Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library - Adult Learners: Who Are They?

Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library toolkit

Adult Learners: Who Are They? 

Adult learners come to the library with a wealth of life experiences and knowledge. They are goal-oriented, focused on meaningful lessons and achievable goals, and motivated to learn.

The National Center for Educational Statistics identifies adult learners as individuals over the age of 16 who do not have a high school diploma, GED, or other high school completion certificates. 

Adult Learners: In their own words

“Many adult learners are afraid when they come to the library. They’re afraid to ask questions and afraid of being embarrassed. Little things – a gesture, a few questions, and some suggestions help reduce this fear. It’s the librarian’s job to guide us toward the literacy collection.” 
Marty Finsterbusch, Adult Learner, Executive Director of VALUE, and President, National Coalition for Literacy