2015 Strategic Plan

In June, 2010, the American Library Association adopted a new strategic plan. ALA 2015 outlines strategic goals and objectives for the next five years, and sets priorities for the association that will strengthen libraries, the profession, and the public’s access to information.

Thousands of members were involved in its development: In Spring 2009, 9,000 members participated in a survey, open to all members, which asked for members’ thoughts on Association priorities and performance. Over the course of a year, over a thousand members and non members participated in forty forums held with Chapters and other affiliated groups. An environmental scan was also conducted, which gathered information on societal, technological, educational and economic trends that will impact libraries, librarians and the association over the next decade. 

In September and October 2009, the ALA Executive Board met with division and round table leaders to craft a draft vision, goals and objectives for the next five years. Following these sessions, the draft plan was reviewed by ALA Council members, ALA, division and round table committees and boards, Chapters and affiliate groups. Their comments and suggestions were compiled and incorporated into a second draft, distributed to the membership in March 2010. Nearly a thousand members responded with comments and suggestions, which were incorporated in the draft reviewed by the ALA Executive Board in April 2010 and then adopted by ALA Council in June 2010. At each step, further modifications helped focus and refine the plan to its final version.

The goals of the Association, as outlined in the plan, are as follows:

  • ALA equips and leads advocates for libraries, library issues and the library profession, and plays a key role in formulating legislation, policies and standards that affect library and information services.
  • ALA promotes excellence and diversity in the library field.
  • ALA provides leadership in the transformation of libraries and library services in a dynamic and increasingly global digital information environment.
  • ALA provides an environment in which all members, regardless of location or position, have the opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from engagement in their association.
  • ALA operates effectively, efficiently, creatively and in a socially responsible fashion to accomplish its mission.

To see the full plan, including the objectives, key action areas, organizational values and envisioned future, go to ALA 2015 (38.2 PDF).