Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ your library

Keys to Engaging Older Adults

Tips and tools on assisting older adults from the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services

Reaching Older Adults

Looking to attract local seniors to your facility and its programs? Here are some tips on reaching the older adults in your community.


Use groups, such as Meals on Wheels and home health agencies, to place information in people’s homes. Don’t forget about book mobile and lobby service visits.

Develop and maintain mailing lists (including emails) for reaching agencies and organizations that serve older adults. Include faith-based organizations, aging services, and residential programs, at a minimum.


Celebrate and plan activities for Older Americans Month, which typically takes place in May, with local organizations.


Place your flyers and brochures in display racks at your library, with partner agencies, and in key businesses frequented by the adults you want to reach.

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