Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management, Second Edition

Peggy Johnson

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Readers may wish to use or adapt some of the forms or other sample materials discussed in Peggy Johnson’s Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management, second edition. To that end, we’ve made them available for download below.

Figure 3-1 Budget Management Cycle

Figure 4-1 Sample Online Internal Order Form

Figure 5-1 Guidelines for Replacing Materials in a School Media Center

Figure 5-2 Simple Treatment Decision Form

Figure 5-2 Detailed Treatment Decision Form

Figure 6-1
Simple Faculty Profile Form

Figure 6-1 Detailed Faculty Profile Form

The case studies and activities that conclude each chapter have been updated for the second edition. Here we provide the original book’s case studies with their associated activities, for users interested in a different treatment of these issues.

For chapter 2, “Organization and Staffing”: Newley County PL

For chapter 3, “Policy, Planning, and Budgets”: Plymouth PL

For chapter 4, “Developing Collections”: Dacatur County LS ; Metropolitan University

For chapter 5, “Managing Collections”: Alpha University LS

For chapter 6, “Marketing, Liaison, and Outreach Activities”: Karen Nichols

For chapter 7, “Collection Analysis: Evaluation and Assessment”: Webster Elementary School

For chapter 8, “Cooperative Collection Development and Management”: Arcadia College


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