Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ your library

Keys to Engaging Older Adults

Tips and tools on assisting older adults from the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services

Engagement & Implementation

It’s essential to engage seniors in the earliest program planning stages and keep them involved and active as the program evolves and matures.  This is also a great way to discover new talent and build ownership of these unique library activities.

Tried and True Tips

  • Choose the best approaches for your community.
  • Establish an advisory group with elders and service providers.
  • Invite people to informal focus groups where you can pick their brains for good ideas.
  • Conduct simple surveys with both library regulars and non-users.
  • Sponsor community forums on hot topics with elders.
  • Invite key seniors to review plans and offer suggestions.
  • Staff projects with older adult volunteers.

Who should be involved? People who care about the library and the community. People with ideas and useful experience. People who want things to change for the better. People who can make things happen. Include caregivers and service providers, too.

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