545-2433 x2518 1-312-280-2518

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The Florida Chapter of ACRL is planning its annual fall workshop in Orlando on Friday, October 18, 2002. The workshop, entitled "New Realities, New Opportunities", will include tips on grant writing, the advantages of joint-use facilities, creative ways to collaborate with teaching faculty, and a look at an innovative information literacy program.

Jack Smith of The Smith Group, a nationally recognized grant writing consultant, will talk about grant writing timesavers and shortcuts he has developed. Kathy Whitley, University of South Florida, will discuss how she teamed up with a chemistry professor to obtain a grant on science literacy. Mem Stahley, University of Central Florida, Brevard Campus, and Mike Hutton, Brevard Community College, will talk about the many challenges associated with joint-use libraries. Melisandre Hiliker and Carlo Levesque, St. Petersburg College, will describe how the library worked in cooperation with academic disciplines to meet the graduation requirements for computer and information literacy instituted at St. Petersburg College.

The fall workshop brochure is available at:

Information about the Chapter is available on the Chapter Web page.

Barbara Barbara Tuck
Reference Librarian UNF Library

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The Academic Library Section, Kentucky Library Association/ACRL Kentucky Chapter will sponsor a presentation by Steven J. Bell (Director of the Gutman Library, Philadelphia University) at the 2002 Kentucky Library Association/Kentucky School Media Association Joint Conference, October 16-19, 2002 at The Galt House, Louisville, KY.

Steven J. Bell's talk is entitled " Get the Professional Juices Flowing@Your Library," and will address ways for renewing your passion for academic librarianship. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, October 17, 2002.

Looking ahead to 2003, the location and dates have been selected for the Academic Library Section/ACRL Kentucky Chapter's Joint Spring Conference. The conference will be held at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin, KY
on April 2-4, 2003.

Kathleen C. Bryson
Transylvania University Library

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The Louisiana Chapter of ACRL is especially proud of its efforts to increase membership. We are now at an all time high of 221 members. Our very effective Academic Institution Liaison Program has been the key. Each academic institution has an identified ACRL-LA Liaison who serves with the chair of the Membership Committee. These liaisons make contacts with faculty and staff at each institution to promote membership and remind National Members that they are automatically members of the state chapter. Any new hires are automatically targeted for the spiel about the benefits of both chapter and national memberships. The chapter's membership form is online which makes it easy for members to renew. This form can be found at

louisiana chapter members photoLouisiana chapter members enjoy a break from conference sessions. "Laissez les bons temps roulez!"

This year's ACRL-LA Fall Conference, to be held on the campus of Northwestern State University in historic Natchitoches, Louisiana will take place October 28 and 29, 2002. The conference theme, Realize the Possibilities: Continuous Improvement in Your Library, will give participants a chance to share their exciting new developments in practical applications of academic librarianship. For the keynote address, Sara Laughlin of Sara Laughlin and Associates will speak on Continuous Improvement in Libraries. As always, our fall conference should prove to be an excellent learning experience for our members.

Laverne Simoneaux
Southeastern Louisiana University Louisiana
President, Louisiana Chapter of ACRL

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The Maryland Chapter of ACRL, the Academic and Research Libraries Division of the Maryland Library Association, will be offering two very timely programs this fall.

Our first program will discuss the impact of the USA Patriot Act on libraries. Scott Eltringham, an attorney with the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property section of the Justice Department, will speak from the federal government's perspective. Lee Strickland of the University of Maryland and Steve LaBash of the University of Baltimore will provide insights and reaction from the academic perspective. Participants will be able to discuss the implication of the act for libraries with feedback from the speakers. The program is co-sponsored with the Library Management and Government Information divisions of the Maryland Library Association and will be held September 25, 2002 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the main branch of the Frederick
County Public Library.

Later in the fall we have planned a back-to-basics reference program titled, "@ Your National Library: Tips and Tours at the Library of Congress." Library of Congress librarian, Thomas Mann, will do a presention based on his recent book, "The Oxford Guide to Library Research". Following the talk, attendees will take special, behind-the-scenes tours of our national library. The program will be held November 8, 2002 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Library of Congress. For more information on our programs, please visit the ARLD website at

Chris Black, ARLD Vice President
Towson University

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The Academic and Research Libraries Division (ARLD) of the Michigan Library Association had another productive year in 2001-2002. More than 90 librarians attended our annual spring program, Academic Librarians' Day. This year's program was entitled "Speaking with Style: Presentation Skills for Librarians". Our keynote speakers were Phil Fox, PhD., Wayne Sate University, Dept. of Theater and Alumni Relations (retired) on "Speaking as Performance" and Deborah Armstrong, Wayne State University, Office of Teaching and Learning on "Communicating Content". Attendees were able to select two of the following three afternoon breakout sessions: Elaine Didier, Oakland University, MLA President, on "Presentation Skills for Leadership", Deborah Armstrong on "Effective use of Technology for Public Speaking", and La Ventra Ellis-Danquah, Wayne State University, Shiffman Medical Library on "Toastmasters: Communication Skills for Career Success".

The electronic journal proposed by ARLD, the Information Literacy Round Table, and the Electronic Publishing Committee last year has been approved by the MLA Executive Board and has now published it second issue. The title of the new journal, The MLA Forum ( reflects its new scope. It has become a publication meant to serve all members of the Michigan library community.

Our other major activity for the year was the development of programs for the Annual Michigan Library Association Conference. For 2001 conference ARLD sponsored or cosponsored six programs on a wide range of topics such as the changing role of librarians, marketing research service to students, and partnering with K-12 community.

The annual conference of the Michigan Library Association will be held October 30 - November 1, 2002 in Grand Rapids, MI. The chapter is offering nine (9) sessions for attendees. These include:

Effective Resume Writing. Presented by Janet Nichols and Lothar Spang, Wayne State University.

Effective Interviewing Skills. Presented by Kristene Ferry, University of Michigan, and JaniceCook-Johnson, Kellogg Community College.

It's Better than Flipping Burgers: Strategies for Hiring, Training, and Retaining Student Employees. Presented by Kathy M. Irwin, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Joan Price, Wayne State University and Amy Wiles, Michigan State University.

Well, You Built it. Did They Come? (a review of student-centered library construction or renovation projects) Presented by Mike D. Miller, University of Michigan Media Union, Julia K. Nims, Eastern Michigan University, Jim Ratliff, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and Lynn Sutton, Wayne State University.

The Value of Friend$ of the Library. Presented by Elizabeth A. Fields, University of Illinois at Chicago-College of Medicine, Patrice Merritt, Friends of the Detroit Public Library, and Bettina Meyer, Western Michigan University

Comparing Reference Services at Mid-Sized Academic Libraries. Presented by Elizabeth Bucciarelli and Julia K. Nims, Eastern Michigan University.

The Value of Academic Libraries. Academic Librarians Luncheon keynote address by Dr. William Sederburg, President, Ferris State University.

Branding: Your Library's Best Hidden Asset. Presented by William J. Schroer, WJ Schroer Company with reaction comments from Nancy Galster and Ellen Marks, Wayne State University.

Electrifying Content: E-Reserves and Beyond. (co-sponsored with the Library Technologies Division of MLA). Presented by Tomalee Doan, University of Michigan and Bradd Burningham, Wayne State University.

Content information for these sessions can be found at:

This year the chapter is initiating an education special interest group (SIG), the first for the Association, to address requests coming from education librarians and professionals to collaborate and communicate.

Tom Volkening, Michigan State University,
Marty Stillwell, Kellogg Community College,

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The Spring Meeting held at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska, on Friday, May 31, 2002. The theme of the day was "Transistions: Making the Leap". The keynote address was "Thrive and Survive: The Change Constant." Sessions included the following:

  • E-gads: E-Journal Nirvana, Are We Having Fun Yet?
  • Making the Leap: From Single Database to Cross Database Searching
  • Proactive Instruction: The Instruction Librarian in an Electronic Age
  • Invisible to Visible: Strategic Promotion and Your Library
  • Plagiarism: Detection or Prevention
  • EX Proxy: A Remote Access Solution
  • Bemused, Bothered and Bewildered: The Changing Copyright Environment
  • Electronic Journals - A Dream Come True of Your Worst Nightmare?
  • Beyond mailto: Towards a model of Self-Managing E-Mail Help Systems
  • Taking the Time to Make a Good Product Better: Customizing SilverPlatter ERL Techonology

Highlights from the business meeting included acknowledging Chris LeBeau for the work she contributed over the years to the College and Universities Section and the naming of a new webmaster, Jennifer Campbell. Additionally, Dave Tyler presented the ACRL Report, Sally Payne spoke about NLA membership, and the candidates for the upcoming election were announced.

The 2002 Research Grant was awarded to Paul Hoffman and Judellen Thornton-Jaringe. Their topic is titled: "Tailoring an Aggregator Website to Meet the Needs of Teacher Education Faculty."

The C&U Section is now accepting nominations for the Distinguished Service Award. More information regarding this award can be found on the C&U website at

The NLA/NEMA Fall Conference will be held on October 23-25, 2002 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The C&U section will be sponosoring three programs. Conference program and registration information can be located at:

For more information about the C&U Section of the Nebraska Library Association, please visit

Robin Bernstein
Library Director
Bellevue University

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New England

Happy 30th anniversary! ACRL/NEC was founded in 1972; a history of the chapter is at our web site ( celebrate our thirty years of programming, networking and camaraderie the chapter has been offering membership renewals at a special rate: $30 for 5 years (or any fraction thereof).

Summer has been and gone, bringing with it a variety of events and activities - including preparing for the fall.

On Friday, May 17, 2002, at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, ASIG sponsored a conference entitled: "Copyright Law", with Arlene Bielefield, MLS, JD. Arlene is an author of many books on the topic of copyright. She was both engaging and knowledgeable as she spoke to a group of nearly 100 participants. Those who attended felt their time was well spent, and they left with a much greater understanding of copyright law and how it applies practically to library services.

On Monday, May 20, 2002, nineteen librarians from Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire traveled to the Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England, in Portland, to visit the Maine Women Writers Collection. (

The Women's Studies Interest Group (WSIG) held a short business meeting, in which outgoing co-chair Sarah Mitchell gave a report listing all of the programs offered by WSIG in its 10-year history. She and co-chair Chris Smith (who will stay on for one more year in a transitional position) asked for volunteers to carry on. We are pleased to announce that Beth Lindsay, Literature, Languages and Women¹s Studies Librarian at UMass Dartmouth will serve as co-chair.

The program began with a talk by Dorothy M. Healy Endowed Professor of Literature and Health, Jennifer Tuttle. Her presentation was entitled " Doing Archival Research on Women and Health in the Maine Women Writers Collection."

Tuttle has been doing research in 19th and early 20th century literature on how women used notions of health and illness in their writings, and how they used medical theories to negotiate other aspects of their lives, such as social issues. She addressed the Maine Women Writers Collection, and how scholars can use it. In creating a course, Tuttle worked very closely with Curator Cally Gurley and other library staff. She shared copies of the syllabus, which included a bibliography of MWWC items related to women and health and a schedule of class sessions held in the library or the MWWC reading room.

Cally Gurley's presentation was entitled " Information Adventures in Women's Studies, Women's History, and Women's Literature." She offered handouts on the collection. Activities of the MWWC include in-depth reference services; talks and presentations, biennial conferences (such as the upcoming June conference on The Complex Web of Women's Friendships), donor relations, acquisitions (through dealers or the creators of the materials), cataloging, archival processing, storage, equipment and climate control oversight, and outreach.

The MWWC has initiated a project to enhance existing catalog records for the collections. These enhancements include LC class numbers, and the addition of LC subject headings and genre terms. They also added a 610 field with the corporate name Maine Women Writers Collection and the name and code UNE, allowing for a separate collation of the collection (which can be searched in Maine InfoNet, the statewide library catalog)

She also demonstrated the MWWC home page and the results of the Women and the American Experience class (

Following the program, WSIG members toured the facilities of the Maine Women Writers Collection.

Our newest SIG, LOCI (Librarians on Online Course Information), meets on September 24, with a presentation by Betty Cohen, Head of the Social Work Library at Boston College. She has developed a collaborative model in which the faculty and librarians worked together to provide access to course-related materials and library resources using WebCT sites for all classes offered through the Graduate School of Social Work. Betty discusses strategies for implementing this model, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. Models for incorporating electronic reserves into WebCT are also topics for discussion.

Sarah G. Wenzel

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New Jersey

NJ ACRL Vice-President, Julie Still, attends Presidential Economic Conference

Julie Still, Reference Librarian and Vice-President Elect of the New Jersey ACRL Chapter, was invited to attend The Presidential Economic Forum at Waco, Texas, on August 13, 2002. Julie, who is active in an investment club, was asked to participate at the forum to represent the questions and concerns of the small investors across the United States. Julie was selected after attending a town-meeting of small investors with Secretary of Commerce Robert Evans that was held earlier this summer in Philadelphia.

Julie participated in the session that dealt with corporate responsibility. Other participants in this session included the CEO of Pfizer and the CEO of American Express. Julie's remarks about excessive executive compensation and legal culpability were picked up by the AP newswire and run on C-Span and the Lou Dobbs Money Line. Secretary of Commerce Evans also singled out Julie for special mention on the Today Show the morning of the forum.

NJ ACRL and Fairleigh Dickinson to Co-Sponsor Research Forum

Attention futurists and visionaries: Fairleigh Dickinson University Libraries, New Jersey Association of College and Research Libraries and NJ Library Association College are sponsoring a symposium on the future of academic libraries scheduled for November 22, 2002. There is a call for papers to be presented - or discussed - at this symposium that address the following topic: Faced with the complex of uncertainties triggered by technological, cognitive, and social change, what form might - or should - emerge for the academic "library" a decade into the future?

Originality and insight that challenge conventional thinking and informs future decision-making in the library-information world, as well as scenarios of future realities that must be addressed, are encouraged. Prizes totaling $2500 will be awarded; selected papers may be published as an edited collection. Papers will be judged by a panel using a double-blind review process.

For more information contact either Dr. James Marcum, University Librarian, Fairleigh Dickinson University, or Vibiana Bowman, President, NJ ACRL,

Vibiana Bowman
Rutgers University

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Eastern New York

Our Program Committee, led this year by Michael McLane (Central New York Library Resources Council), is planning another informative program for the fall conference, building on the ACRL National theme, "New Realities, New Relationships."

The conference will be held on October 18, 2002 at Syracuse University in conjunction with the Syracuse University School of Information Study's 21st Century Librarian Award luncheon; Lisa Moeckel is the local arrangements chair. The morning will include a program on the NY State Higher Education Initiative, including a panel discussion with Loretta Ebert from RPI, Carey Hatch from SUNY and Mary-Alice Lynch from NYLINK.The luncheon program speakers will be the award winners, plus a reactor and other remarks.

Our preconference dinner on October 17th will have a guest speaker from ACRL National.

Suzy Szasz Palmer, Michael McLane, and I were all able to represent our chapter at the ACRL Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Atlanta this past June. For more information please check the ENY/ACRL web site at:

Kristin L. Strohmeyer
Reference Librarian/Coordinator of Instructional Services

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Greater Metropolitan New York

This has been a busy and productive year for ACRL/NY. Our annual Symposium took place last December 7 in the New York Public Library's Celeste Bartos Forum. The theme was directly related to the topic of the previous Symposium on information literacy, and it was entitled " Learning Outcomes Assessment: A Step Forward". There is no doubt that this conference was a a huge success, drawing a record number of 300 attendees. Among the speakers were Oswald Ratteray, Assistant Director for Constituent Services at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education who provided introductory remarks. Since the Middle States Commission is revising Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, its standards for accreditation and, in the process, linking these standards to information literacy, student learning and assessment, it was particularly appropriate that Mr. Ratteray introduce the day's proceedings.

The first keynote speaker was Trudy W. Banta, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement, and Professor of Higher Education at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis who is considered a leading authority on assessing quality in higher education. The other keynote speaker was Thomas G. Kirk, Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services at the Lilly Library, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. Professor Kirk originally served on the ACRL Task Force on Academic Library Outcomes Assessment and was also well qualified to address this topic.

In the afternoon, the panelists included Hannelore Rader, University Librarian and Dean at the Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville in Kentucky who also served as panel moderator; Carla List, a member of the Instruction Services Unit at SUNY Plattsburgh, New York; Carole Ann Fabian, Applied Arts Librarian at the Architecture and Planning Library at SUNY Buffalo, New York and Kyzyl Fenno-Smith, Information Services Librarian at the Newman Library, Baruch College in New York City. Hannelore Rader is renowned for her work in the field of information literacy including working with the Committee that updated the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Carla List, in addition to teaching and coordinating a required course in information literacy, has served as Chair of the Task Force on the Revision of the Model Statement of Objectives for the Instruction section of ACRL. Carole Ann Fabian has been involved in forming partnerships with faculty and administration across the disciplines in the teaching of information literacy and Kyzyl Fenno-Smith has been active in faculty development and information competency programs.

For the first time, the Symposium had its own web page ( thanks to the efforts of a talented member of the Symposium Planning Committee. In addition to providing basic information about the Symposium the web site included, as a followup, a number of the speakers' PowerPoint presentations as well.

Moreover, as part of its policy of networking with other library organizations, ACRL/NY co-sponsored two other library events. The first was the Spring Reception of the New York Technical Services Librarians, which was held in the Trustees Room of the New York Public Library. We also co-sponsored, along with several other library organizations, a program organized by the Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC) entitled "Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources" which took place on April 5 at the New York Institute of Technology's DeSeversky Center.

At least two of the ACRL/NY Discussion Groups have been actively involved in the past year. The Education/Curriculum Materials Center Group met twice at the Milbank Memorial Library at Teachers College, Columbia University. Last October, the Group continued to focus on information literacy (the topic of a previous discussion) with an emphasis on the impact of educational technology. In the afternoon there was a demonstration of KDCDL Online (Kraus Curriculum Development Library) by a company representative. In the Spring, the Group hosted a presentation by Dr. Sheila Gersh, Division Director, Center for School Development as well as Director, Global Education Telecommunications Network Project, the School of Education, City College, New York City. Dr. Gersh spoke on using the Internet to create web-based lessons as well as addressing other information literacy issues. The Group also discussed the draft of ACRL's Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers.

In addition, the Information Literacy Discussion Group (formerly know as Bibliographic Instruction) met twice this year. The first meeting was held at the Henry Birnbaum Library at Pace University in downtown Manhattan and the discussion primarily focused on assessing information literacy. The follow-up meeting was held at the New York School of Interior Design on East 70th Street in Manhattan. Martha Cooney, Director of the Center for Business Research at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, brought materials she had developed working with a member of the finance department faculty in order to include an information literacy component as part of a course on international finance. Susan Glickman and Sarah Higgins, both of Pace University, also gave a presentation they used for information literacy classes at Pace and, finally, Linda Poston of Nyack College discussed programs at her college that deal with information literacy.

Through the efforts of the Symposium Planning Committee, ACRL/NY has also been busy planning for its upcoming Symposium which is scheduled to be held on November 15 at Baruch College in New York City. The title is "What's In a Name? Defining Our Profession" and deals with such issues as the status of the profession including faculty status for librarians, along with the related topics of peer review, evaluation and promotion. Also up for discussion is the impact of technology on the profession. Speakers include Janet Swan Hill, Associate Director, Technical Services, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado; Mary Reichel, University Librarian, Appalachian State University, North Carolina; Ray Metz, Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor for Organizational Development, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, Michigan and Jim Neal, Vice-President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University, New York City. More information about the 2002 Symposium will appear on the current symposium web site at

In addition, ACRL/NY Executive Board members have been busy revising the Chapter bylaws to more fully reflect our incorporated status. Also, we have been revising our web page and the same person who designed the Symposium Web Page for 2001 and 2002 has designed a new logo for us as well.

Harriet Hagenbruch
Hofstra University

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The College & University Libraries Division of the Texas Library Association, which also serves as the Texas Chapter of ACRL, is planning to sponsor or cosponsor several programs of interest to academic librarians at the 2003 TLA conference next April in Houston. We have invited Joseph Janes of the School of Information at the University of Washington to speak on virtual reference. In addition, our community/junior college discussion group is planning panel discussions on library/faculty collaboration for information literacy and on web-based evaluation for library instruction. The chapter will also cosponsor a program on TexShare in conjunction with the Texas State Library. TexShare is a statewide consortium of Texas academic and public libraries, funded by the Texas Telecommunications Infrastructure (TIF) Fund. As members of this consortium, member libraries receive a number of benefits, including access to many databases

Martha Tarlton
President, Texas Chapter of ACRL

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The annual WAAL (Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians) Conference, "Spring Getaway", was held at the Heidel House in Green Lake, Wisconsin on April 17 - 19, 2002. Approximately 213 participants from around the state participated in dozens of presentations including a keynote speech by Diane Nester Kresh on Question Point, a program dealing with ACRL/WAAL Literacy Immersion Program, sessions promoting diversity in academic libraries, as well as a presentation on university library policies regarding internet use for community users, digitized collections.

In order to encourage more students to pursue a library career, scholarships were offered for undergraduate student assistants interested in a library career and also for support staff working in libraries to help defray costs to attend the annual WAAL Conference.

Details of the conference can be viewed at:

Several WAAL members are participants in the upcoming Wisconsin Book Festival which provides public programs about books, writing, and reading for people of all ages and encourages the use of the resources provided by libraries.

"Libraries...A Basic Freedom" , the 2002 WLA Annual Conference (October 29 - November 1, 2002), will be held in the Madison area. A number of programs will be co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians. The President's luncheon theme is " Copyright and its role in culture and democracy". Dr. Siva Vaidhyanathan, professor at the UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies and presenter at last summer's ALA program, will talk about how Napster, Gnutella and other distributed information systems challenge ideas on copyright.

We have put up the conference site for the annual Spring academic librarians conference which is called "Connect in the City: Librarians, Students, and Faculty" scheduled to meet in Milwaukee , April 2-4, 2003. We are very excited to have John Berry, President of the American Library Association scheduled to speak at the Thursday plenary session.

Please check out our webpage for more information about statewide activities as well as our informative newsletters.

Ewa Barczyk
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Libraries

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