COA-required data for annual statistics

ALA-accredited programs must submit the complete annual ALISE statistical questionnaire to COA. Precandidate and candidate programs must submit the following data to COA from the ALISE statistical questionnaire. This report is due to the ALA Office for Accreditation by December 1st, annually:

Required Data

Submit to COA

ALISE Statistical Questionnaire Source

Full-time faculty Part 1, item 2, fall term, FT faculty
Part-time faculty Part 1, item 3, fall term, PT faculty
Full-time ALA student enrollment Part 2, Table II-1, total ALA FT
Part-time ALA student enrollment Part 2, Table II-1, total ALA PT
Part-time ALA FTE Part 2, Table II-1, total ALA PT FTE
Underrepresented ALA minority student enrollment Part 2, Table II-4, ALA only, total AI, AP, B, H (male and female)
Total FTE for all programs Part 2, Table 11-1, total FTE all programs
Total degrees awarded for ALA program only Part 2, Table 11-3, total ALA accredited only
Total degrees awarded for all other programs Part 2, Table II-3, total all other programs
Total expenditures Part 4, line 59, Income & Expenditure
Total parent institution funds Part 4, line 60
Total funds from other sources Part 4, total lines 61, 62, 63, 64, 68