Summer Reading Program Fun

10 Thrilling, Inspiring, Wacky Board Games for Kids

Wayne L. Johnson and Yvette C. Johnson

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As a convenience to readers of Summer Reading Program Fun: 10 Thrilling, Inspiring, Wacky Board Games for Kids, ALA Editions is making available electronic files for board pieces, promotional material, and other game components. The files are in Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), which can be accessed and modified through Adobe Photoshop and other image-processing programs. Using these files makes modifications of the art possible or may create better output than simply photocopying the art from the book.

The files are organized by game. To download a file:

  • Click on the file name in the list below.
  • The image will be displayed on a new Web page. You may download the image by choosing "Save as" in the file menu of your browser.
  • Or you may right click the mouse and choose Save as
  • Be sure to navigate through the folders in your dialog box and take note of where you are saving the file.
  • You may want to rename the file.
  • Click the save button.

The file is now saved on the drive and folder that you selected. You may open it in any application that reads GIF files. To return to the directory, click the Back button on your browser toolbox or pull down the page SRP Fun from your the pull-down Go menu. The URL of the page is:

Note that brochure covers are positioned as you might send them to the printer. To veiw the brochure-cover files on your computer screen, you will probably have to scroll down.

These images are Copyright 1999 American Library Association. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for nonprofit eductional purposes.

Instructions from the Authors

Game 1—The Haunted Mansion

Game 2—Read-errific Runaround

Game 3—The Quest for the Golden Unicorns

Game 4—The Lost City of the Aztecs

Game 5—The Monster Bash

Game 6—The White Tiger of Kalimar

Game 7—The Case of the Baker Street Baker

Game 8—Highway to the Stars

Game 9—Lost in Time

Game 10—The Lost Library of Atlantis

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