IV.9 Recommendation of the ARC and determination of the Executive Board

The ARC makes one of two recommendations: 1) to uphold the COA decision, or 2) to remand the decision back to the COA with comment. The ARC’s report must set forth all of the reasons and evidence relied upon in reaching its recommendation.

The ARC report with its recommendation must be sent to the ALA Executive Board within fourteen (14) calendar days after the end of the ARC’s meeting.

The ALA Executive Board reviews the ARC report and makes one of two determinations: 1) to uphold the COA’s decision, or 2) to remand the decision back to the COA with comment. The Executive Board members are not to determine whether they would have reached the same conclusions as the COA and/or the ARC, but rather to determine whether the COA committed clear error by failing to follow established published procedures, resulting in an unfair decision or by reaching an arbitrary or capricious conclusion.

The Executive Board sends a report of its determination and a copy of the ARC report to the institution, the COA, ARC members, and the ALA President within fourteen (14) calendar days of the Board’s receipt of the ARC report.

If the Executive Board upholds the COA decision to withdraw or deny initial accreditation, then the COA’s decision is considered final and the date of accreditation withdrawal is the date the institution receives the ALA Executive Board determination and report along with the ARC report.

If the decision is remanded back to the COA, then that committee will review and act on the reports at its next regularly scheduled meeting. There will not be another on-site review of the program. The COA’s re-review and decision will be based on the Program Presentation, the ERP report, the school response to the ERP report, the Decision Document, the appeal document, the COA response to appeal, the ARC recommendation and report, and the Executive Board determination and report. The decision of the COA at this meeting is final and may not be appealed.