Call for Nominations for Membership on IFLA Section Committees for the term 2019-2023

Review ALA’s personal data notification (PDN) before proceeding.


The ALA International Relations Committee (IRC) is accepting nominations to section standing committees of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

Please forward nomination(s) to Delin Guerra at the International Relations Office by November 16, 2018.

Delin Guerra
Program Officer
International Relations Office


Table of Contents:

-Timeline for Nominations

-Guidelines for Nominations

-ALA Units and IFLA Sections

-List of Current ALA Representatives


July 2018
IRC requests assistance in soliciting suggestions for nominations to IFLA section standing committees

July 2018 - November 2018
Division, Round Tables, Committees solicit, review, and select nominees with resumes and rationale to IRO

November 2018
IRO prepares list of section standing committee candidates for review by IRC

December 2018
IRC forwards a list of all nominees with IRC recommendations to the Executive Board through the Board's Administrative Subcommittee

January 2019
The ALA Executive Board decides slate of ALA-endorsed candidates for IFLA section standing committees

First week in February 2019
Nominations due at IFLA Headquarters in Netherlands

March - April 2019
Election by postal ballot for those committees that have more candidates than open committee positions open. For those IFLA section committees that have more openings than candidates, the candidates will be automatically added for 2019-2023.



An ALA member will be nominated and officially endorsed for a four-year term to every IFLA section standing committee at each IFLA election.


Any ALA member may be suggested for nomination to an IFLA standing committee.  Individuals can only serve on one IFLA committee at a time. Candidates can serve on a committee for up to two consecutive terms. For a current list of representatives, please visit the IFLA standing committees and ALA representatives site. 


A nominee should be an expert in the field covered by the section and have a working knowledge of at least one working language of IFLA (English is an IFLA working language), and should have reasonable expectation of attending meetings of the standing committee without cost to IFLA or to ALA. ALA divisions and other units may seek outside funding to support the attendance of their representatives.


The ALA Executive Board requires that the suggestions for nominations be accompanied by a resume and a rationale from the nominating body or individual. If nominated, IFLA requires that the following be provided:

(a) an indication of acceptance of the nomination by the individual;

(b) a short statement detailing the nominee's qualifications and indication of present position;

(c) affirmation that the person can fulfill the working language and travel requirements


IFLA Election Process

IFLA elections are held biennially. In 2018, elections will be held for committees, divisions, sections, and round tables for the period 2019-2023. To obtain a current list of IFLA sections and ALA representatives with their terms of office please click here.

IFLA regulations state that each member (association or institution) registered for a section can nominate a single candidate for that section standing committee at each election. ALA is registered for all IFLA standing committees.

Nominees will be declared elected when the number is fewer than the number of vacancies on a particular standing committee. If the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacancies, a postal ballot will be taken by the IFLA Secretariat before the next IFLA conference. The vacancies will be declared filled by the candidates with the highest number of votes. If two or more candidates obtain an equal highest number of votes, another election will take place between those candidates at the next IFLA conference. At the meeting the members present or represented shall vote. In case of a tie, the chair will determine the successful candidate by drawing lot.

In the spring 2019, IFLA Headquarters will send orientation information to new standing committee members. Standing committee members assume their duties at the next IFLA conference. At this meeting, members elect the standing committee's chair and secretary.


Future IFLA conferences

2018 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2019 - Athens, Greece

2020 - Auckland, New Zealand


Responsibilities of ALA Representatives

The term of office on an IFLA standing committee is four years with the possibility of a second four-year term. Thus, the maximum term of service is eight years. No person shall be a member of more than one section standing committee at one time, unless he or she is a member of a regional section standing committee.

ALA representatives on IFLA section standing committees are required to:

1) report to their constituencies on appropriate developments and information originating from their respective committees; these communications may be published in ALA journals or newsletters, or as special reports to ALA members;

2) transmit a copy of the report(s) to the International Relations Committee.


The ALA International Relations Committee's charge is to:

1) Seek and/or encourage candidates from ALA divisions, committees, other groups, or the membership at large.

2) Formulate a list of names of all suggested candidates for nominations to IFLA standing committees according to the election cycle.

3) Indicate in the IRC's best judgment the most qualified candidate per standing committee.

4) Transmit the list to the ALA Executive Board's Administrative subcommittee, which will forward its recommendations to the Executive Board.


To assure that highly qualified candidates represent ALA on IFLA section standing committees the following units are asked to bring forward nominations for ALA representatives. Once selected to serve on IFLA committees the representatives should report back to the units, with copies to the International Relations Office, on activities within the IFLA section.



Standing Committee

ALA Unit

Academic and Research Libraries


Acquisition & Collection Development


Art Libraries


Audiovisual & Multimedia






Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning


Document Delivery & Resource Sharing


Education & Training


Genealogy and Local History


Government Information & Official Publications


Government Libraries


Health and Biosciences Libraries


Indigenous Matters


Information Literacy


Information Technology


Knowledge Management


Libraries for Children and Young Adults


Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities


Libraries Services to People with Special Needs


Library Buildings and Equipment


Library and Research Services for Parliaments


Library Services to Multicultural Populations


Library Theory & Research


Literacy and Reading


Management and Marketing


Management of Library Associations


Metropolitan Libraries


National Libraries


New Media


Preservation and Conservation


Public Libraries


Rare Books & Manuscripts


Reference and Information Services


School Libraries


Science & Technology Libraries


Serials and Other Continuing Resources


Social Science Libraries


Statistics and Evaluations


Subject Analysis and Access



*Denotes which unit with shared responsibility has the turn for 2019-2023


List of Current ALA Representatives to IFLA Standing Committees




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