IV.10 The role of the ALA Executive Board

The ALA Executive Board provides advice to the ALA President in the selection of ARC members and approves the ARC members.

The conflict of interest requirements of Section IV.6.2 of this document also apply to Executive Board members reviewing ARC reports and recommendations. Any member having a conflict of interest may not participate in any aspect of the review of the appeal.

The confidentiality guidelines in Section IV.4.1 apply to Executive Board members involved in the appeal process.

The Executive Board may select one (1) of its members to attend the ARC meeting.

The Executive Board reviews the ARC report and makes one of two determinations: 1) to uphold the COA’s decision or 2) to remand the decision back to the COA with comment.

The Executive Board may consider only the following documents when reviewing an ARC decision:

  • The COA Decision Document letter withdrawing accreditation or denying initial accreditation;
  • The institution appeal document;
  • The COA response to appeal (if any);
  • The ARC recommendation and report; and
  • Documents or information pertaining to the procedures followed by the ARC.

The Executive Board discharges the ARC when the appeal review process is completed.