Chapters Council Meeting

ALA Annual Meeting 2004 - Orlando
Sunday, June 27, 2004 – 8:30-11:00a.m. Crowne Plaza Universal Room, Salon C

Welcome & Introductions

Chapter Council Chair Locke Morrisey welcomed Chapters Council representatives to the meeting (approximately 30 were in attendance) and introduced the Chapters Council Officers.

2004 Chapters Council Elections

Vibiana Bowman, Vice-Chair, coordinated the elections. Running unopposed, Wendy Starkweather from the Nevada Chapter won a second term by acclimation. Three candidates stood for election to Chapters Council Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Mark Emmons, from New Mexico Chapter; Helena Rodrigues and Dawn Thistle both from the New England Chapter. Mark Emmons was elected to the post.


The minutes of the Midwinter Meeting were approved as distributed.

Chapter Topics Newsletter

Debbie Malone, Editor of the newsletter noted that she was working to upgrade the newsletter to PDF format. Members were reminded that they must submit chapter reports to the newsletter and to send pictures of their chapter’s activities.

Greetings and Updates from ACRL Officers and Staff

The Chair asked Councilors to review and update the mail list and the main roster he distributed.

ACRL Board Member-elect: Lynne King introduced herself to the Councilors and encouraged input to her.

ACRL Vice President- Elect: Camila Alire spoke about her desire to have the division reflect diversity and a good cross section of representation from all over the country. She is encouraging members to volunteer for committees and encouraged Councilors to assist in this effort. She reported on planning for the 2005 national conference in Minneapolis and encouraged attendance. There were over 200 proposals for papers submitted, 155 panel session proposals, 36 proposals for workshops. In each category the number far exceeded the submissions for the prior conference. To date there are 146 exhibitor booths and $131,000 has already been raised which she hopes will lead to more scholarships. Keynoters will be William J. Mitchell from MIT; Sylvia Hurtado from the University of Michigan and Keynoters at the "Women of Mystery" Luncheon will be Liane Hansen, Caroline Garcia-Aguilera, J.A. Jance and Valerie Wilson Wesley. The Conference Reception will be at the Mineapolis Museum of Arts. There will also be tours of the twin cities and area libraries and a trip to the Mall of America. Alire also noted that since there were so many submitted papers, an effort was being made to redirect those not selected to other print publication venues.

ACRL Program Coordinator: Megan Bielefeld urged Councilors to double check emails list because in some cases emails were being received from different email addresses for the same person. She noted that reimbursement requests and Chapter Annual Reports need to be sent in by August 15. She is preparing the list for chapter’s conferences and asked Councilors to send her the dates for their respective conferences as soon as possible and to notify her if ACRL ribbons and promotional material is desired. She also noted that an official representative/officer from each chapter is required to come to annual meetings.

ACRL-Vice President/President-Elect: Frances Maloy reported for President Tyrone Cannon who could not be in attendance due to a family emergency. She encouraged member focus on the Division’s strategic plan. The plan was adopted at the Executive Board meeting on Saturday. Maloy stated that there had been good opportunities for member input and that planners appreciated the ideas they received and had incorporated suggestions from many groups. She spoke in general of the plan’s principle elements including the core purpose (leading librarians and libraries in advancing learning and scholarship) and values (visionary leadership that is receptive to change, commitment to member service, integrity and transparency, diversity, continuous learning, and dedication to values of higher education, intellectual freedom and the Library Bill of Rights). She also spoke about the Big Audacious Goal (the need to be seen as indispensable in advancing learning and scholarship). This goal in particular has generated lots of interest from campuses because of its recognition of the importance of being connected to campus decision-making. Maloy also listed the main strategic areas of the plan (Higher education and research, the Profession, Leadership, and the Association) and she briefly identified the goals and objectives in each area. She then fielded questions from the Councilors about the plan. In response to questions she spoke of some of the mega issues like the issue of open access to ACRL publications and the influence open access could have on membership and the division’s financial support. There are plans to fold some of these mega issues into the strategic plan. She encouraged councilors to share their thoughts with her by emailing her at or to post ideas to the chapter listserv to elicit further dialogue. Councilors requested that the Executive Board send prompts/emails to council members about questions the board members might have with respect to these issues. Councilors in turn would forward these questions to members for their responses.

ACRL Executive Director: Mary Ellen Davis continued the discussion of open access and the need to get ALA journals out as electronic access and noted that it was a topic of interest and importance to all division presidents and further noted that there may even be a motion on the issue made at the Tuesday Board meeting. She also told Councilors that there is a motion on the table regarding the dues structure. It hasn't changed since 1991 and the dues don't come close to covering costs. There has been a steady downward trend of revenue and there is a critical need to better align fees with actual benefits. The board is looking at flat rates or tying the rate to salaries. Discussion followed and highlighted the following: there is now a $600,000 gap for ACRL between income and expenses; councilors expressed concern about professional dues in general, e.g. total number of division dues, state dues, that professionals have to pay for; one must join ALA in order to get to ACRL; tiered dues structure and its advantages and disadvantages; is there a privacy issue associated with a dues structure tied to salaries (the majority of the councilors in attendance did not think there was); most Councilors come from chapters/associations that have a graduated dues structure; there should be a student category. Davis asked for a straw vote re options on dues structure and the result was 50/50 for tiered flat rate or salary based. Maloy also mentioned the issue of virtual committee membership and how to conduct the business of the association.

Additional updates: the division is supporting and "Effective Practices Clearinghouse" and members are encouraged to submit input so others are aware; there is a new recruitment video and DVD - Councilors asked to see it at midwinter; the @ your Library campaign continues and an award will be given at the Minneapolis conference for ways the theme has been used - 1st place award is for $2000; there is a new CLIP notes publication on marketing; professional development focus is on e-learning - share information with staff who can’t always attend conferences; ACRL and ALA want to work together for online ads; Focus on the Future Task Force - think about how to keep up the process – the task force still wants input re issues and councilors should try to get information from local members; CHOICE is launching the successor to "Books for College Libraries" which was getting prohibitively expensive and time delayed to public in print. The new product will be called "Resources for College Libraries" and will be an online product. Councilors were encouraged to send names of people who might be good contributors to it.


Bowman expressed her thanks to SIRSI for the breakfast and encouraged councilors to stop by their booth. Starkweather requested that the emailed agenda contain a reminder note that a continental breakfast will be available prior to the meeting. Bowman also reminded the group about the "Dine-around" dinner on Sunday evening at the Cafe Gauguin at 5:30. Davis noted that all ACRL Executive Board meetings are open except for Executive Sessions on such things as personnel issues. Tuesday's meeting will be on the open access question.

Brainstorming session on council meeting content

Morrisey lead a discussion session on the topic that included the following suggestions: content didn’t need to be reports of reports – the reports from the officers could be distributed electronically before the meeting reports from officers then only the most recent updates would need to be mentioned at the meeting; it was agree that it's very important to get and share input from members and important to be on the listserv; support was expressed for the need to provide a brief overview e.g. 15 minutes, for all members and especially new members, of what chapters council actually is and what it's for; need to have expectations for Chapters Council from ACRL as well as from members up to ACRL and meetings could address those expectations – such an arrangement would help Chapters Council serve as the nexus of real information sharing and we could be more influential; we need to refine our purpose or mission and establish outcomes expectations for each meeting; Davis clarified that the purpose of speaker's bureau is to talk about ACRL and its issues and that the officers were not experts on the topics that may be the theme of the conference and couldn’t be expected to speak to the topic; there was agreement that we still needed to have officers attend the meeting since it was important to meet and talk with them and agreement that it was important to share information about chapter activities, that Chapters Topics is a very good vehicle to get info out re chapters and that draft minutes of Chapters Council meetings should be posted promptly on the website. It was also agreed that it was important to address the question of how best to involve state members in the whole process.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy Starkweather
Chapters Council Secretary
Nevada Chapter Council Representative