About Grants.gov

What Is Grants.gov?

The charter of Grants.gov is to provide a unified electronic storefront for interactions between grant applicants and the federal agencies that manage grant funds. There are twenty-six federal grant-making agencies and more than 900 individual grant programs that award more than $400 billion in grants each year. The grant community—including state, local, and tribal governments; academia and research institutions; and not-for-profits—need only visit one Web site, Grants.gov external link , to access the annual grant funds available across the federal government. You can also sign up at the Grants.gov Web site to get automatic e-mail alerts about grant opportunities that are of interest to your organization.

In order to apply for many of PPO’s federally funded library programming grants, you will have to: 1) register with Grants.gov; and 2) submit an application through Grants.gov. Library programming grants that do not include a cash component will not require Grants.gov registration or application submission.

Registering or Verifying Registration with Grants.gov

In order to submit applications via Grants.gov, your institution must first register with the Web site and create an institutional profile. Once registered, your organization can apply for any government grant on the Grants.gov Web site. You will only have to complete registration once.

In most cases, the library’s project director will not be the person who registers his or her library with Grants.gov. Registration will need to be completed by an institutional grants administrator, chief financial officer, or other authorizing official. If your organization has already registered, you may skip this step.

We recommend that your library complete the registration process at least two weeks before the application deadline, as it takes time for your registration to be processed. Please see the User Guide external link (PDF) and Checklist external link (PDF) for information to guide you through the registration process.

Submitting an Application via Grants.gov

Once you have registered with Grants.gov, sending in an application is very simple. PPO’s application guidelines for each grant contain complete, step-by-step instructions on how to apply via Grants.gov for that particular program. Guidelines are typically posted 90 days prior to an application deadline. However, we encourage you to register with Grants.gov now, even if you won’t be applying until a future date. Please consult the User Guide external link (PDF) and Checklist external link (PDF) to learn how to get started.