ACRL Chapters Council Minutes

Midwinter 2001—Washington, DC
January 14, 2001

Welcome and Introduction of Chapters Council Officers, Evelyn Minick, Chair

Evelyn Minick, Chapters Council Chair, welcomed attendees and introduced the CC Vice Chair/Chair Elect Linda Kopecky, Secretary Sherri Edwards, Newsletter Editor Heather Ward, and Legislative Network Coordinator Chair, Pat Walker. Evelyn gave a brief explanation of the role of Chapters Council and how it relates to ACRL. She also introduced ACRL board members Barbara Jenkins and Lois Cherepon. She noted that the ACRL Presidential Candidates Forum and luncheon, sponsored by Chapters Council, would be held on Sunday from Noon to 2:00 pm. Thanks to SIRSI for our morning refreshments and to EBSCO for sponsoring the Presidential Candidates Forum and Luncheon.

Minutes from the 2000 Chapters Council Meeting held during the ALA Annual conference in Chicago were approved. Secretary Edwards asked attendees to sign the attendance sheets that were being circulated.

2001 Chapters Council Elections Update & Chapters Council Brochure, Linda Kopecky, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Linda is currently seeking nominations for candidates to stand for election to the positions of secretary, a one year commitment starting July 2001, and vice-chair/chair elect, a three year commitment starting July 2001. She also needs two or three volunteers to serve on the CC nominating committee through June 2001. Members of the nominating committee assist in identifying candidates for CC officers and ACRL Director at Large, collect biographical information, and assist in running the election in June. Linda is also accepting nominations for two ACRL Director-at-Large candidates to run on the ACRL Spring 2002 ballot. This is a four year commitment and involves a substantial time commitment at both ALA Annual (20-22 + hours) and Midwinter meetings (11-13+ hours) plus a commitment to working between meetings.

The latest draft of the Chapters Council brochure is on the table. Comments or suggestions should be sent to Linda or Melissa Cast, Member Services, as soon as possible. Thanks to ACRL office and Melissa Cast for helping with the design and layout for the brochure.

Updates from ACRL Officers and Staff

Evelyn introduced the following ACRL officers and staff:

Melissa Cast, Director, ACRL Member Services

Cast reported the following:

1. The ACRL 10th National Conference, “Crossing the Divide” will be held in Denver, Colorado from March 15-18th. A raffle is being held at the ACRL membership table for free hotel registration.
2. The deadline to apply for Speakers Bureau funding is June 1st. Details can be found on the ACRL web site.
3. The second annual “Job Shadow Day” is February 2, 2001. This event partners junior high and high school age students with library mentors for an up-close look at library careers. The goal is to introduce students to the library profession and help them understand what librarians do. If your library has plans to participate, please let Melissa know.
4. ACRL is planning a mentoring program for new members. Melissa encouraged us to consider becoming mentors.
5. ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards is now in its 4th printing and has been endorsed by several higher education organizations.
6. Local chapters are encouraged to check the link from ACRL to their chapter web site to make sure it is active. If the link is not active, please contact Melissa.
7. The office of Member Services is responsible for maintaining the Chapters Council roster. Chapters should report any changes in their officer lists and/or Chapter Council representatives to Melissa.

Evelyn encouraged chapters to consider making it a three year term when electing its Chapter Council representative in order to allow for greater continuity, which, in turn, will allow Chapters Council to be a more productive and active organization.

Betsy Wilson, ACRL President

ACRL President Betsy Wilson visited two chapters during the past year (Washington and Metro New York). Her President’s theme for the year 2000-2001 is “Community and Collaboration.” She encouraged people to attend the ACRL President’s Discussion Forum, “Building Communities @ Your Library,” a discussion on the importance and implementation of collaborative efforts in today’s constantly changing technological world, to be held on Monday from 9:30 to 11:00 am. Also, College & Research Libraries News will feature a “Community and Collaboration “ series each month during her presidential year, where different writers will share stories of successful collaborations.

President Wilson promoted participation at the up-coming ACRL conference in Denver and also the 2003 conference in Charlotte, NC. Larry Hardesty, ACRL Past President, will be chairing the program committee for the ACRL conference in 2003.

Every three years ACRL surveys its members. This year the form was sent out electronically for the first time, with over 4000 of 8000 surveys returned. Members continue to place the highest value in professional development, continuing education and programming.

50 scholarships will be given to support attendance at ACRL. Also, two library students from every library school in the country will be invited to attend ACRL and meet with ACRL leadership.

Mary Reichel, ACRL Vice President/President Elect

Mary Reichel, ACRL vice-president/president elect announced that the theme for her presidential year (2001-2002) will be: “ACRL: The Learning Community for Excellence in Academic Libraries.” Her priorities during the next year will be valuing members, encouraging continuous learning; promoting diversity and strengthening recruitment; promoting information literacy and the scholarly community; influencing higher education and governmental groups; and strategic planning and envisioning the future.

Helen Spalding and Elaine Didier, Candidates for Vice President/President Elect

Helen Spalding has been an active member of ACRL for over 15 years and is currently ACRL Division Councilor and member of the Board of Directors. She is associate director of Libraries at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Elaine Didier has been Dean of the University Library at Oakland University since 1999. She has been an active member of ACRL and is the current chair of the University Libraries Section and current secretary of the ACRL Sections Council.

Larry Hardesty, ACRL Past President

Larry will be chairing the program committee for the ACRL 11th National Conference, to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2003.

Chapters Council Newsletter and Web Site, Heather Ward, Chapter Topics Editor

Heather reported that she has not been receiving reports from all chapters. She asked us to notify the person(s) responsible for submitting news items and encourage them to send in reports. Chapter Topics is looking for a new editor. Please contact Heather or Evelyn for additional information or if interested in assuming this role. Chapter Topics will eventually have an ALA address and link.

The next deadline for Chapter Topics is April 21st.

Incorporation Update, Melissa Cast

Melissa was pleased to report that almost all chapters are either incorporated or in the process of becoming incorporated. Barbara Jenkins applauded the chapters for their efforts to become incorporated. In order to resolve concerns about liability for ACRL, it is essential that chapters incorporate or be affiliated with an organization that is incorporated. A question was raised about income tax and liability insurance. It was pointed out that being incorporated is not the same as being tax exempt. The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) can provide assistance about insurance. For information about various insurance programs, please see their web site at

Legislative Update and discussion

Legislative advocacy continues to be an important goal of ACRL Chapters Council. Under the leadership of Pat Walker, ACRL Legislative Network Coordinator, Chapters Council operates a very effective legislative network, consisting of representatives from every chapter. Pat reminded the chapters to keep her informed of the name of each person designated as representative. She also encouraged us to send representatives to National Library Legislative Day in Washington DC on April 30 & May 1, 2001. Finally, Pat encouraged chapters to subscribe to ALAWON, the electronic newsletter, which covers details of budget resolutions, negotiations, appropriations hearings, and other details

Taking advantage of the fact that Midwinter was held in Washington, two people from the ALA Washington office, Lynne Bradley, Director of Government Relations and Carol Ashworth, UCITA Grassroots Coordinator, were invited to our meeting to update us on the status of various issues effecting academic libraries.

Carol Ashworth updated us on the latest status of UCITA, the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act. UCITA is a proposed state contract law designed to standardize the law regarding the licensing of software and all other forms of digital information. At this point, it has only passed in Maryland and Virginia, but UCITA may be introduced in as many as 20 states in 2001. Although the word “library” appears no where in UCITA, it will have far reaching implications for libraries and anyone using software or any kind of digital information.

A coalition has been formed to oppose UCITA. AFFECT, Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions, is a national coalition of industry leaders, libraries, and consumer organizations dedicated to educating the public and policy makers about the dangers of UCITA. There are currently over 60 members of AFFECT.

Because UCITA is extremely complex and is rapidly moving to state legislative bodies, the ALA Washington office is making education about UCITA a priority over the next months. The Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) has developed an online UCITA tutorial at

For more information about UCITA, go to,or see the following handouts distributed at the meeting:

Basic Facts about UCITA
UCITA State Legislative Update

If we become aware that UCITA is being proposed or considered in our state legislature, please let ALA’s Washington Office know by contacting Carol at 1-800-941-8478 or at

Lynne Bradley highlighted some of the major legislative issues facing academic libraries. One major issue deals with database protection legislation. Two database protection bills, H.R. 354 and H.R. 1858, introduced in 1999, continue to be the subject of considerable debate in Congress. Another issue is reauthorization. The Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) will be ready for re-authorization in the year 2002. In the past, academic libraries have received LSTA funding primarily through leadership and training grants. Other issues include Internet filtering; the proposal to close the NTIS; and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) and its exemptions for distance learning.

Carol stressed the important role that local chapters can play in getting the word out about these and other issues.

The following handouts were distributed:

ACRL Legislative Agenda 2000-2001
Fact Sheet-LSTA Reauthorization
How to Use the ALA Washington Office

SAC/Accreditation, Larry Hardesty

Larry has been leading the ACRL efforts to influence the proposed SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation guidelines, which barely mention libraries. Accrediting agencies, such as SACS, review their guidelines every seven years and some are considering dropping libraries from the criteria guidelines, grouping them with Learning Resource Centers. Some are eliminating the need for librarians to serve on the accreditation team. SACS has been holding regional meetings to discuss the guidelines, as is the Middle States Association, with North Central to hold hearings in the next 12-18 months. Larry stressed the importance of librarians working with accrediting bodies to strengthen and sustain the quality and significance of academic libraries at universities.

Review of Chapter Web Sites

Merrill Stein and Susan Ottignon, from Villanova University, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the results of their review of the ACRL chapter web sites. 22 out of 42 chapters currently have active web sites. They highlighted the various features of the web sites and featured some best practices. For additional information, see the Handout on “Review of Chapter Web Sites” distributed at the meeting.

The next meeting will be Sunday, June 17th, 8:30 –11:00 at Annual Conference in San Francisco.

Reported by Sherri Edwards
Secretary, Chapters Council