IV.11 Appeal process timeline and deadlines

Deadlines are determined from the date of the receipt of a document. Days in the deadlines column of the timeline refer to number of calendar days.

Appeal process timeline

Action Deadline Example date
Committee on Accreditation (COA) votes to withdraw accreditation or to deny initial accreditation COA meeting June 27 (theoretical ALA Annual Conference date)
Program is notified of accreditation decision: COA sends Decision Document to program Within seven (7) days of COA meeting July 5
Institution files notice of intent to appeal, sending to ALA Executive Director (ED)   IV.3
Within seven (7) days of receipt of Decision Document
July 12
Office for Accreditation sends ALA ED list of people eligible to serve on ARC; ED forwards list to institution and COA   IV.6.4 Within 14 days of receipt of notice of intent July 26
Institution files document upon which the appeal is based, sending to ALA ED.   IV.3 Within 30 days of receipt of Decision Document August 4
Institution and COA respond with list of challenges to ARC membership   IV.6.4 Within 14 days of receipt of list of eligible members August 9
Appeal Review Committee (ARC) appointed by ALA President   IV.6.4 Within 14 days of receipt of institution’s and COA’s challenges to ARC membership (approx. 45 days after receipt of intent to appeal August 23
COA responds to appeal document (or sends notice that it will not respond)   IV.3 Within 30 days of receipt of appeal document September 3
ARC holds meeting   IV.8 Within 30 days of COA response October 3
ARC sends report with recommendation to ALA Executive Board   IV.9 Within 14 days of meeting October 17
Executive Board sends report of its determination to institution, COA, ARC, ALA President   IV.9 Within 14 days of receiving report from ARC October 31
If decision is remanded back to COA, it will review and act at its next regularly scheduled meeting   IV.3 Next regularly scheduled COA meeting In this example, November or January

The deadlines set forth in this document may be extended only upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances requiring an extension of time, such as natural disaster or serious illness. Extensions of time must be requested in writing by the institution or COA in advance of the pertinent deadline.