III. Guidelines for the External Review Panel

III.1 Role of accreditation

III.2 Composition of the External Review Panel

III.3 Site visit schedule

III.4 Conflict of interest policy for the ERP

III.5 Role and responsibilities of the ERP

III.5.1 Responsibilities of the ERP Chair

III.5.2 Responsibilities of ERP members

III.5.3 General Recommendations

III.5.4 Confidentiality

III.6 Site visit exit briefing

III.6.1 Purpose of the exit briefing

III.6.2 Content of the Exit Briefing

III.7 The ERP report

III.7.1 Content of the report

III.7.1(a) Introduction

III.7.1(b) Analysis

III.7.1(c) Summary

III.7.2 Format of the ERP report

III.7.3 ERP report title page

III.7.4 ERP report organization

III.7.5 Deadlines

III.8 Timeline for Program Presentation review and ERP report