Procedures for Submitting Audiovisual Review Materials to Booklist

Booklist reviews newly released videos, DVDs, audiobooks, and children’s and spoken-word audio. When submitting material, please list all vital information, including distributor name, address, telephone number, copyright, release date (if different from copyright), running time, price, and ISBN. Indicate if the program is closed-captioned and if public performance rights are included for materials priced under $100. For spoken-word, children’s audios, and audiobooks, please list the number of cassettes and CDs as well as performer, reader, and author names when applicable. All submissions of materials for review become the sole property of the American Library Association; request for return of materials or other restrictions cannot be honored. Send all items to Sue-Ellen Beauregard, Media Editor, Booklist, American Library Association, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.