ALA Recruitment Assembly

Meeting Notes, ALA Annual Conference

Monday, June 28, 2004

Orlando, Florida


  Claudia Sumler, Chair
  Cheryl Bryan, ASCLA, Incoming Chair
  Julie Brewer, HRDR liaison
  Kay Bishop, ALSC/YALSA
  Denise Davis
  Nancy Everheart, AASL
  Lila Fredenberg, LAMA
  Larry Neal, PLA
  Teresa Neely
  Connie Paul
  Hannelore Rader, ACRL/ARL
 Sara Holder
 Meralyn Meadows
 Helen Spalding, ACRL Past President
 Allison Sutton
 Lorelle Swader, ALA 

After introductions, Lorelle Swader distributed an excerpt from the “ Black Collegian ” fall 2003 issue, which was an article by Carla Hayden about the benefits of becoming a librarian.   Lorelle also had a series of posters and fliers developed by marketing students at Notre Dame.   As a class project they selected recruitment for libraries.   The copyright for the work was given to ALA.   There are seven CDs with a complete file of the brochures and posters.   ALA can adapt them as needed for recruitment work.   She also distributed a report written for the thirtieth anniversary of OPLR/HRDR.

Helen Spalding, Past President of ACRL showed a recruitment video that they have developed.   The short video used a variety of working librarians in short sound bites talking about why they love what they do.   Someone mentioned the possibility of linking recruitment videos so that different ALA divisions don’t keep reinventing the wheel.   ACRL also has a mentor program for Spectrum Scholars.   A mentor needs a minimum of ten years experience to qualify.  

There was a discussion of the national advertising campaign on nursing recruitment.   Connie Paul volunteered to find out the cost of the campaign.  

Assembly Charge:   Claudia thanked Julie Brewer, chair of HRDR, for making revisions to the original Recruitment Assembly charge so it could be sent to COPE by deadline.   The revision removed a reference to an older recruitment program “Each One Reach One,” and replaced it with “…Expand   the recruitment of a diverse workforce.”

Website Update:   There was a discussion about the proposed mentoring link on the recruitment website and whether people would be willing to travel to meet for the mentoring experience.   Some people said that they would be comfortable doing an entire mentoring program by phone or email, others said that they would not be.   Assembly members said that they hoped that at least mock ups of how the websites would look would be available for the session in January.   Larry Neal agreed to continue to work on the project even though he will not be the PLA liaison after the annual conference.   Denise Davis volunteered to help.   ALA has staff working on both internal and external development of the sites.  

Pre-Conference Forum

Connie Paul handed out the proposed schedule for the ALA Career Recruitment Forum.    Some of the issues that need to be resolved are:

  • Making sure that ALA chapters/divisions/roundtables all receive invitations to send people.   There was a discussion as to whether the day is an invitation only event or open to everyone.   It was decided that it would start as an invitation only program, but in late fall, if there was still space, it would be open to the public.   Attendance is targeted for 150.
  • Where will the event be located?   Lorelle said that arrangements and promoting the program are easier if the event is held at the convention center or possibly one of the main convention hotels.   Otherwise ALA will not assist, which is particularly useful if there are technology needs.   Then the question arose as to which convention center in Boston was the location.
  • The cost of the lunch is yet to be determined.   Nancy Everhart offered to see if the lunch could be underwritten by vendors to help keep the cost down.
  • How will handout materials be managed?   Will ALA make copies?   If not, where should copies be sent?
  • Someone needs to contact Carol Brey-Casiano to discuss what should be covered in her talk.  

Scheduled time ended.   It was recommended that the Assembly be scheduled from 8:30 am to 11:00 and that the time spent for sharing of information be limited.

Julie Brewer offered to contact the Nexgenlib group to see how they and the Assembly can best work together.

Claudia thanked everyone for the help that they had given and welcomed Cheryl Bryan as the next chair.   Some of the future issues they had identified are:

  • Continuing to grow the membership base of the Assembly
  • Continuing development of the websites
  • Working to ensure that ALA’s recruitment efforts are co-ordinate and that scarce resources are spent on duplicated efforts
  • Developing a national campaign.   Do we want a national spokesperson?   At earlier sessions this suggestion was discussed several times.
  • Building on the anticipated momentum from the midwinter program.