IV. Appeal process

IV.1 Introduction to the Appeal Process

IV.2 Rationale and grounds for appeal

IV.2.1 Grounds for appeal

IV.2.2 Burden of proof

IV.3 Appeal procedure overview

IV.4 Confidentiality and the appeal process

IV.4.1 Confidentiality of review of appeal

IV.4.2 Confidentiality of program status during appeal

IV.5 Withdrawal of appeal

IV.6 Appeal Review Committee (ARC)

IV.6.1 Roster of potential members

IV.6.2 Conflicts of interest for members of the ARC

IV.6.3 Composition of the ARC

IV.6.4 Appointing the ARC

IV.7 Appeal process details

IV.7.1 Representatives

IV.7.2 Correspondence and document copies

IV.7.3 Expenses

IV.7.4 Documents to be submitted and deadlines

IV.8 Meeting of the ARC

IV.8.1 Specifics of the ARC meeting

IV.9 Recommendation of the ARC and determination of the Executive Board

IV.10 The role of the ALA Executive Board

IV.11 Appeal process timeline and deadlines

IV.12 Accreditation status effective dates