"Libraries, Lifelong Learning, Information and Older Adults Forum"An Independent Aging Agency Event

White House Conference on Aging

Friday, June 24, 2005, 8:30am-12:30pm
Chicago Hilton & Towers, Williford Room C

Use this link for more information on the ALA pre-White House Conference on Aging Forum.


The following are a list of resources that provide information on libraries and older adults:

Toward the White House Conference on Aging
Top 5 1995 Library Recommendations

ALA RUSA Library Service to Older Adults Guidelines

ALA Supports White House Conference on Aging 1971

Global Graying: Successful Strategies for Bridging Information Gaps with the Elderly Population by Allan M. Kleiman

Web Junction's Older Adults & Seniors

Older Americans and the Internet: The Pew Internet Study

Serving Seniors: A Resource Manual for Missouri Libraries

Public Libraries, Lifelong Learning, and Older Adults: Background and Recommendations by Connie Van Fleet

101 Ideas for Serving the Impaired Elderly (an ASCLA Publication now out of print)

Quick Tips for Serving Older Adults

Innovative Plans for Serving Boomers (Page 4)

OLOS Services to Older Adults Column edited by Kathy Mayo

Library Services to the Sandwich Generation Bibliography

Gerontology and the Aging Population: Online Information for Professionals and the Public by Mary Cassner (C&RL News, March 2001)

Libraries in the Digital Age: Bridging the Gap Between the Information Havs and Have-Nots (PLA Conference Press Kit 2002)

New Children's Book List Counters Negative Stereotypes of Elderly

Books for Children Portraying Aging and Older Characters in a Positive Light


2005 White House Conference on Aging Website

2005 White House Conference on Aging Themes (Annotated Agenda)

Civic Engagement in an Older America

ALA to Host Pre-White House Conference on Aging Forum

Cleveland Public Library to Host White House Conference on Aging Event

Boomers Set New Standards for Service by Sarah Ann Long

Phoenix Forum on Aging Hails Libraries and Lifelong Learning Center


The following is a list of background papers and links that have been created as a part of the June 24th Forum. These papers and links do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the American Library Association but rather those of the individual organization or author. They are included here to assist delegates to the Forum in providing background.

U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. Discussion Topics for the 2005 White House Conference on Aging

Serving Older Adults: Developing Lasting Partners by Allan M. Kleiman

Position paper for the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS)