CCF Testimonials

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Librarians, library presenters and partners, and community members provide constant feedback about the value and effectiveness of the cultural programming provided by ALA. Some recent comments:

Why cultural programming at libraries?

“By taking on the role of a community cultural center, libraries are now helping engage people in history in new ways by bringing them together for interactive programming experiences.” – filmmaker

“By bringing arts and humanities programs to libraries, ALA is broadening access to culture in our country, getting communities in touch with each other, and breathing life into art, literature and poetry.” – author/artist

“If someone thinks a library is just a warehouse for books, it’s because they haven’t used it.” – library manager

Who benefits from cultural programming?


“We have raised the visibility of the library hundreds of times over what it had been!  I wish we had a library visibility meter reading from even two months ago and could compare it to now. You’ve put us on the map!” – library programmer
“ALA gave us a terrific opportunity to serve and inspire the community, and I thank you for making it possible! “ – librarian

“Clearly inspired our staff and enabled us to raise our profile in the community.” – library director

“The library enjoyed incredible publicity and increased use by the public, and the community was rewarded by a first-class experience” – library director


“Happened to come at a time when the city is working on rebranding itself, and I cannot help but think that it contributed to showing our city in a positive light.” – librarian

“ALA’s influence has greatly enhanced and helped create our library’s role as a community cultural center.  – library manager

“As expected it brought many new visitors . . . it also allowed us to form unexpectedly meaningful partnerships with organizations that we previously had no connections with . . .  it is difficult to say which of these two benefits was more valuable.” – librarian director/professor

Community members.

“The programs successfully blended entertainment and learning in innovative and effective ways, and I was proud to be a part of such a wonderful event.” – presenter/scholar

“A mother, who came with her college-age son, said that her son was energized by the talk and spoke of nothing else the rest of the evening.” – librarian/faculty member

“This is the greatest thing to come to the library, ever!” – library visitor

“An unforgettable evening. Everything about it was so impressive. I’m quite captivated by the realization that events such as this one take place under your direction all the time. I thing I need to get on a mailing list. I’d love to come to more.” – library visitor

“I have worked in and with small and rural libraries for the past 25 years and know from experience the deeply felt need for programs that support cultural activities in our smaller communities. It is often the case that a library is the single most important provider of cultural programming in the community. People embrace opportunities to interact with authors , to discuss literature, to view good art, to debate issues and to engage in civil conversation on a wide range of topic.” – library network  director

How will funding from CCF support libraries?

“ALA’s leadership is crucial in creating models that inspire libraries to offer programs that stimulate, enrich and educate our community members.” – library manager

“We count on access to ALA-sponsored training for our staff and scholars to present programs.” – library programming coordinator

“The importance of libraries in our society cannot be overstated. As we attempt to gain a better understanding of who we are, and where we are going as a nation, our libraries must play a pivotal role in encouraging dialogue among its citizenry. The Cultural Communities Fund will support library programs the build bridges between people. This strengthens the democratic foundation of our country” – presenter/poet/scholar

“I ignored the adage ‘don’t volunteer’ because I have found the ALA public programs to be wonderful on so many levels and I want to contribute to their ongoing vitality and success.” – archivist