ACRL Chapters Council Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting – San Antonio
Sunday, January 22, 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Westin Hotel
38 Attendees

Call to Order and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m. by Mark Emmons, Chapters Council Chair. Chair Emmons introduced chapter officers who were present: Nora Quinlan, (Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect), Vibiana Bowman (Immediate Past Chair), Frances Kaufmann (Secretary) and Linda Kopecky (Listserv Administrator).

Approval of Minutes from ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago 2005

Kaufmann noted that she made some minor changes to the draft minutes and sent that version to the Chapters Council listserv for comments. She then incorporated suggested corrections. There being no additional changes recommended at the meeting, the minutes were approved. The approved minutes will be sent to Megan Bielefeld to post on the Chapters Council Web page.

Introduction and remarks form ACRL Administrators

Emmons introduced Kara Malenfant, a new staff member in ACRL Office. She is the scholarly communications and government relations specialist and coordinates ACRL’s government relations advocacy, scholarly communication activities, and ACRL environmental scanning effort. One of her projects is to establish a network to communicate important information about legislative actions that affect academic libraries and librarians. ACRL would like each Chapter to have a legislative representative. ACRL is working on ways to engage this network when crucial issues arise.

Emmons also introduced Megan Bielefeld, Program Coordinator from the ACRL office. She noted that all Chapter Officers must be members of ACRL National. She also spoke about the ACRL Speakers’ Bureau. Current officers and administrators of ACRL are available to speak on ACRL related topics at conferences held by ACRL Chapters. There are six openings available to book speakers.

Welcome Brochures

Emmons called attention to the welcome brochures for new Chapter officers. The brochure contains a list of Chapters Council officers, explains the purpose, goals and mission of Chapters Council, duties of members and where to find information. The ACRL Chapters Council Orientation Manual was also distributed. Full orientation for new Chapter officers will be held during Annual.

Introduction and Remarks from ACRL at Large Candidates

Emmons introduced Carl Bengston, Dean of Library Services, California State University; Debbie Malone, Library Director, DeSales University; Marianne Rough, Professor/Librarian-Collection Development, Prince George’s Community College and Mary Carr, Dean of Instructional Services/Director, Spokane Community College. They spoke about their qualifications for office and what goals they would pursue if elected.

Introduction and Remarks from Candidates for ACRL President-Elect

The Chair introduced candidates Cynthia Steinhoff, Library Director for Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, MD and Julie Todaro, Dean of Library Services of the Austin Community College in Austin, TX. They spoke about their backgrounds, their views and what their goals and focus would be if elected.

Introduction, Remarks and Updates from ACRL National Officers

Camila Alire, ACRL President announced that the COO (Committee on Organization) within Council is working on adding two division representative members to BARC, the Budget Committee of ALA Council. A proposal is going to COO on Monday and then will be sent to ALA Council for a vote. The ACRL Presidential Task Force on Grassroots Advocacy and the ACRL University Libraries Section are cosponsoring an advocacy program at the 2006 ALA Annual Conference. The Power of Personal Persuasion: Advancing the Academic Library Agenda from the Frontlines will be held on Saturday, June 24 from 8:00 – Noon. Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: Science & Practice will be the featured speaker. Maureen Sullivan will also be a speaker. An advocacy toolkit will be created and will be available to all ACRL members. A sister library project was launched this year. The focus right now is on Mexican libraries because there is an established relationship with the professional library association in Mexico. Arrangements are being finalized with the sixth library. Alire has been visiting Chapters. She is very impressed by the outstanding programming and sophisticated topics offered by the Chapters. She is also doing speaking engagements and visiting library schools, having already visited the University Illinois. She will be doing a joint visit to the University of Maryland and Catholic University MLS programs and also to San Jose State in February. This is a good opportunity to represent academic libraries to students and have them think about becoming academic librarians. The Presidential program at ALA Annual will be a debate on information literacy (is info lit a waste of time or not). Teaching faculty and librarians will speak both for and against. The audience will have time to share opinions. They are anticipating a very provocative program. Alire looks forward to working with Chapters Council and Chapters for the next 6 months. ALA Strategic Plan – The Executive Board met all day in a planning session on Thursday to discuss the new strategic plan. Information on the status of the planning will be available on ACRL Leads and to Chapters. There was a question from the floor about requirements for sister libraries. If any U.S. libraries are interested or have relationships with libraries in other countries, they should get in touch with Alire. The program is open to any library anywhere in the world. The intention is for libraries worldwide to help each other.

Pam Snelson, ACRL President-Elect stated that the focus for her presidential year will be the importance of libraries to learning in higher education. She is serving on the President’s Program Committee. They will be surveying chief academic officers on campus to find out what makes them value libraries. The research will be conducted during spring 2006 and will influence future programming. Snelson has visited the Tennessee Chapter and will be visiting the New Jersey Chapter in the spring.

ACRL Council of Liaisons - Julie Todaro, Chair of the ACRL Council of Liaisons gave an overview of its mission and goals. She distributed copies of information from the council’s website She encouraged people to apply to be a liaison. They will be choosing three members for 2006-2007. The Council supports liaisons’ attendance at target professional organization conferences and programs. For example, there are liaisons to the American Association of Community Colleges and the Council of Independent Colleges. She also asked that anyone who has existing relationships with target organizations notify her. She will add the information to the Council’s website. One of the major accomplishments of the Council is having a position paper passed on the importance of libraries.

Old Business

Communication preferences - When an ALA member sets communication preferences, they may opt out of receiving communications from outside organizations. Because chapters are considered outside organizations, many members unknowingly opt out of receiving communications from Chapters when they choose not to receive communications from outside organizations (which includes vendors as well as Chapters). Consequently, many members never hear from their state’s chapters. At the Chapters Council meeting during ALA annual in Chicago, a request was made to ask for clarification from ALA at a higher level and to find out if Chapters could be taken out of the outside organization category. Emmons announced that the decision from ALA at a higher level was that this cannot be changed because of legal relationships and liability. About 20 -30 percent of members opt out of communication from outside. There was discussion about whether Chapters Council should pursue this further. The consensus was that we should not. A suggestion from the floor was made that this situation be clarified at every Chapters Council meeting and that chapters inform their members.

Environmental scan - There was very little time to respond when feedback was requested during annual, but six chapters did respond. Chapters now have until May 15 to comment. Emmons encouraged Chapters to respond. The environmental scan will be done every other year and will inform priorities and subsequently the strategic plan.

ACRL Logo – Megan Bielefeld announced that ACRL has a template for the new logo and that they will create a logo for every chapter. She will email each chapter’s logo to them. It can be used on banners and publications. There was a question from the floor about whether the old logo and old banners could still be used. They cannot. The new logo and new banners must be used. Chapters can use money from their ACRL budget to purchase a new banner.

New Business

Budget and Finances – Nancy George, New England Chapter President raised the question of spending the Chapter allocation. The current policy is from 1996-1997 and stipulates that the money be spent for printing and postage. Because most chapters now communicate by email, they no longer use most of their allocation for printing and postage. She requested clarification about how the allocation could be used. Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL Executive Director recommended that Chapters Council submit an Action Form to the ACRL Board of Directors by 9 a.m. Monday. After discussion from the floor, a motion was made by Bill Nelson, Georgia Representative that two action forms be submitted, one to clarify how Chapter allocations could be spent and a second one to request a lump sum allocation of the maximum allowed instead of the current policy requiring original receipts. Nancy George seconded and the motion was carried. Chair Emmons volunteered to submit the action forms by the deadline.

Web Server Space – Mary Ellen Davis announced that ACRL has web server space for Chapters to use. Your chapter must be a 501 C3 organization (charitable and education) to use the space free of charge. If your organization is 501 C6 (association) there would be a charge at market value rates. Chapters interested in server space must submit an official letter to Davis stating tax status. Davis recommended that one or two chapters may want to pilot using the web server space.

Survey Help – Nancy George, New England Chapter asked about assistance from ALA or ACRL with surveys. Emmons will contact Megan Bielefeld to find out if assistance is available and will add this to the agenda for the meeting at Annual.

University Libraries Section Proposal – The ACRL Board approved a proposal for the Advocacy initiative that will provide for financing an Advocacy Toolkit. In addition,

$7000 will be allocated for grants of $500 to14 Chapters for 2007-2008. The grants are to be used to replicate national Advocacy programming at the local level through the Chapters.

Chapters Council Announcements

Jon Hufford encouraged councilors to attend the Chapters Council sponsored ACRL Candidates Forum immediately after the Chapters Council meeting with Luncheon sponsored by EBSCO.

Nominations for Officers for Chapters Council – Vice-Chair, Chair –Elect Quinlan announced that nominations for Vice- Chair, Chair –Elect and for Secretary are being accepted. Nominate someone from your board or nominate yourself. Send names to Nora Quinlan at Chair Emmons explained that election is by paper ballot at the Chapters Council meeting at ALA annual. The Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect and Secretary are elected. The Legislative Representative, Listserv Manager and Newsletter Editor are appointed.

Quinlan reminded the group that the dine-around for councilors was scheduled for Sunday evening at 6 p.m. She invited all to attend.

Linda Kopecky, Chapters Council Listserv Administrator circulated the listserv roster for updating. There must be at least one person from each chapter on the listserv. Official communications and announcements from ACRL are communicated via the listserv. She encouraged councilors to use the list for announcements from their local chapters and discussions among members.

Chapter Topics – Chair Emmons spoke for Editor Doreen Kopycinski. Please submit news about your Chapter’s activities including pictures to her at . Chapter Topics is published twice a year and can be accessed from the Chapters Council Web Page

Vibiana Bowman announced that she is the representative to the ACRL Membership Advisory Committee. She will be soliciting input from members about what should be password protected and what should be open content on the ACRL Web Site.

ACRL National Conference

Mary Reichel ACRL Past President and National Conference Chair announced that the Conference would be held in Baltimore from March 29 – April 2, 2007. The theme is Sailing into the Future: Charting Our Destiny. The call for participation was distributed. The proposal deadline for papers, panels, and workshops is May 10, 2006. The deadline for poster session proposals will be fall 2006. She stated that registration pays for some conference expenses but that fundraising is also very important. Nora Quinlan asked about appropriate roles for Chapters at National. Reichel replied that Chapters could submit proposals for papers, panels and workshops.

Deborah Robinson, Maryland Chapter suggested that Chapters might want to jointly sponsor informal receptions to publicize their local chapter activities to attendees and to recruit members. Reichel suggested contacting Winston Tabb,, Chair of local arrangements and Margot Sutton Conahan at ACRL,

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Frances G. Kaufmann, Secretary
ACRL Chapters Council