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Project CIBA, insists on joining the work of the Classroom and the Library, emphasizing therefore the intersection between user and information and following the IFLA directives on Information Literacy in Argentina. For this we promote the creation of the school library. Enabling library educators by means of workshops and seminars and other activities related to the Promotion of the book and reading. We design practical projects and educational materials for library professionals. Also we aim to promote knowledge of the Argentine Popular Libraries and support their addition to communities in which they have not been developed yet.  Visit, or write to,

Graduate Certificate in Librarianship 2007: Trends and professional development, university course on librarianship,
University of Business and Social Sciences, Argentina
*Accredited by the Ministry of Education
Taught virtually (e-learning)
For information please contact,   Tel.: 4815-3290 int. 409


The new governing board of the College of Professionals in the Information Sciences of the Republic of Bolivia (C.P.C.I.B.), for the years 2006 and 2007 is comprised of:

CPCIB Governing Board
Position Person
 President  Lic. Hugo Morales Bellido
 Vice President   Lic. Lola Sánchez Almanza
 General Secretary  Bch. Waldo Espinar Rocha
 Secretary of Finance and Administration  Lic. Lidia Calle Álvarez
 Secretary of Professional and Academic Affairs  Lic. Abrahan Calzada
 Secretary of National and International Affairs  Lic. Fernando Machicado
 Vocals  Mgs. Constantino Tancara Q.
 Vocals  Lic. Heidy Rodríguez
 Vocals  Lic. Enrique Valle Conde
 Vocals  Lic. María Renee Rivero
 Legal Affairs  Dr. Liborio Uño A.
 Administrative Manager   Mrs. Milenka Álvarez

These officers will hold their post for a period of two years. On February 10, 2008, a new board will be elected for a two-year term.
For more information, visit


The Canadian Library Association was founded in Hamilton, Ontario in 1946. CLA is a non-profit voluntary organization, governed by an elected Executive Council, which is advised by over thirty interest groups and committees.
CLA members work in college, university, public, special (corporate, non-profit and government) and school libraries, visit


Bibliomark: share your library contacts
Following the trend of the so called “Social software” the College of Professional Librarians of Chile has sponsored project Bibliomark
Bibliomark is a project created by a group of students of the library and documentation school of the Metropolitan Technological University of Chile (UTEM)
Bibliomark-an application of social networks-allows for searching, gathering and sharing library lists of the principal topics of librarianship and bibliography with Spanish speaking colleagues using the licensed GPL Scuttle software.
You are all welcome to try Bibliomark

Listserv of the College of Professional Librarians of Chile A.G.
Created and maintained by the college of librarians for over six years.  It is an instrument of communication for and virtual meeting place for the Chilean librarian community.  Among its users you find library professionals form other Spanish peaking countries as well as subject of interests to such international audience, for more information visit:  Web Page
The college of professional librarians of Chile has maintained the website for the past ten years.  It is an up to date source and has been kept timely through the collaboration of student and professional librarians.  Its latest version includes a blog, visit:


1st International Symposium on the Organization of Knowledge: Librarianship and Terminology. Visit,

National school of Librarians and Archivists visits,

21st International Book Fair (FIL) Guadalajara Mexico

XIV Colloquium of International Librarians, visits,

Tribute to the Librarian, visits,

Latin American Regional Group - IAMSLIC
The International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) is an association of individuals and organizations interested in aquatic and marine information science. The association provides a forum for exchange and exploration of ideas and issues of mutual concern.
The Latin-American Regional Group is formed by 43 members of IAMSLIC from 12 countries of Latin-America. Visit,

IAMSLIC: Changes on the Horizon, 33rd Annual IAMSLIC Conference, & 17th Annual SAIL Meeting
October 7-11, 2007, Sarasota, Florida, USA, visit


The Nicaraguan association of Librarians and Compatible Professionals, Has joined the ALA, @ your library campaign.  Eleven Libraries in Nicaragua have joined this campaign.
Nicaragua will join the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), visit,


Peruvian National Library web page, includes articles of interest and access to the virtual library, visit,

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