Jesse H. Shera Award for the Support of Dissertation Research

The Library Research Round Table of the American Library Association announces the Jesse H. Shera Award for the Support of Dissertation Research for 2016. The deadline for submitting entries is January 31, 2017.  The LRRT Shera Award Committee will judge the entries for the competition. The decision of the Committee will be announced by the LRRT Steering Committee Chair, prior to Annual Conference.


  1. This award is intended to provide recognition for dissertation research employing exemplary research design and methods.
  2. The award is restricted to research designs that have been approved by the doctoral candidate’s dissertation committee and that are about to be employed or are in the initial stage of use. Completed research is not eligible for consideration.
  3. Any research design is acceptable, but the topic of the research must relate in at least a general way to library and information studies.
  4. Eligibility is not limited to LRRT members.
  5. Candidates for this award should submit a two-part paper based on their approved dissertation proposal. Part one should be a brief problem statement not to exceed 500 words. Part two should be a summary of the design/methodology portion of their dissertation proposal, not to exceed 2,500 words. The approval of the research by the doctoral candidate’s dissertation committee should be supported by a brief statement from the dissertation committee chair.
  6. Papers will be evaluated in a double-blind, peer review process, on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. Clarity of the research design.
    2. The appropriateness of the design and method(s) for the research problem.
    3. Adequacy of the description of the methodological procedures.
    4. The definitions of important terms where needed.
    5. The adequacy of the data collection instrument(s) or technique(s).
    6. Appropriateness of the proposed data analysis for the research problem and methods.
    7. Innovation of the research design.
  7. The Committee reserves the right to give no award.
  8. The author of the winning paper will receive a Certificate and $250.

To apply for the 2016 competition e-mail an electronic copy of the application in PDF format no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2017 to:


re: Shera Award, Dissertation Research


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