Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant

Previous Winners

2016 Michelle Reed for “Undergraduates Speak: Our Rights & Access.” [Press Release]

2015 Sharon Q. Yang, Ma Lei Hsieh and Susan McManimon for "Experimenting with I-Learn Model and Its Impact on Students’ Learning.” [Press Release]

2014 David Loertscher for “The Impact of Co-Teaching on Learning When Classroom Teachers Team with Teacher Librarians: The Testing of an Unobtrusive Measurement Tool.” [Press Release]

2013 M. Cristina Pattuelli and Irene Lopatovska for “E-reading in the Academy: Investigating Adoption and Use of E-books in Academic Libraries.” [Press Release]

2012 Libby Pollard and Melissa Fry for  “Assessment of Non-Library Use at the Jeffersonville Township Public Library.” [Press Release]

2011 Mary Wilkins Jordan, Simmons College for "Public Library Stressors: Identification and Elimination."

2010 Betsy Simpson, University of Florida for "Shifting Patterns: Examining the Impact of Hiring Non-MLS Librarians."

2009 No Award.

2008 No Award.

2007 No Award.

2006 No Award.

2005 Kristin Eschenfelder, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison for "Investigating the Impact of Digital Rights Management Systems on the Users of Digital Works: A Pilot Study." 

2004 Amanda Spink, University of Pittsburgh for "Multitasking Information Behavior By Public Library Users."

2003 Lynne McKechnie and Pamela McKenzie, University of Western Ontario for "The Young Child/Caregiver Storytime Program as Information Ground."

2002 Ethelene Whitmire, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison for "Faculty Research Productivity and Academic Library Resources and Services.”

2001 Ruth V. Small, Ph.D., Syracuse University for "Motivational Aspects of Information Literacy Skills Instruction in Community College Libraries.”

2000 Cheryl Knott Malone, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for "Federal Support for Internet Access in Public Libraries: Three Case Studies."

1999 No Award. 

1998 No Award. 

1997 Lynn Westbrook, Ph.D., Texas Woman's Unviersity for "The Information Seeking Strategies of Interdisciplinary Faculty: Implications for Reference Service." 

1996 Gloria J. Leckie, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario and Anne Fullerton, University of Waterloo (Ontario) for "Information Literacy in Science and Engineering: Faculty Attitudes and Pedagogical Practices." 

1995 Lynn Silipigni Connaway, School of Library and Informational Science, University of Missouri Columbia, for "Organized Access to Engineering Internet Resources Using Indexing Principles." 

1994 No Award.

1993 Debra Wilcox Johnson for "Evaluation of Family Literacy Programs in Public Libraries."

1992 Christine Koontz and F. Williams Summers, Florida State University, for a study of services offered by public libraries in communities where the majority of residents are from minority groups.

1991 Delia Neuman, College of Library and Information Services, University of Maryland, for "High School Students Use of Databases: Implications from Instructional Systems Design."

1990 Evelyn Daniel, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for development of a methodology to improve public library information services to local small business communities.

1989 Bill Coons of Cornell University's Mann Library for "Assessing the Value of an Information Literacy Program."

1988 Melvin M. Bowie, David V. Loertscher, and May Lien Ho for a project entitled, "Computerized Collection Development Research in School Libraries."

1987 Evelyn Bender for "Technology in the Service of Creativity: Library Based Computer Assisted Writing" at the Stetson Junior High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1986 Leslie M. Edmonds and Paula R. Moore for research into the effectiveness of children's use of online catalogs at the Downer's Grove Public Library in Illinois.