Minutes of Chapters Council

ALA Annual Conference – New Orleans
Sunday, June 25, 2006
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Hilton New Orleans Riverside – Jasperwood

Orientation for new Chapter Liaisons

Mark began the orientation at 8:12AM  (20 in room)
Mark distributed “Welcome to ACRL Chapters Council” tri-fold and ACRL Chapters Council Orientation Manual.  Intros of officers and ACRL staff in room (Megan, Kara).
Mentioned Chapters are separate organizations and separate from ACRL – incorporated on their own.

Communication via Chapter Topics newsletter and ACRLCHPTR@ala.org listserv.
- Mission and Goals
- Initiatives
- Membership
- Funding

Current hot topic.  ACRL funds Chapters with $1 for every ACRL member in their Chapter (even if they are not a member at the local level).  Funding gets caught up by incorporation type.  501c(6) orgs can not receive funds (newly discovered) because ACRL is a 501 c(3) and it could endanger their non-profit status/protection.  Supplemental funds $10 per new ACRL member in your area IF you can document a membership campaign or formal recruitment effort by the Chapter.

Chapters Council meetings include ACRL officer and staff visits, so a great opportunity to speak with those at the top of ACRL.

ACRL logo can be received from Megan.

Qs.  Midwinter, Nancy George had asked about using national Server space for Chapter communications (WIKIs, newsletter).    Survey software had also been asked about – some problems because not all Chapter members also belong to National.

Locke reminded group that ACRL Chapter elected Chair/Vice-Chair must be national ACRL members.  (Confirmed by Megan.)

Annual Meeting

8:30 – 11:00 AM


I. Call to Order (Mark Emmons) 

24 in room

II. Introductions of Chapters Council Officers and Members (Mark Emmons)

Introductions of officers and guest were made.

III. Reading and Approval of Minutes from Midwinter 2006 (Fran Kaufmann)

Fran had emailed draft minutes of Midwinter.
Mark shared Camila’s request, under Intro and Remarks from National – will substitute formal title.
Bill Nelson has a few typos.
Moved and approved with changes.  (9:09am)

IV. University Libraries Section proposal – status (Barb Jenkins & Sandy Yee)

Barb Jenkins from University Libraries Section.  ACRL is looking for strategic  areas to make things happen in the profession.  ULS created a campus advocacy proposal – how staff can influence campus dynamics to influence change.  Presentation yesterday on powers of persuasion, and there is a toolkit to put theory into practice – Julie Todaro headed.   Will be sent to every ACRL member  (free but requiring separate pre-registration) 3-hours, with focus on how library staff can influence library dynamics.

Roles of various campus units in collaboration, networking with faculty, non librarian, lib director, and librarian as speakers/leaders.  ULS asked for money for Chapters to be able to take the Campus Advocacy workshop (7,000) to the local chapter.

Up to $500 FOR UP TO 14 Chapters to get funding.  Tools for use, 2d toolkit with pragmatic approaches to building spheres of influence.  Money for speakers (nonlibrarian) to push our boundaries.

Q:  timeline for applications from Chapters for workshop monies.  BJ:  not yet determined.  Hopes application info should be soon – will have some sort of deadline for Fiscal 2007-2008 funding.  Shared Mark and Nora will stay on top of this for Council and get the word out.  The fiscal 2007 funding is for the Baltimore meeting. Pam Snelson clarified funding timeline.

V. Government & Legislative Updates

Government Relations – Kara Malenfant
Kara said College and Research Librarieshas open access after only 6 months.  Announced ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication had great response – more than could accept.  See handout in flyer for details.

Resolution will be coming before Council – Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006 bill – support that after 6 months, federally funded research would be made available to the public.  Kara sent it out to the Legislative Network.  Re Leg Net – each Chapter is asked to appoint a rep.  7 chapters vacant at the moment.  The rep should be interested in government, laws, lobbying, etc.  Kara sends them info and rep shares with the Chapter.  Mostly federal.  ACRL views this Network as key way to get the word out.  Also work with ARL and other orgs in larger network on issues of common concern/interest.

Other hot leg of interest to academic libraries:  Public Access – not a CALIA comm. Assistance for law enforcement act – makes it easier to wiretap.  Previously said Internet was excluded – this would Allow “wiretap” on Internet.  ALA has asked for clarification on what that would mean for libraries with public computers.

Legislation pending on network neutrality – telecom topic.  Battle pitting telephone companies against tech corps – our issue is threat to lack of choice of Internet services and content.  Would access to local digitized collections be limited?

Rumored leg – requiring all ISPs to retain all communications for two years.  Major privacy issue.

Copyright issues – Orphan-works – when can’t id and/or find the evident owner of copyright on something, how do you determine what can and can not be used?  Bill would protect persons who can document they did a diligent search for the owner.

Fair Use Act allows libraries to made copies of sections of works without copyright infringement.  Panel doing a study to see what changes we would most support.  White paper will come out with the issues – to hopefully impact copyright legislation in a positive way. 

Kara will be updating the Legislation Network rep list to be sure it is current and all Chapters have a name.

VI. Announcements

 Dine-around restaurant change - Nora Quinlan
 Dine Arounds – Tujagues  6:00 PM.  Reservation for 12 people.
 In the French Quarter, 823 Decatur. Just past Café du Monde.

 Listserv/roster updates and corrections and more (Linda Kopecky)
 Lists and rosters were passed around for updates.

Chapter Topics (Doreen Kopycinski)
 Doreen - December 8th will be deadline for winter issue of Chapter Topics.
 22 reports in last Chapter Topics – highest ever.  New student chapter – Faculty Advisor and Chapter President are at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.   MN rep reported they submitted a Chapter report but it wasn’t published.  Doreen will work with them to see if was sent to the correct address, etc.  Likes “tips for  Chapters” – started by Debbie Malone – encouraged others to send 1 page or less with tips to share.

Bill Nelson (Georgia), Nora Quinlan (vice chair) shared she has used the site to access manuals and planning docs.  Members generally support keeping the website as open as possible – absolute minimum is to have the Index open.

ACRL Membership Advisory Committee (Vibiana Bowman)
Vib reported, member of ACRL Membership Advisory Committee as our rep.  Will be continuing on as an appointed member next year and is eager to represent issues and needs of the Chapter members.  One topic under current discussion is the ACRL web site, what parts might be made members-only via ala login – instead of wide open to the public.

VII. Information

Chapters are classified the same as vendors for purposes of communications
Discussion.  When ACRL gives the $1 it includes all members in the Chapter area, it includes people who opted out from the communications.  Opt-out  members will not be on mailing lists provided by ACRL.

Environmental Scan is now annual
Mark is on the research committee for this.  Completing a literature search.  Will  call for feedback from Chapters and sections.

VIII. Election of Chapters Council Officers

Nora thanked candidates for their willingness to serve, and distributed the ballot.

Introduction and Remarks from each candidate
Chair Elect  
Nancy George (unable to attend);
Kathy Parsons Iowa State University (brief background/intros).

Karen Hopkins
Kevin Merriman, Louisiana Chapter


BREAK at 10:07 AM and reconvened at 10:27

 Election Results
 Kathy Parsons was elected Chair –Elect and Kevin Merriman Secretary.  Nora  thanked candidates.  Mark encouraged others to run again.

IX. Introduction and Remarks from Pam Snelson, ACRL President-Elect

Pam Snelson – Pres-Elect ACRL.   Two chapter visits this year and will be in Oklahoma this fall.  Camila going to Montana.  ACRL funds available for Officers to go to Chapter event (6 Chapters per year).  4 slots open for 9/1/2006-8/31/2007.  Cycle is three years (1 free every 3 years). Details and chart off Chapters website.  Pam’s topic is value of libraries – what return on investment there is of library to the campus.  Has commissioned research – Leigh  Esterbrook UIUC did the survey.  Interviewed Provosts on what they value, their perspective.  Plan to have several come for President’s Program and will also share results of the research.  C&RL News may have a column for librarians who have moved on to campus administration – tips from the top as to how libraries are viewed, how we should be marketing ourselves, etc. 
 Results of survey:  Provosts do think of library is central – more than we think they do.  Collaboration is good but they look to have others on campus sharing the library’s successes – stronger if Deans of the other areas highlight our accomplishments.  Librarians are not aggressive enough – need to push (tend to buckle down and not make waves).  Being low-maintenance isn’t always a good thing.

Locke- concerns that younger ALA members not wanting to be involved in divisions.  Ideas for keeping ACRL vital?  Pam:  Just commissioned a membership survey – lots of info gathered on communication, preferences, and perceptions.  Members want to get involved so we need to find those  opportunities to bring them in.  Newer members do not seem to have the same patience – want to jump in, eager to get going.  Barb – looking at ways to partner with the subject-discipline organizations, to tie in.  Pam: Pubs always come in highly rated, this time continuing education and professional development came  in as the top reason.

X. Introduction and Remarks from Camila Alire, ACRL President

Camila Alire – shared highlights from her presidency (3 more days).  Has  attended a few Chapter conferences, wonderful experiences.  Kansas, Ohio, South Dakota.  Also Illinois, D.C., Maryland, and Mississippi on other speaker visits.

President’s program will be 1:30PM Monday.  Debate = “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Be in resolved that Information Literacy is a fad and waste of librarians’ time and talent” panel/debate.

Power of Personal Persuasion workshop yesterday really great start to advancing academic library agendas at the local level.  Toolkit will be sent to all members later this summer.

Sister libraries in other countries.  ACRL IRC is committed to expanding.

Technology summit.  Mary Ellen with Camila and Pam, by invitation and  administrators, academic IT folks, and other organizations.  November summit.  How ACRL can help members stay on top of emerging technologies, etc.

XI. Introduction and Remarks from ACRL Administrators

 Megan Bielefeld, Program Coordinator
 Speakers Bureau.  August 15th is deadline for Chapter reimbursement. 

Has heard from 21 of the 42 Chapters regarding incorporation type – will need proof – copy of the documents of incorporations 501 c(3) or 501 c(6)?.  Faxing is okay. 

Megan can post to the list which Chapters two have sent the hard copy, which have sent communication on their type but not yet the documentation, and which have not yet contacted her.

Mary Ellen Davis, Executive Director
Non-profit status (501c(3) versus 501c(6))
Reimbursement qualifications:  Any item or activity tied to strategic plan can be reimbursed; not honoraria/travel for ALA Members, or for things prohibited by ALA or ACRL policy.

Opt-out option – Question/suggestion for getting wording on the opt-out, so people could be better informed – Communication Preference – can change at any time.  Nora will check current wording, gather Chapter input on what might be helpful as wording, and will get back to Mary Ellen as to suggested wording.  Linda Kopecky suggested next Chapter Topics have another article/column on the 501c(3) or (6) issue.

XII. New Business

ACRL membership versus Chapter membership
 Request for Chapters to look at their membership materials, so it is clear that membership in the local Chapter does NOT include membership in National.  Some members have expressed confusion on this.  Megan asked all review materials to be sure it is clear the two orgs are separate.

Job lists – see bookmark in the packet.  One-stop shopping for posting ads on e-sites, journals, placement center.  Partner with other ALA Divisions.  New product/service.  Will be up mid-July.  PowerPoint running in placement center with demo.

Q:  Locke Morrisey – Will ACRL National be doing the Resume Review program again?  If not, put out the call and get that added, was valuable.  Audience suggestion to have a list of resume review volunteers, posted on the joblist service.

 Mary Ellen:  new service will have a RSS feed to those job seekers to get stuff  immediately.

ACRL Leadership meeting, Friday.
 Mark reported on info from ACRL Leadership meeting, Friday.

 Results of 2006 Membership survey of things to consider/change.
 Added:  one reason people can’t attend programs is they need to attend concurrent  meetings.  Proposals coming forward.

Possible change to the ACRL Board structure.  Currently representational board.   Every 2 years Chapters Council rep gets elected.  Proposal is to have it more skills/functions based membership. 

Pam confirmed that the nominations to the Board are representational.  Once elected, all represent all.  Want to make the nomination process more thoughtful.  C&RL News had a call for nominations – wanting to be sure all candidates know what they are getting into.

Might want more or a knowledge-based board – persons who know Assessment, etc., if that is the current need.  Or to balance men v. women, or broader age groups.   Any change will need to be proposed via the Bylaws. 

XIII. Sharing ideas

 Annual awards
 New York had received a grant to support research, recently (?) changed to  scholarships for library school students ($3000 each).

Georgia – Bill Nelson.  At conference they have paper presentations, and give  awards sponsored by two vendors ($300 and $200) for best contributed paper.

California – Locke Morrisey.  Gives three awards.  1-2) $500 to attend California  Chapter library conferences  3) $1000 for ACRL National every 2 years.

Mary Ellen mentioned the @your library award sponsored by Springer.  Encouraged to spread the word and have libraries apply for best use of that theme.  Award will be presented at one of the keynote sessions.

XIV. Adjournment

 Nora –   thanked Mark for a great job.  Meeting was adjourned 11:30am