Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library

Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library toolkit

Why Literacy at the Library? 

  • The library's core values are equity of access and lifelong learning. 
  • The library has open doors.
  • The library is user-friendly. 
  • The library offers access to print and digital resources. 
  • The library is a place of opportunity. 

This toolkit will help you add, expand, and advocate for adult literacy services at your library. These suggestions will help you reach and serve new and non-readers and establish the library as an essential literacy partner in your community. 

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Printed copies of "Literacy for All: Adult Literacy @ your library" are also available for ALA members. Orders for under 20 toolkits will be sent free of charge (please include ALA personal or organizational membership number); for orders of 20 and over, the charge is $.50/toolkit plus a $7 flat fee for shipping.


For more information on this toolkit and other resources from ALA about rural libraries, please contact:

ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services
50 East Huron Street
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