FAQs for Grants.gov Registration & Application Submissions

FAQs for Grants.gov Registration

I will serve as the project director for my library's grant application. Can I register my institution with Grants.gov?

In most cases, a project director will not be the person who registers his or her institution with Grants.gov. Registration will need to be completed by an institution's grants administrator or other authorizing official.

How can I find out if my institution is already registered with Grants.gov? How do I know who is authorized by my institution to submit applications (i.e., is the Authorized Organization Representative [AOR])?

You can go to the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) at www.bpn.gov/ccrinq/scripts/search.asp external link and search for your institution by DUNS number or by name.

If your institution is not in CCR's database, then it is NOT registered with Grants.gov. If you do find your institution listed, bring up the detailed information and scroll down until you find the name and contact information for your institution's "Electronic Business POC." This is the person at your institution who decides who can submit applications. You can contact that person and ask for the names of your AORs. If there is no E-Business Point of Contact listed, then your institution has not yet registered with Grants.gov, as they are required to identify such a person during the registration process.

You may also call the Grants.gov helpdesk at 1-800-518-4726 or write them at support@grants.gov to ask if your institution has registered with Grants.gov. If possible, please supply your institution's DUNS number.

I am an AOR for my institution. Is there a way for me to test my login to ensure that I'm all set to apply through Grants.gov?

Yes. AORs can log in to the Applicant home page at www.grants.gov/ForApplicants external link using their username and password to check if they have been approved to begin submitting applications.

I work at a very small institution. We only have two employees. Who is supposed to be the AOR or the E-Business Point of Contact?

When your organization goes through the Grants.gov registration process, you will have to designate an E-Business Point of Contact. In a larger organization, this person might be the head of your grants office or sponsored research office. This person would then appoint one or more of his staff members to the role of AOR. These AORs are the folks who can actually submit applications on behalf of their institution. In your case, however, with only two employees, it is perfectly OK to name one person as the E-Business Point of Contact and the other as AOR. In fact, you could even have the E-Business Point of Contact approve himself to become an AOR. If possible, we recommend setting up at least two AORs. That way, should one of your AORs be unavailable, you'll have a second person who can submit the grant at deadline time.

FAQs for Grants.gov Application Submissions

My organization is unable to submit our application via Grants.gov, what should we do?

Contact Margaret Scrymser, Lead Program Analyst, NEH Division of Public Programs, 202-606-8304 or mscrymser@neh.gov for assistance.

May I submit my files in a format other than PDF?

No. For more information about PDFs, see Converting Your Documents to PDFs external link .

I'm having problems uploading my application. Who do I contact?

Please contact Grants.gov Customer Support at 1-800-518-4726 or refer to the customer support section of the Grants.gov Web site. NEH and ALA cannot help you with Grants.gov technical problems.

What kind of confirmation will my institution receive that our application has been accepted by Grants.gov?

A series of four e-mails will be sent to your institution's AOR:

  1. A message (submission receipt) indicating that Grants.gov has received your submission.

  2. A message (validation receipt) indicating that Grants.gov has/has validated the application. Once the application is validated, then NEH/ALA can download it.

  3. A message indicating that NEH/ALA has downloaded the application.

  4. A message indicating that NEH/ALA has assigned your application a tracking number.

If your application is rejected for not submitting your materials in PDF format, a message will be sent to your AOR and project director with instructions for handling invalid file types. This message will be sent in lieu of the "tracking number" message.

AORs can also check on submitted applications by following the link in the e-mail messages from Grants.Gov to access the "For Applicants" area.