Meet the Authors


Special thanks to GraceAnne A. DeCandido, editor and writer of several interviews in Meet the Authors, as well as the student volunteers at San José State University who selected and introduced the material presented by DeCandido.

GraceAnne A. DeCandido

grace anne decandido   GraceAnne A. DeCandido, MLS, spent ten years as a reference librarian, cataloguer, administrator, preservation librarian, and tech maven in public and academic libraries in New York City. She then spent a dozen years working as an editor for the Special Libraries Association, School Library Journal, Library Journal, and the late, lamented Wilson Library Bulletin, where she was Editor in Chief. She now writes, edits, does Web consulting, teaching, and speaking in her own company, Blue Roses Editorial and Web Consulting. She reviews regularly for Booklist, contributes to American Libraries, and has produced the Public Library Association's Tech Notes and two of the Association of Research Libraries' Transforming Libraries series.

Student Volunteers

Born in Southern California, Alison Anson attended UC Berkeley focusing on English and Political Science. She then lived in Mauritania, NW Africa, as a Peace Corps volunteer, and after returning, worked in a variety of book stores, flower shops, and libraries.

E. Denise Brown has worked as a corporate and freelance writer. She has a BA in journalism.

Kevin Michael Fahey has aspirations of serving youth in the public library and bringing them the joy of reading. In addition to his MLIS studies, he is currently working at an elementary school.

Debra Faires enjoys working with information on the Web and is currently webmaster for the Digital Distance Education/Continuing Education Institute at San Jose State University. She serves as the Open Stacks student coordinator at SJSU.

Bethany Del Lima works in the serials department at the Stanford University Library. She was a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress in the Prints & Photographs division in the summer and plans on returning to work on the National Digital Library project. She is interested in new information technologies, the future of libraries, and censorship.

Rebecca Kuzins is earning her MLIS from San Jose State University. She has worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist.

Sandra Kupcho is making a career change from the business world. Her interests include gardening and modeling clay pieces.

Carol Young Jenkins, an Ohio native, is a Library Specialist at the Law Library of Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. She is currently completing her MLIS studies at San Jose University and also works as an information broker for her own company, The Information Edge. Her special interest is genealogical research.

Carlos Medinas is currently working full time at a county law library. After graduation he would like to work in a special library either as a systems administrator or a webmaster.

Renee Romanoff is a last-semester student in the SJSU MLIS program, a midlife career changer who knows she's found her true calling in the library field. As she is not now currently employed, she hopes to find a position in a public or consumer health library soon after graduation.

Sherri Thomas currently works in and plans to stay in a special (law) library. She has been classified as a "Techie" by friends and peers alike. She says she took it as a compliment.

Samantha Thompson-Franklin holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in History from the University of Calgary, Canada. She hopes to work in either a special library or academic library after completing her library degree.

Lois Wagenseil is interested in a new career in archivist work. She is intensely interested in California history records, especially the Gold Rush era.

Jill L. Woolums' career interest is in becoming a special librarian. She is interested in book collecting and rare books. Currently she works in a foundation's research library.