Guidelines for Use of ALA Public Programs Office Electronic Discussion Lists

The Public Programs Office subscription electronic discussion lists are intended for:

  • substantive discussion of issues and ideas relating to public programs at libraries, such as formats, funding, etc.;
  • sharing information about library programming; especially cultural programming for adult community audiences;
  • queries and advice to/from peers; and
  • announcements from the ALA Public Programs Office regarding opportunities and initiatives.

When submitting a message to a list, please keep in mind:

  • All postings should be of a public, non-confidential nature.
  • All submissions should be in plain text without attachments.
  • If you simply reply to a posted message, you will be responding to the entire list, not just the sender. When responding to a message posted to the list, please copy the sender’s e-mail address and respond to them directly; reply to the posted message only when you wish to share your response with the entire list.
  • Basic rules of electronic mail etiquette are expected; e.g., anonymous submissions, character assassination, sharing confidential information, and profanity are strictly prohibited.
  • All messages sent to the Public Programming list are subject to review and approval by a list moderator prior to posting.

Questions? Please contact the Public Programs Office at