Creating Database-Backed Library Web Pages

Using Open Source Tools

Stephen R. Westman

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The Web site home page for Creating Database-Backed Library Web Pages is designed to provide support for the book and for the functions library it introduces. It contains links for more information, to download function libraries, scripts, and other files used in the examples, and to other resources that will help you use the information contained in the book.

Support areas are broken down in the following categories:

Errata page—However much we might wish otherwise, any project of this size and complexity will have typographical errors, unclear statements, and other types of errors. While every attempt was made to eliminate as many as possible, a few have slipped through. This page will let you know what errors have been found and how they should be corrected.

Download file—This links allows you to download the file mentioned in the book that contains the full source code for all of tbe book's scripts and functions; a guide to setup, the functions, and using views in MySQL 5; and the sample forms and data files used in the book.

Bibliography—A list of books, articles and Web sites where you can do further exploration of various subjects covered in the book.

What's new—As typos and other problems are found and corrected, questions are answered, and new features and descriptions are added or updated, this page will be updated to let you know what has changed.

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