ALA Planning Archive

What's in the archive?

In general, this archive consists of records which have been especially selected for permanent or long-term preservation due to their enduring planning and research value.

Archive categories:

1) ALA's Planning Documents: strategic documents adopted by ALA Council.

ALAHead to 2010

ALA Action 2005
ALA Goal 2000
Key Action Areas

2) Planning News Archive: archival data tracking the most recent 2010 planning history.

Planning News Archive for ALAhead to 2010

3) Member Feedback Archive:  archival data containing membership feedback collected from 2003 to 2005, prior to the adoption of the ALAhead to 2010 Plan in July, 2005.  Member feedback was collected through a variety of mechanisms, all directed toward gathering information helpful to the development of the 2010 strategic plan. 


  • Focus Group Reports
  • Forum Reports
  • International Member Surveys
  • Leadership Session Reports
  • Member Survey Results
  • Satisfaction Survey Results

What Do Members have to Say About the Future of Direction of ALA?