2013 ALA Spectrum Scholar

Jessica Bastian
Jessica Bastian

I’m writing to thank you for the generous Spectrum scholarship and to share my excitement about the opportunity that the ACRL has made possible.  I was delighted to learn that I would receive this honor and even more pleased to represent the ACRL and to join the Spectrum and ACRL communities. 

This fall marks my third semester in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois.  My interests include academic librarianship and community informatics.   I plan to pursue a career in academic librarianship with a strong focus on engaging communities of diverse users and improving civic and information literacy instruction within the traditional university system.  

The Spectrum award is incredibly meaningful to me as it is an avenue to engage with cutting edge professionals in building the future of LIS.  Spectrum connects me to dynamic library leaders, who all share in my passion for improving information services and positively affecting the lives of diverse and underserved populations.  I welcome the mentoring, encouragement and access to librarians that Spectrum provides.  Librarians who are ‘in the trenches’ doing the work that has inspired and attracted me to this profession.  

I look forward to meeting, working and learning from you and the members of the ACRL.  This letter is a very small extension of my deepest gratitude.  Thank you for this opportunity.