Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ your library

Keys to Engaging Older Adults

Tips and tools on assisting older adults from the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services

Telling Your Story

Tell your library’s story to everyone in your community!  Highlight all the programs and services your library offers for older adults.  Here are some tips on getting the word out.

…to the media:

Submit articles and promote events to the local media.

Describe the library’s older adult services and feature your patrons’ personal stories. These are powerful, first hand testimonials.

Promote your programs in your partners’ newsletters. the community:

Speak to civic and professional groups, homeowners associations, schools - to anyone who could use your services or knows someone who could. Bring along customers to share their perspective.

Use your Web site to help people find the best online resources, local and regional activities, and social network opportunities. For examples, see the “model programs” section of this handout.

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