ACRL Chapters Council Meeting

ALA Annual Meeting – Washington, D.C.
Sunday, June 24, 2007, 8:00 – 11:40
Hilton Washington Hotel Military Room

Call to Order and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by Nora Quinlan, Chapters Council Chair. Chair Quinlan introduced the council officers who were present: Kathy Parsons (Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect), Mark Emmons (Past Chair), Kevin Merriman (Secretary), Linda Kopecky (List Administrator). Also, mentioned but absent was Doreen Kopycinski (Editor, Chapter Topics).

Overview of Chapters Council

Quinlan, after introduction of the Board Members, reviewed the relationship of the State Chapters to National ACRL (which she compared to the “Mothership”) and the role of the Chapters Council to the Chapters.  She further, provided the analogy of the State Library Associations paralleling as “Chapters” of ALA but maintain direct legal and organizational affiliation whereas the ACRL Chapters are all incorporated as legal entities, separate from each other and from National ACRL. Among the roles and functions of the Chapters were:

  • Exchange of ideas
  • Promotion of ACRL locally and nationally
  • Orientating new members to the structures and relationships of the State Chapters and of National ACRL
  • ACRL Chapter membership and participation will help with promotion by demonstration professional development activity
  • ACRL Chapters provides an excellent networking forum to meet like-minded librarians (not necessarily a career building network, but that is possible as well)
  • ACRL Chapters can lead to progression to involvement with National ACRL
  • Chapters Council currently has a member at large on the National ACRL board
  • Call for questions:

Q. Please summarize “what Chapters Council is”
A. The two primary functions are to disperse information from National ACRL to the states and to groom members to move up into ACRL National 
Q. ACRL national offers promotional materials for the state chapters; how would one obtain those materials?
A. email Megan Griffin, ACRL Program Coordinator

Formal Business Meeting Convened

Quinlan called the group to order again at 8:30 to begin the business meeting.


Attendees introduced themselves and their affiliation. See the attached Attendance Roster.

Chapter Topics

Quinlan reminded the attendees of the resources available in the Chapter Topics including information about chapter dues, scholarships, and revitalization of the organizations.

Environmental Scan

Merriman proposed an environmental scan of only the Chapters to discover the statistics and differences of indicators such as overall health of the Chapter (vibrant, flagging, or revitalizing), the various organizational structures, comparison of programming, whether there are state Chapter scholarships offered, whether there are dues, frequency of conferences, themes of conferences, etc.  Emmons mentioned that there was such a survey in the past, but that some time has passed since then. No action item resulted.

Approval of Minutes from ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, 2007

Merriman read the minute as had been previously posted to the ACRL website for review. Dana Boden (University of Nebraska) moved to approve.  Gloria Creed-Dikeogu (Ottawa University, KS)  seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Member at Large

Chapters Council is eligible to present two candidates for a seat as Member-at-Large for the National ACRL Executive Board.  Mark Emmons (University of New Mexico) and Linda Kopecky (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) are this year’s candidates.  Each spoke briefly.

Emmons – emphasized education and advocacy; a desire to implement EDSS; and mentioned being Past President of Chapters Council
Kopecky – mentioned being current listserv administrator, past chair of Chapters Council, and being the Illinois representative with 20 years experience with ACRL

Chapters Council

Parsons explained that there were structural changes in the works and that the opportunity for presenting two Member-at-Large candidates may change in the future. Davis expanded this to explain that the May 2007 nominees were for the 2008 election.

Kara Malenfant, ACRL Scholarly Communications and Government Relations Specialist

Malenfant introduced herself and her role as the ACRL Scholarly Communications and Government Relations Specialist in working with the ACRL Legislative Network and the recently created ACRL Legislative Advocates.  She appealed to the Council to visit their members of Congress while in D.C. and reminded the attendees that each chapter did have a Legislative Liaison, a position appointed by each Chapter’s President.  She further called attention to the special functions of Library Day on the Hill including the bus departure’s time and place.  Larry Romans has retired from the Legislative Network and will need to be replaced.
Malenfant also mentioned that she will be following up on CHAPTERLEADS list with a message on who the current chapter legislative coordinators are so that each chapter president can review the appointment.

Address from Pam Snelson, President, ACRL

Snelson opened her remarks by mentioning that she had two days remaining in her term as President and apologized that Julie Todaro, the incoming President, had a conflicting appointment and could not attend.  She highlighted her tenure by saying that she particularly enjoyed lecturing at the Chapter events and reminded attendees that the Board had funding to come to six different Chapter Events and that only three were thus scheduled for the upcoming year.

Addressing the changes in ACRL By-Laws, Snelson explained that these were primarily umbrella policies for interest groups and affording the Board the right to change dues (within a pre-defined limit) without a general vote.  She then entertained questions.

Question: Why change the dues process?   How long does it take to pass a change in dues?
Answer: The Board has to campaign and explain changes in dues prior to a vote.  This is a time-consuming process could better be served by focusing on other issues.

Question: Is there / will there be a cap on increases?
Answer: C.P.I. (consumer price index) per year limit

Question: What percent increase could be expected?
Answer: It would depend on the C.P.I.

Question: Did the programs during your presidential year go well?
Answer: Snelson is “very happy” with the programs

Address from Mary Ellen Davis (Executive Director, ACRL)

Davis was asked about recruitment to membership.  She indicated that ACRL Sections were looking for new members and that perhaps sections could work with ACRL Chapters to identify individuals most likely to be interested in the content area of the section.  Local people in an ACRL section might attend the local Chapters Conferences. Davis discussed how ACRL features "Join and Save" with its conference registrations to encourage nonmembers to belong and register at the member fee.  Registration rates are set so that it can be less expensive to join ACRL and register for the conference as a member than to register for the conference as a nonmember. 

She talked about the possibility of identifying these ACRL Chapter members who are non-ACRL members for targeted attention.  National ACRL does offer incentives to the Chapters for efforts to recruit members to the National. Beginning in the 1999-2000 fiscal year additional funding in the amount of $10 for each new national member of ACRL in the chapter's geographic region (as indicated by the new member's preferred ALA mailing address) who joined in the previous fiscal year will be awarded to the chapter if it conducted ACRL membership recruitment activities and summarized them in its annual report. In addition Chapters are eligible to apply for action plan funding to support recruitment efforts to the national organization. Action plans are due July 15 each year.

Campus Outreach and Advocacy Initiative - Address from Barbara Jenkins (University of Oregon), ULS Section

Jenkins cited an article in the May issue of College and Research Libraries, “Attitudes of Presidents and Provosts on the University Library” (May 2007.  68:3, p. 213).  This article mentions that administrators do not consider the library “the heart of the campus” but instead focus on teaching faculty.  With this lead, she introduced a ULS Section trial initiative which awards local chapters funds for local advocacy programs.  Thus, the committee had few applicants for the reserved funds.  In an attempt to facilitate the program, they even have an online toolkit which contains model programs. The committee continues to accept applications and will offer a rolling deadline.  Preference will be given to applications received by September 15, 2007, but they will continue to review applications until the funds are fully expended.

Chapter Council Elections

The elections for the new President-Elect and Secretary were held.  Two candidates were running for President-Elect, Kevin Merriman (McNeese State University) and Christine Turner (University of Massachusetts Amherst). Only one candidate was present: Merriman.  He spoke briefly.  Running for Secretary were Gloria F. Creed-Dikeogu (Ottawa University, KS) and Judith S. Pinnolis (Brandeis University).  Both candidates were present and spoke.  The election was anonymous written ballot. 

During a short recess, the votes were counted and Merriman was announced the new President-Elect.  Judith Pinnolis is the new Secretary.

ACRL Listserv

Kopecky emphasized the need to keep the listserv accurate.  As not all member choose to be on the email list, sometime the few people who are listed serve as the only contact points for the dissemination of information.  ALA recently changed over there liserv server and this shouldn’t affect current subscribers, but new subscribers must go through the new system. 

We were reminded that ALA does have space to host Chapter websites, but that a Chapter must be a non-profit entity to utilize the service.


Quinlan adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin W. Merriman

Secretary, ACRL Chapters Council