I.14 Withdrawal of accreditation

The COA must place a program on conditional accreditation before accreditation can be withdrawn. A decision to withdraw accreditation for serious lack of compliance with the standards may occur by 1) failure to obtain a two-thirds vote in favor of continuing accreditation of a program on conditional status, or 2) a two-thirds vote to withdraw accreditation from a program on conditional status.

A decision to withdraw accreditation normally follows a comprehensive or progress review, but can result if a program fails to participate in the process, either by being unresponsive or by failing to meet financial obligations of the process, or if the program fails to provide an adequate plan for removal from conditional status or to make progress implementing a plan.

Programs with withdrawn accreditation status are listed only in the Historical List of Accredited Programs.


I.14.1 Voluntary withdrawal of accreditation

An institution may exercise its right to voluntarily withdraw its program from the accreditation process. To do so the institution must notify the COA in writing of this intent. The notification must be accompanied by a plan to inform students of the withdrawal from accreditation. The COA will act on the notice of voluntary withdrawal at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Notice of an institution’s intent to withdraw from the accreditation process appears in the next print edition of the directory and as soon as possible in the electronic version.

I.14.2 Date of withdrawal

The date of withdrawal of accreditation is calculated from the date of the COA meeting at which the program’s intent to withdraw is presented or at which the COA votes to withdraw accreditation. Accreditation of a program ends twenty-four (24) months after the date of the COA meeting at which the withdrawal action was taken.

I.14.3 Student status following withdrawal

When the COA withdraws accreditation from a program, any student who is enrolled in the program before the withdrawal of accreditation and who completes the degree requirements within twenty-four (24) months after the withdrawal date is considered to have graduated from an ALA-accredited program. In the event that the end of the twenty-four-month period falls within an academic semester or quarter, the student has until the end of that semester or quarter to complete the program and graduate in order to graduate from an ALA-accredited program.

The term enrolled is defined as registration in graduate-level course work in library and information studies. This definition also includes all students previously enrolled in the accredited program who are still considered active under the institutional policy that exists at the time of the decision to withdraw accreditation.

The definition of enrolled does not include students who have been admitted to begin their study in the term after the date of the decision to withdraw or students enrolled in programs other than the specific program addressed in the decision to withdraw.