ACRL Chapters Council Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting – Seattle, WA
Sunday, January 21, 2007, 8:00 – 11:00
Westin Seattle Hotel, Cascade Ballroom 1

Call to Order and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:37 a.m. by Nora Quinlan, Chapters Council Chair. Chair Quinlan introduced the council officers who were present: Kathy Parsons (Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect), Mark Emmons (Past Chair), Kevin Merriman (Secretary), Linda Kopecky (List Administrator). Also, mentioned but absent was Doreen Kopycinski (Editor, Chapter Topics).

Approval of Minutes from ALA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, 2006

Approval of minutes was postponed and they have not yet been posted to the website. The website to date has the draft of the 2006 Midwinter Meeting Minutes.

Representative to Legislative Network Presented

Larry Romans (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN) presented as representative to Legislative Network. He explained his functions pertaining to the Legnet mailing list and distributed handouts.

ACRL Legislative Advocate Handout Presentation

Lee Hisle (former ACRL President) explained his role in the  ACRL Legislative Advocates Program, the duties of which are outlined on their webpage. He emphasized that the goal of the program was to have at least one Advocate per congressional district, but that having at least one per state would be beneficial.

State Library Associations

As ACRL Chapters Council President, Quinlan is an Ex-officio member of the ALA Chapters Council. She reported on their meeting the day before, including discussion of a Bookmobile Parade in Washington, D.C. This government advocacy and awareness project will bus participants to Capital Hill to meet representatives in session. They will present displays about libraries and library services and discuss funding and other legal advocacy issues regarding libraries. A former Chair of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court will present.

ACRL Advocacy

Cheryl Middleton (Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR) distributed the ACRL Advocacy Handout. She spoke of an upcoming workshop at the ACRL National Conference, the cost of which was included in the registration for the conference. Barb Jenkins (University of Oregon, Eugene, OR) spoke of the ACRL Advocacy program in greater detail: the program offers grants of up to $500 to bring the Campus Advocacy Program the State Level in the Fiscal Year spanning September 2007 through August 2008. She encouraged planners to try to get a non-librarian from the area to participate. Instruction and content material will be available  on the ACRL website.

Quinlan reminded that Council that a Chapter must have non-profit status to receive such monies from the ACRL.

ACRL President Elect Candidate – Scott Walter

Scott Walter (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL) introduced himself and announced the annual Candidates Luncheon. He explained changes in the forum, specifically addressing limited access to the actual live Forum. This year, questions and answers will be recorded and podcasted. Further, written answers will subsequently be blogged and available  online. He then entertained questions.

Question: When webcasting to a group, was it possible to get a group rate?
Answer: If elected, Walter will explore the option of group rates. Discussion revealed that this is not generally considered an ethics problem. Kopecky has on file an email from ARCL endorsing groups sitting in on a webcast with only single registration.

Question: How do we get more people involved in the  Environmental Scan?
Answer: timing the request to participate to correspond with slower periods at the library, keeping the scan short, and limiting the complexity of the scan

Question: Comment on the Membership Survey
Answer: The response rate was respectable

Question: What was the number of applicants for the  Emerging Leaders Program?
Answer: (from Pam Snelson, President, ACRL) about 100 applicants… mentioned that the program may be able to expand to smaller groups in other locations

Question: (Christine Turner from New England Chapter) asked about the third-party email opt out problem. This was explicated to mean that if an ACRL member selects nationally not to receive emails from outside the organization, that since the state Chapters are separate corporations, the state mailings cannot go out via the national list or listserv.
Answer: (per Quinlan) Mary Ellen Davis (Executive Director, ACRL) will be addressing this issue later in the same meeting.

Address from Pam Snelson, President, ACRL

Snelson emphasized the extent of the email opt-out problem by recounting that she almost missed a trip to China because of emails being blocked because of her opt-out settings. She asserted that she will continue to work on the issue so that policy changes will let State Chapter Announcements through if members so desire.

Reporting on Leadership Council, Snelson explained that an examination of the structure of ACRL as implementation of its current strategic plan was led to proposed structural changes. She then requested feedback on the recommended changes, including:

  1. More flexible interest groups that could be created and disbanded as needed
  2. Streamline the governing structure by converting bylaws to policies and procedures
  3. Change ACRL leadership and recruitment nomination committee structure (the vote for which would be in Spring 2008) so that those members are elected rather than appointed by the President.

Snelson then emphasized that the committee responsible really wanted broad feedback on the recommendations.

Address from Megan Griffin, ACRL Program Coordinator

Griffin reminded the Council Members that Chapter Annual Reports were due soon (she would check the date and encouraged everyone to do the same). She mentioned that the form is online and one should ensure that Chapter activities were in line with the ACRL Strategic Plan.

Griffin asked that Chapter Representatives check documentation of their respective corporation’s tax status, as ACRL itself is a 501.3 C. This classification is necessary for Chapters to receive funding from ACRL, which can even then only reimburse expenses that are charitable or educational. She asked that we note that equipment expenses cannot be reimbursed by ACRL. To date, 20 chapters had sent in confirmation of their status… she will issue reminders to the remaining Chapters.

Address from Julie Todaro (President Elect, ACRL)

Todaro outlined her intentions for her presidency, including a focus on leadership – remote leadership via the Emerging Leaders program and state ACRL agencies. She also mentioned a desire to focus on recruitment and retention issues, both in the profession as a whole, and in ACRL membership, with an intention to gather data on new members.

Address from Mary Ellen Davis (Executive Director, ACRL)

Davis talked about a new job center; mentioned that the Candidates Interview from the Luncheon would be podcast; that the author interviews from the conference would also be podcast; that Stephanie was working on web development; and that C&RL News had an opening for a new editor. She also endorsed attending the ACRL National Conference in March 2007 and made a call for volunteers. She then entertained questions:

Question: Was it acceptable for groups to sit in on web seminars if only one person was technically registered to attend?
Answer: "That’s great!" The software is designed for a single attendee but in groups comfortable sharing a single login, this is a practice acceptable to ACRL

Question: What is the status on the opt-out email scenario?
Answer: Chapters are separate legal entities so national ACRL cannot share membership email lists with state Chapters as this would violate their anti-spam commitment to those who opt-out from having their email address shared.

Call for Chapter Council Nominations for Next Year

The call for nominations for ACRL Member at Large and ACRL Chapters Council Board was issued. Names could be submitted by email.

Mary Reichel (Appalachian State University, Boone, NC), Chair of the ACRL Annual Conference Committee Call for Volunteers for Annual Conference

As the organizer of the Annual Conference in Baltimore, Reichel put out a call for volunteers to assist at the conference March 29 – April 1, 2007. The theme is Sailing into the Future – Charting our Destiny.

Old Business

There was no old business


  1. The dine-around, the previous night was a success
  2. The Public Services Coordinator offered her services to the Chapters


Quinlan adjourned at 11:00a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Kevin W. Merriman
Secretary, ACRL Chapters Council