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Strategic Planning Update

July 01, 2005


Ahead to 2010 Strategic Plan

The ALA Ahead to 2010 Strategic Plan was approved by Council on Tuesday, June 28, 2005.  A number of changes were made to the plan by Council.  An updated version of the plan will be available shortly in the upcoming weeks. 

The plan is the product of two years of effort, beginning at the 2003 Spring meeting of the ALA Executive Board:

  • At the Spring 2003 meeting, the ALA Executive Board approved a plan for development of ALA’s next five-year strategic plan – ALA Ahead to 2010.
  • In October 2003, the ALA Executive Board met with the executive committees of all ALA divisions to begin the planning process with a joint discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing the Association, as well as the Association’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • An ALA2010 web site was created and all documents related to the data gathering and planning process were posted to the web site on an ongoing basis.
  • Throughout 2003-2004, the Association was involved in extensive data collection and analysis – the most ambitious effort to secure member input to a planning process since the 1980s:
    • Focus groups were held at the AASL (Fall 2003) and PLA (Spring 2004) National Conferences, as well as at the 2004 ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conferences. These latter focus groups included sessions specifically for academic librarians.
    • Open ALA Forum discussions were conducted at Chapter conferences (including student chapters) through 2004.
    • An email questionnaire to all ALA members was completed by 17,000 members.
    • Opportunities for leadership input were provided at the ALA Council Information Session, the ALA Membership Meeting, and the Planning and Budget Assembly during the 2004 ALA Annual Conference.
    • Telephone interviews were conducted with non-members.
    • Planning documents from ALA divisions and other groups were collected and analyzed.
    • A broad array of external environmental scanning information was provided by both members and staff.
  • In Fall 2004, the ALA Executive Board, ALA Division presidents, ALA Round Table representatives, and senior ALA and ALA Division staff met to develop the first stage of the ALA2010 plan.  This process was continued at the 2004 Fall Joint Meeting of the ALA Executive Board and executive committees of the ALA Divisions.
  • A subcommittee of the ALA Executive Board was appointed to work with senior staff on the final drafting of an ALA2010 strategic plan for initial review by the Executive Board.
  • The ALA Executive Board forwarded the initial draft plan to ALA member bodies – ALA/Council committees, Division boards and committees, Round Tables and other groups – at the 2005 ALA Midwinter Meeting.  Member groups were asked to provide feedback on the draft plan.  Responses were received from 70 ALA groups.
  • The draft plan was posted to the ALA2010 web site and a questionnaire was sent to ALA members, requesting comments on the draft plan.  Responses were received from 2,900 individual ALA members.
  • Based on an analysis of responses received from ALA member groups and individual members, a working committee of the ALA Executive Board worked with senior staff to further revise the draft plan.

The ALA Ahead to 2010 Strategic Plan represents the results of a two year long association-wide planning process. The plan is firmly based on substantial member input, and reflects the collective efforts of many member leaders and staff. 

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