Membership (standing)


Created in 1923; functions approved by Council in 1931. The Statement of Responsibility was revised by Council in 1957 and again in January, 1970.

In June, 1971, Council, upon recommendation of the Committee on Organization, approved the following:

That the ALA Membership Committee be restructured by the elimination of its Executive Committee and the assignment of its responsibilities to a new Membership Committee made up of a chairperson (appointed annually) plus the eleven regional chairpersons, a student representative, and an appointee to represent trustee interests, all to be appointed by the Executive Board.


To establish general policies, programs, and procedures to secure new members; to be responsible for the implementation of these programs; to coordinate membership promotion activities of all units and chapters of the Association; to coordinate the ALA committee internship program; to make recommendations concerning membership dues; and to serve the Association as a sounding board on membership.


Current Membership Committee Roster

Staff Liaisons:
Cathleen Bourdon,
John Chrastka,

Subcommittee/Task Force Rosters:

Current Internship Program Subcommittee Roster

Current Membership Promotion Task Force Roster