Instructions and Checklist

1. Find out your institution's DUNS number (or register for a DUNS number if your institution does not have one)

To register through, you must provide your institution's DUNS number. The federal government has adopted the use of DUNS numbers to keep track of how federal grant money is dispersed.

Ask your grant administrator or chief financial officer to provide your institution's DUNS number. Research universities and most colleges, independent libraries, and large organizations already have DUNS numbers.

If your institution either doesn't have a DUNS number on file or has never been issued a DUNS number, you will need to request one over the phone or online. There is no charge for this.

For complete instructions, see here.

  • Time it takes: You will receive a DUNS number at the conclusion of the phone call OR, if your organization does not already have a DUNS number, it will take 3 days if a new one is requested over the phone, or up to 30 days if requested via the Web.

  • Tips: Record and protect your DUNS number and have it available for quick reference in the following steps.

2. Register your institution with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

CCR is a government-wide registry for organizations that seek grants from or otherwise do business with the federal government. CCR will house your organizational information, allowing to verify your identity and to pre-fill organizational information on your grant applications. Ask your chief financial officer, grant administrator, or authorizing official if your organization is already registered with CCR.

If your organization is not registered, you can register online at or apply by phone (1-888-227-2423.) You will need your DUNS number to register with CCR.

When your organization registers with CCR, you must designate:

  1. CCR Point of Contact (CCR POC). This individual is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of the information in CCR's registry. Upon successful registration, CCR POC will receive a T-PIN (Trading Partner Identification Number) that will enable him or her to update your organization's CCR information as necessary.

  2. An Ebiz Point of Contact (Ebiz POC). This individual will have sole authority to designate the staff member(s) who can submit grant applications on your library's behalf through The same individual may serve as both CCR POC and as Ebiz POC.

During registration, you also will be asked to designate a special password called a Marketing Partner ID or "M-PIN." This password will be used in Step 4 below.

  • Time it takes: This is the most cumbersome step. We recommend that you allow up to 3 days to gather information and prepare the application. After you submit your registration information, CCR will send an e-mail confirmation, generally on the same day.

  • Tips: The CCR site uses terminology that is more appropriate for profit-making organizations than for non-profits. Do not be confused by terms such as vendor, contractor, etc; just provide the requested information. Record and protect your T-PIN and M-PIN. Keep track of the staff designated as Points of Contact.

3. Register with credential provider

Each staff member who will be submitting applications on your institution's behalf must first register with's credential provider. These staff members are called Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs). Before starting on this step, your CCR registration must be complete. recommends that you wait one business day between registering with CCR and registering with's credential provider.

To register, each AOR must apply for a UserID and password from Operational Research Consultants (ORC) at OrcRegister. AORs will need to know your organization's DUNS number in order to complete the process. We recommend that each AOR print out the ORC eAuthentication Account Confirmation and keep it for his/her records.

AOR UserIDs and passwords serve as "electronic signatures" when your organization submits applications through

It is possible for the individual who serves as your organization's CCR POC and/or Ebiz POC to also serve as the AOR (or as one of the AORs).

  • Time it takes: Same day. AORs will receive usernames and passwords when they submit their information.

  • Tips: An organization does not need more than one AOR. While the AOR is the only one who can submit applications, others (e.g., project director, development director) can work on the proposal prior to submission. AORs should record and protect their UserIDs and passwords, and have them available for quick reference.

4. Register with

Finally, your organization's AOR(s) must register with at GrantsgovRegister using their UserIDs and passwords obtained in Step 3.

Registration creates an account on that enables your organization to name and confirm authorization for one or more AORs and then allows the AOR(s) to submit applications on your organization's behalf.

When an AOR registers with, the Ebiz POC for your organization will receive an e-mail notification. Your Ebiz POC must then log on to (using the DUNS number from Step 1 and the MPIN password from Step 2) and approve the AOR, thereby giving him or her permission to submit applications. When an Ebiz POC approves an AOR, will notify the AOR via e-mail.

AORs can also log in to the Applicant home page at using their username and password (obtained in Step 3) to check if they have been approved.

  • Time it takes: Same day. Registration will be complete when the AOR submits his or her information. Registration approval depends on the time it takes your Ebiz POC to log on and approve the AOR.

  • Tips: If you are uncertain about your organization's AORs, contact with your DUNS number and they can check for you.