State Intellectual Freedom Network Roster


The American Library Association has affiliate relationships with state library associations in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and regional library associations in the Mountain Plains, New England, Pacific Northwest, and Southeast regions. Each state chapter is represented by an elected Chapter Councilor with full voting rights in ALA’s governing assembly. The interests of Chapters are represented within the association by the Chapter Relations Office and the Chapter Relations Committee.

AASL, a division of ALA, is connected to state-level school library media associations via its Affiliate Assembly.

Below is roster of the state and regional library associations Intellectual Freedom Committee chairs, along with the chairs of intellectual freedom committees for AASL affiliates. Please keep the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom informed by sending your notification of being the new state IFC chair or change of email address information to Kristin Pekoll (, as soon as possible. 

Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  District of Columbia  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New England  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  Southeastern  South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington  West Virginia   Wisconsin  Wyoming


Alabama Library Association

Melanie Carden, Leeds Jane Culbreth Library, [updated 7/5/18]

Alabama Instructional Media Association

Annalisa Keuler, Mountain Brook Schools, [updated 2/1/16]


Alaska Library Association

Co-chairs: Rebecca Moorman, University of Alaska Anchorage, and Erin Hollingsworth, North Slope Borough School District, [updated 3/11/19]


Arizona Library Association

Richard DiRusso, Pima County Public Library, [updated 5/11/15]


Arkansas Library Association

No contact [updated 4/6/16]


California Library Association

Melanie Lightbody, Butte County Library, [updated 6/9/15]

California School Library Association

Glen Warren, Vice President of Government Relations and Mary Ann Harlan, [updated 6/20/16]


Colorado Association of Libraries

Jay Ballenberger, Colorado Mesa University, and Miranda Doran-Myers, [updated 10/8/18]

Colorado Association of School Librarians

Jody Howard,


Connecticut Library Association

Samantha Lee, Enfield Public Library, [updated 7/7/17]

Connecticut Association of School Librarians

Michelle Luhtala, [updated 2/18/15]


Delaware Library Association

Margery Cyr, Dover Public Library;


District of Columbia Library Association

Julius Jefferson Jr. Vice-President of District of Columbia Library Association; [updated 2/18/15]

DC Association of School Librarians (DCASL)

Sonali Kumar, Washington International School; [updated 12/15/15]


Florida Library Association [Intellectual Freedom Manual]

Heather Snapp, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Joshua Stone, Southeast Florida Library Information Network, [updated 5/21/19]

Florida Association for Media in Education

Sarah Reckenwald, Flagler Palm Coast High School, [updated 11/19/18]


Georgia Library Association

Mack Freeman, West Georgia Regional Library, [updated 7/27/16]

Georgia Library Media Association

Amanda Graves, ET Booth Middle School, [updated 1/27/18]


Hawaii Library Association

Andrew Wertheimer, University of Hawaii at Manoa, [updated 8/13/17]


Idaho Library Association

Erin Kennedy; [updated 9/6/17]


Illinois Library Association

Paul Mills, Fountaindale Public Library District, [updated 7/11/18]

Association of Illinois School Library Educators

Deborah Handler, [updated 10/3/18]


Indiana Library Federation

Co-chairs: Chad Heck, Pike High School, and Naz Pantaloni, Indiana University Libraries, [updated 2/5/19]


Iowa Library Association and Iowa Association of School Librarians

Samantha (Sam) Helmick, Burlington Public Library, [updated 1/3/18]


Kansas Library Association

George Seamon, Northwest Kansas Library System, [updated 12/5/18]

Kansas Association of School Librarians

No Contact [updated 7/18/17]


Kentucky Library Association

Andrew Adler, Georgetown College, [updated 3/18/19]

Kentucky Association of School Librarians

Donna Morris, [updated 5/3/19]


Louisiana Library Association [Intellectual Freedom Manual]

Rebecca Day Carl, [updated 2/18/15]

Louisiana Association of School Librarians

No contact [updated 8/13/17]


Maine Library Association

Joanna Breen, Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, [updated 2/5/19]

Maine Association of School Libraries

Gretchen Asam, Presque Isle High School, [updated 8/13/17]


Maryland Library Association Maryland Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee Facebook

Co-chairs Julie Ranelli, Queen Anne's County Public Library; and Sara Brown, Baltimore County Public Library, [updated 7/11/18]


Massachusetts Library Association

Co-chairs Andrea Fiorillo, fiorillo@noblenet.orgCarol Witt [updated 1/3/19]

Massachusetts School Library Association

Cathy Collins, [updated 8/8/16]


Michigan Library Association

Elizabeth Madson, Chesterfield Township Library, [updated 5/23/17]

Michigan Association for Media in Education

Martha Spear, Berkley High School, [updated 2/25/15]


Minnesota Library Association

Anne Hatinen, Minitex, [updated 1/3/18]

Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota

Doug Johnson, [updated 2/19/15]


Mississippi Library Association

No contact [updated 8/12/17] 


Missouri Library Association

Tiffany Mautino, Mid-Continent Public Library, [updated 7/24/18]

Missouri Association of School Librarians

Curtis Clark, [updated 11/14/16]


Montana Library Association

Gavin Woltjer, Billings Public Library, [updated 11/19/18]


Nebraska Library Association

Tim Lentz, University of Nebraska–Lincoln;  [updated 1/22/18]

Nebraska Educational Media Association

No contact [updated 8/12/17] 


New England Library Association

Joanna M. Breen, Belmont Public Library, [updated 8/14/2015]

New England School Library Association

Irene Kwidzinski, NESLA President, [updated 2/19/15]


Nevada Library Association

Co-chairs: Katherine Rankin, University of Nevada, and Carrie Stewart, University of Nevada, [updated 2/6/19]

Nevada School and Children Librarians' Section

Shar Murphy, Honors Academy of Literature; [updated 2/19/15]


New Hampshire Library Association

Caitlin Loving, Bedford Public Library, [updated 12/11/17]

New Hampshire School Library Media Association

Angie Miller, Inter-Lakes Jr/Sr High Library, [updated 2/19/15]


New Jersey Library Association

Ryan Lammers, Camden County Library System, [updated 7/12/18]

New Jersey Association of School Librarians

Karla Ivarson, [updated 8/12/17]


New Mexico Library Association

Margaret Neill, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, and Deirdre Caparoso, Rio Rancho Public Libraries, [updated 1/21/18]


New York Library Association [Intellectual Freedom Manual]

Sara Dallas, Southern Adirondack Library System, [updated 2/15/18]


North Carolina Library Association

April Dawkins, University of North Carolina, Greensboro's department of Library and Information Studies, [updated 2/15/18]

North Carolina School Library Media Association

Heather Karpinski, [updated 8/8/16]


North Dakota Library Association

Rita Ennen, Dickinson Area Public Library, [updated 2/26/15]

North Dakota Library Association, School Library and Youth Services Section

Christine Kujawa,


Ohio Library Council

Chris Thompson, Delaware County District Library, [updated 12/3/18]

Ohio Educational Library Media Association

Debra Kay Logan,


Oklahoma Library Association

Phillip Smith, Western Plains Library System, [updated 3/21/19]

Oklahoma School Librarians

Amanda Kordeliski, OKSL Chair, Norman Public Schools,, and Molly Dettmann, IFC OKSL Rep, Norman Public Schools, [updated 3/21/19]


Oregon Library Association

Co-chairs: Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, Driftwood Public Library, and Krista Reynolds, Concordia University, [updated 8/16/18]

Oregon Association of School Libraries

Miranda Doyle, Lake Oswego School District [updated 2/19/15]


Pennsylvania Library Association

Sukrit Goswami, Haverford Township Free Library, [updated 4/1/19]

Pennsylvania Association of School Libraries

Ilene Goldis-Grayev, Radnor High School,


Rhode Island Library Association

Jim Kinnie, University of Rhode Island Library,

Carla Weiss,

Rhode Island Educational Media Association

Jillian Waugh,


Southeastern Library Association (SELA)

Michael Mounce, Roberts-LaForge Library, Delta State University,


South Carolina Library Association

Michelle Sellars, College of Charleston Libraries,

South Carolina Association of School Librarians

Wendy Rollins, Spartanburg School District, [updated 3/21/19]


South Dakota Library Association and the School Library Media Section

Todd Quinn, Northern State University,


Tennessee Library Association

Bryan Jones, Nashville Public Library, [updated 8/8/16]

Meg Harrison, Clinton Public Library, [updated 8/8/16]

Tennessee Association of School Librarians

Beth Frerking, Clarksville High School Library, [updated 1/11/18]


Texas Library Association

Doug Campbell, University of North Texas, [updated 5/1/19]

Wendy Woodland, Texas Library Association, [updated 7/14/17]

Texas Association of School Librarians

Irene Kistler and Jennifer Rike [updated 8/15/17]


Utah Library Association

Co-chairs: Wanda Mae Huffaker, and Jessica Whetman, Utah State Library, [updated 2/14/19]


Vermont Library Association

Angele Mott Nickerson, Digital Public Library of America, [updated 7/31/17]

Vermont School Library Association

Caitlin Classen, Albert D. Lawton School; [updated 2/1/16]


Virginia Library Association

Hayley Tompkins, [updated 10/14/17]

Virginia Association of School Librarians

No contact [updated 8/12/17] 


Washington Library Association

Karen Kline, Sunset Elementary, and Rosalie Olds, King County Library System, [updated 1/3/18]

Washington Library Media Association

No contact [updated 8/12/17]


West Virginia Library Association

No contact [updated 8/12/17]

West Virginia Library Association - School Division

No contact [updated 8/12/17]


Wisconsin Library Association

Sherry Machones; Northern Waters Library Service; [updated 9/29/17]

Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association

No contact [updated 8/12/17]


Wyoming Library Association

Janice Grover-Roosa;  [updated 8/8/18]