Organizational Excellence


The second move for the headquarters in Chicago (third overall) was to the John Crerar Library at 86 E. Randolph Street, Chicago. 


The ALA Code of Ethics was adopted in 1939

"Adopted at the 1939 Midwinter Meeting by the ALA Council; amended June 30, 1981; June 28, 1995; and January 22, 2008.

As members of the American Library Association, we recognize the importance of codifying and making known to the profession and to the general public the ethical principles that guide the work of librarians, other professionals providing information services, library trustees and library staffs.


The structure of ALA has changed overtime. The division structure started in 1939 with the Third Activities Committee. Some committees, working groups, and round tables already existed before the divisions.

Library Bill of Rights is adopted the same year.


"The formation of the "Division of Public Libraries" of the American Library Association was approved by ALA Council in 1944, following petitions signed by nearly 1,200 members." Read more from the History of the Public Library Association

The Division of Public Libraries is now the Public Library Association.


"Public Libraries" is the official journal of the Public Library Association. It was first published (Vol. 1, No.1) on January, 1947.


1955 saw the release of a report by Cresap, McCormick and Paget to the members on the management of the ALA. The report called for a change in the structure of the divisions to the present organization. As a result of this report, since 1957, there have been divisions for type of library and divisions for type of activity. 

Please see the pages of the individual divisions for a more in-depth history of each division.